This Thread is about how a person who had a stroke in May 2021 is experiencing life AFTER the stroke. My Ups and Downs.

 This Thread is about my experiences after a stroke, some days are much better than  others, some days my typing is off some days I am struggling to read.     It has been a life experience to understand some doctors and even some nurses.  You see I am not meant to be able to type according to them.    I am gratful my brain is letting my fingers do the work!!   I keep a diary in my own hand.   But I have not been able to use my little car due to my eyesight when I had the stroke.  However, I don't knock things off the kitchen bench anymore!  So my eyes have definately improved thank goodness.  My biggest worry is not being able to drive and use my car, also reading, much as it has improved I am a long way from where I was prior to the stroke.  This Thread is about things I enjoy in life now and what I have experienced. Some people will like to follow this some won't.


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Teenage son of Covid-denier who sparked Byron Bay's lockdown is charged after 'joining his dad on 750km trip from Sydney to inspect property' - as his past brush with the law is revealed


His father, from Rose Bay in Sydney's east, has been charged with breaching public health orders by ignoring lockdown to drive north for eight hours to the sun-drenched hippie hangout


This man from Rose Bay has a criminal record as long as your arm.  He has spread the Delta virus to 

many places and his children have been affected as well. Now they are all in quarantine, I hope they  

charge him and he will do time in jail. 

Toddler, 2, dies after climbing into pan of boiling water and being taken by her medical student mother for treatment by unqualified 'TRADITIONAL HEALERS' instead of hospital 

Lesya Gorova, two, suffered horrific burns to her, back and bottom after getting into a pan of water boiling to cook chicken. Medical student mother took her to traditional healers in Ukraine.

That poor little child.  Stupid Mother should have known better than to leave the child near the boiling water.  




Parents Davina and Ivan Gorov are being investigated for murder over the death  Daughter Lesya was given ointments for burns on her stomach, back and bottom Lesya was taken to hospital by her grandmother five days after she was burned But doctors could not save her and she succumbed to her wounds ten days later



That poor child -- and that stupid mother was  MEDICAL STUDENT??!! FGS !

What a horrid painful death that poor child went through




How tragic ... and quite unbelievable from a mother who should have known better.

Sometimes I think humans need to have licenses to obtain a breeding of their families!

How can a medically trained person do that?  It beggars belief.

I guess the day will come that it could happen reading stories like I do these last few years, it applies to men too!  

I sometimes think China is not as stupid and cruel as we think.  

Look at all the children there that live in the outback of their cities that have such terrible lives.

What a crazed world we live in.

Have not been on the site much as Perth has had some wonderful weather after weeks of rain!

Much as I like to see the rain in this arid state, it is nice to see the sunshine, but it sure brings on the weeds!   So I have been out in the garden and putting in some seedlings after getting rid of the weeds.

Lollipop Primula and various blues/colours of Lobelia.

mum was "medical" student but takes child to traditional healers ... perhaps no more "medically trained" than students of homeopathy. 

I hope that mother???  never gets to treat people in hospital or anywhere else


Coronavirus crisis: McGowan’s zero policy even after 80% have had COVID jabColin BrinsdenAAPAugust 15, 2021 1:33AMTOPICSCoronavirus (COVID-19)

Mark McGowan wants a zero COVID policy in WA - even when the State reaches an 80 per cent vaccination rate.

The Premier said that despite National Cabinet agreeing that Australia would open up when an 80 per cent vaccination rate was achieved, he would retain a zero COVID policy and not tolerate any cases or deaths in WA.

Despite Mr McGowan pursuing a zero COVID policy, Federal Emergency Management Minister Bridget McKenzie said it was an impossible aim and the virus would end up becoming like the flu over time.


“We will never be able to eradicate this virus from our country or indeed from the globe,” she told Sky News.

“That is a scientific reality of pandemics.”

Mr McGowan also urged the NSW Government to take an even tougher stance on eradicating the coronavirus for the sake of the country.

