This Thread is about how a person who had a stroke in May 2021 is experiencing life AFTER the stroke. My Ups and Downs.

 This Thread is about my experiences after a stroke, some days are much better than  others, some days my typing is off some days I am struggling to read.     It has been a life experience to understand some doctors and even some nurses.  You see I am not meant to be able to type according to them.    I am gratful my brain is letting my fingers do the work!!   I keep a diary in my own hand.   But I have not been able to use my little car due to my eyesight when I had the stroke.  However, I don't knock things off the kitchen bench anymore!  So my eyes have definately improved thank goodness.  My biggest worry is not being able to drive and use my car, also reading, much as it has improved I am a long way from where I was prior to the stroke.  This Thread is about things I enjoy in life now and what I have experienced. Some people will like to follow this some won't.


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black detergent for dark clothing - Bing images


This is what I use for my dark colours instead of the liquid for dark colours which is expensive.  So I ill two birds with one stone.






What a good daddy!

Something to put a smile on your dial!  I love the video of the daddy!

What a real man.

Father who went viral for being a #Daderina when he performed on stage with his frightened ballet dancer daughter reveals he's now written a children's book about their experience


Marc Daniels, from Bermuda, stepped up on stage when his then two-year-old daughter Bella (right today) became anxious and scared during a dress rehearsal for her dance recital. Carrying his youngest child in his arms, Marc pointed his toes and pirouetted while Bella danced in a tutu by his side (left). The clip, filmed in 2018, swept the internet