NSW has now gone into Statewide lockdown after reporting a 466 new cases and four deaths yesterday, although the State’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian has spoken in the past about easing restrictions when vaccination rates reach 50 per cent.

Mr McGowan said NSW needed to adopt the approach to “crush and kill” the virus that was taken by WA, in South Australia and as Victoria and Queensland are doing.

NSW COVID19 VACCINATIONSAustralia's total COVID-19 vaccination count has passed 15 million doses. Credit: AAP

“We just want them to get it under control for the sake of the people in NSW and also for the sake of the rest of the country,” Mr McGowan told Sky News’ Sunday Agenda program.

“NSW delayed putting in measures that worked, they obviously believed all that stuff written about them being the ‘gold standard’ and all that sort of stuff, which was clearly a mistake.”


Victoria, which remains in another snap lockdown, recorded 25 new cases today, with more than half having been in the community while infectious.

Ms McKenzie said she was fully aware of the impact of lockdowns, both on the economy and on an individual’s mental health, being a senator for Victoria

“I think it is heart breaking to know that we are trying to stop the spread of this Delta variant and look at scenes at Bondi beach or people from Sydney gathering in the open without masks,” Senator McKenzie said.

“But at the end of the day it is up to each premier to make those decisions.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Government will start rolling out a fast COVID-19 screening program for NSW aged-care residents and visitors that will be done on site and more regularly.

The COVID-19 rapid antigen testing program will begin tomorrow at the Uniting Bankstown Aged Care Facility, then progressively roll out to other facilities who have expressed interest in participating.

“Given the rate at which we know the Delta variant can be spread between people, the very fast turnaround of RAT - around 15 minutes - makes these tests useful in preventing asymptomatic transmission and outbreaks as they can be used on a daily basis,” Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

He said the pandemic’s toll in Australia last year was highest among aged-care residents.

“That is why, along with the increased infection control training and vaccinations, we are looking at further innovations such as RAT to provide an additional layer of protection for the most vulnerable Australians,” Mr Hunt said.

I would not take much notice of Bridget McKenzie , or Sky news -- I think  McGowan  has done a great job and good on him for showing some leadership,  more than we have ever had from our PM  Morrison

I'm getting my 2nd AstraZenica vaccine tomorrow but was told by the medical centre, I must have a Covid test before the vaccine, so I had one done yesterday afternoon and I got a message on my mobile  this morning- NEGATIVE - result.  A big message of THANKS to all those workers who spend long hours at testing centres. It's a boring job and lucky it is not in the Summer time as they would be very uncomfortable in those long gowns, rubber gloves and face masks. 

I hope you remain well HOLA -- so much around now

Hola you are a thoughtful little bunny!  

I don't think many of us would have thought about those gowns and gloves these nurses have to use and yes if it is very hot it would be awful to wear all day in the outdoors.

Hope you have a good day Hola!


Thanks PlanB and Celia - Had the shot this morning and everything good. 



Once again Women and Children suffer because of religion. 

Hubby says this is care of Pakistan, the army in Pakistan have engineered this.

So I guess the army in Pakistan will take over the country.

Refugees staying at the park fled to Kabul as the only major city in the country no longer under Taliban rule by Sunday      

Refugees staying at the park fled to Kabul as the only major city in the country no longer under Taliban rule by Sunday


Kabul now under Taliban so sucks to be in the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Wonder what Imran Khan will do now?

Image result for photo of imran khan as a cricket player

Pity help those refugees. Once the Taliban take control, the girls will not be able to attend school, only to learn the Koran, faces will be fully covered and never allowed out doors unless escorted by a male family member, 


Hi Hola.

We were watching the SBS and ABC on reports about this topic, apparently the Taliban are changed from 20 years ago!   That's if we can believe it, they seem to have a different Leader. So we shall watch and see what happens, as the reports say the world is watching them. 

Also it was reported that China is about to recognise the Taliban! 

And Russia to follow, we shall see!

Also Hola I was thinking of you having your second Jab yesterday how did it go?

Hubby had his second Jab today he seems to be fine also.

UK approves Moderna's Covid vaccine for 12 to 17-year-olds after medical watchdog rules jab is safe in children

A review by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) found the jab was safe and effective and that the benefits outweighed any risks.

Celia -  I'm doing just fine thanks, not even a sore arm. My son had the vaccine on Sunday - Tradies Day

they called it. Said he was fine although had a sore arm which lasted about 2 hours. 

The surprising Sydney suburbs where 90% of locals have had a jab and 69% are FULLY vaccinated - while wealthier postcodes are lagging behind in the race to jab the city out of lockdown 

The Sydney suburbs near Covid hotspots where 90 per cent of residents have had a vaccine

More than 90 per cent of adults at Edmondson Park in south-west Sydney have had one dose of a Covid vaccine with 69 per cent fully immunised. It is next door to West Hoxton, the scene of a super spreader birthday party in June that caused a Delta outbreak that sparked a city-wide lockdown. The Liverpool local government area is no longer among the hotspots but Blacktown is. Schofields, within the Blacktown council area, also has a very high vaccination rate.


Leopard doesn't change its spots!

Ducking bullets at the airport... bleeding and terrified... my horror attempt to flee Taliban: An electrifying dispatch from lawless Kabul - by a hero translator denied sanctuary in Britain

Ducking bullets at the airport... bleeding and terrified... my horror attempt to flee

LATIF HOTTAK: At each gate to the airport - there were five in all - I had asked for the British. I had spent six years working with them as their interpreter, but the unsmiling Turkish guards would let no one through. I was a potential Taliban target because of my years of work for British soldiers (pictured left: Mr Hottak, right, with another translator in 2008). But also because, over many years, the UK Government had repeatedly and unjustly refused me relocation - a chance to escape and build a new life for my family. When I eventually arrived home at the darkened basement that has been our home for three years, I sat on the rugs covering the floor which are also our beds. I was exhausted and depressed. So when the phone rang on the corner table, I could hardly be bothered to answer. It was my brother Rafi, also an ex-translator, who calls most nights from the UK to check on us. He said my case had been granted. I screamed, my wife screamed and my four children screamed. I feel elated but scared too, very scared. I am approved at last - but will the call ever come for the flight? Pictured far right: former interpreter Yama, who is in his third hiding place since the Taliban swept across the country to Kabul, and inset: Wazir, right, who is trying to secure sanctuary in the UK after being rejected for relocation, and a British soldier.



Meet the butcher of 260 UK troops who boasted of raging jihad ... and now he is a leader of AfghanistanGUY ADAMS: Meet butcher of 260 UK troops who boasted of raging jihad now in charge in

GUY ADAMS: A senior Taliban commander named Abdul Ghani Baradar (left) gave an interview to Newsweek in 2009 and was asked what the future of his homeland might hold. 'The history of Afghanistan shows that Afghans never get tired of struggling until they have freed their country,' he responded. 'We shall continue our jihad until the expulsion of our enemy from our land… In every nook and corner of the country, a spirit for jihad is raging.' Twelve years later, that prediction seems eerily prescient - aside from one minor detail. The Taliban's 'enemy' were not exactly expelled - but instead chose to quit the hostile land of their own accord. Baradar. who counted Mullah Omar (top right) and Osama Bin Laden (bottom right) among his friends, is now attempting to act like a global statesman.

Mmmm ... we'll see in weeks to come no doubt, I'm not very optimistic.

They still believe the same things RnR they have not changed, they try to portray a change but I would not trust them as far as I can spit!

They said they will govern with their religious beliefs!    Says everything.

Britain's BIGGEST bike lane: 'Shambolic' 11ft 2in-wide cycle path is larger than 9ft 5in road lane it runs next to - and forces drivers to pull over to avoid a CRASH

Britain's BIGGEST bike lane: 'Shambolic' 11ft 2in-wide cycle path

One of Britain's widest cycle paths which is even larger than the lanes on the road it runs alongside was today condemned as 'shambles' by local residents with drivers having to pull over to avoid crashing. The cycle path, which is 11ft 2in across, was created in Wimborne, Dorset, by drastically narrowing the width of a busy B-road alongside it - leaving buses, lorries, buses and emergency vehicles with only 9ft 5in wide lanes. This is contrary to Highways England guidelines stating they must be 12ft. And, despite being more than half as wide as the two-lane road, cyclists are still using the regular carriageway instead of the freshly-created bike lane. Residents in the market town have reported lorries clipping wing mirrors as they pass each other, angry motorists shouting at cyclists for not using the path and cars veering into the oncoming lane to avoid bicycles.


Why the dickens didn't they just put a barrier fence up on the narrow bike area -- would have been MUCH safer AND less expensive

New Zealand's Covid outbreak started with traveller from Australia who HAD been in hotel quarantine - as cases double AGAIN to 21

The New Zealander flew from Sydney to Auckland on August 7 and self-isolated in the Government's makeshift quarantine facility at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Afghanistan's last hope: SAS-trained commandos join armed guerrilla resistance movement in Panjshir Valley to fight to the lastArmed guerrilla resistance led by deposed Vice-President is forming in Afghanistan, Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has confirmed that the armed resistance to the Taliban , which includes SAS-trained forces, in Afghanistan is forming in the Panjshir Valley. Speaking today, the Russian official also confirmed that the resistance force was being led by deposed vice-president Amrullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud, the son of a slain anti-Taliban fighter. Reports also claim that among the fighters headed to the region are members of the SAS-trained Afghan special forces. 'The Taliban doesn't control the whole territory of Afghanistan,' Lavrov told reporters at a press conference in Moscow following a meeting with his Libyan counterpart.


I wish them all the luck in the world to try and wind back their country for freedom.!

What is going on?

Shocking picture shows mercy plane leaving Kabul carrying pregnant wife of British ex-Marine but almost NO ONE else despite UK and US saying the evacuation was in full swing and with thousands desperate to flee the TalibanShocking picture shows plane leaving Kabul carrying wife of British ex-Marine but almost

A shocking image shows a near-empty evacuation flight taking the wife of an ex-Royal Marine commando out of Kabul as the Taliban block thousands of Afghans from entering the capital's airport and US troops fired shots into the air and used teargas on crowds trying to escape. Paul 'Pen' Farthing, a British expat who lives in Kabul and got separated from his wife during the chaos engulfing Afghanistan, said on Twitter: 'Kaisa is on her way home! BUT this aircraft is empty… scandalous as thousands wait outside Kabul airport being crushed as they cannot get in. Sadly people will be left behind when this mission is over as we CANNOT get it right'. There have been reports this week of evacuation flights leaving Afghanistan with just a handful of people on board, despite thousands of trapped foreign nationals and locals all struggling to escape the threat of persecution under the new Taliban regime. Westerners and visa holders trying to get to their flights say they are unable to get to the gates because of the crowd of up to 50,000 desperate locals who are gathering outside the airport and begging US and British troops to let them through. US troops have been firing warning shots to disperse thousands of desperate Afghans outside the airport, with footage taken on Wednesday night showing stun grenades flashing beside the perimeter. Expats who tried to get through the gate claimed the shots were fired by Western forces.

Just chaos outside the airport.

Mark McGowan's most brutal border move yet: Covid-zero zealot premier to classify NSW as 'extreme risk' - banning even WA residents from coming home for ANY reason at all

Mark McGowan Kids


WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced NSW will be reclassified as 'extreme risk' meaning no-one will be able to enter besides government officials, even for compassionate reasons.


this should not be a surprise, least of all to West Australians

What do you think Celia? Would prefer to know your own views rather than news items.


Well as I had a stroke in May and I have not been allowed to have the AstraZ and I have not had permission to have the Pfizer I am in favour of it.   

Hubby has had two AstraZ's!

Son in Sydney was one of the first to have double doses of the Pfizer.

Son here in WA had one dose of the AstraZ and had a reaction to it and was off work for a month.  He has been advised to have the second dose with Pfizer.

My cleaning lady is from NZ and doesn't believe in having any shots of anything!

She has gone over to NZ two months ago to visit relations and now seems to be stuck there.

It is a different situation for all of us with various reasons.

I had hoped my son in Sydney would rent his apartment out and come back to Perth but he loves his job and he can work from his home, so he says he wants to remain put.

So many situations for all of us, I doubt there is an ideal situation.

I just wish the NSW Premier had taken this situation seriously earlier on and she would not have the headache she has now.

So many people need to make money to live, it is ok for the PM to give his opinions but he doesn't have to feed little mouths and live in some small flat that some people are locked up in.

But to try to stop this virus now is a 64 m dollar question!

How they are going to stop some people I don't know, once they become ill that is it.

The doctor was saying that what is killing people is not so much the virus but what the virus does in creating fluid in the lungs and people die from Pneumonia - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic 

So I am walking on egg shells at the moment.  

I worry about both my sons and the situation I am in myself.

I have an appointment next week for my second Pneumonia jab.  Doctor is saying more people should have this to protect themselves.

Hope the typing is ok, I have not got hubby here to check what I have written!  I get confused with some typing as it gets later in the evening.


Hi Celia,

Glad you are getting the pneumonia vax, it should give you some sense of security, the new Sydney curfew should have some effect, although I can see a lot of young people rebelling against it by refuse to stay at home.

Under the new curfew, people from the 12 LGA hotspots — Bayside, Blacktown, Burwood, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool, Parramatta, Strathfield and some suburbs in Penrith — must stay home from 9:00pm to 5:00am.

We have to wait another 3 weeks for the second AZ, can't come soon enough.  Husband can't lawn bowl (all clubs are shut) so he's filling the gap by making meat and fruit pies, experimenting with puff pastry and even making his own.  He also bought a kitchen gadget that has 100 spikes that he punches the steak with to make it tender.  His carrot cake was amazing, it had crushed pineapple in it and lasted for days and was as moist as the day it was cooked.

But I'm getting fat.

Hi Toot.

Yes I have had the Pneumonia before, this one on Tuesday is the brand new one the doctor was telling me about.

The cake sounds yummy, I love moist cakes, that's why I loved the boiled fruit cakes!

I weighed myself this morning I have lost even more grams!  75.9kgs now!  I have not been that light for about 25years!    My issue is the food I can tolerate no bread anymore it puts my blood pressure up. 

It has been an interesting ride trying to find foods to eat.  Citrus is a big issue as is Banana.

You hubby sounds as if he is happy with his new endeavors, I put a little bit of tomato puree in my meat to tender the stewing steak, I have stopped getting my meat from Woolies and go to the local Butcher who is only next door!   The Chuck steak I have been using from him reminds me of casseroles I made years ago, so tender and better tasting too.   

Being in WA my husband says that Woolies bring their meat over from the East, so that explains a lot! I am not complaining about the meat over on the east coast, but the travelling time, I do prefer to buy local.

Getting back to eating or not eating bread I did find a bread that didn't have wheat in, trouble is they used vinegar to lengthen the life of the loaf and I cannot have vinegar either. So I have a very narrow choice of foods to eat now.



Celia,  I have had the 2 Pneumonia  shots years ago - they said that is it and all we needed to get - however there is another new one out now I would ask the Dr about that one as well  -- see below


What is the newest pneumonia shot called?

    Pneumovax 23 is the vaccine used in adults. It does not work in infants and children under 2 years old. Most adults do not need a pneumococcal vaccine until they reach the age of 65. Once a person turns 65 years old, the CDC recommends Pneumovax 23.



Hi Plan B.

Yes we have too but the doctor wants us to have this new one you speak of.

Hubby had or has  [we are not sure how his blood is going of late with the stress of my issues]

Hairy cell leukaemia - Leukaemia Foundation

But hubby has just had his second jab of AstraZ and that has to wait for awhile.


I am going to ask my Dr about the new  Pneumovax 23  too Celia

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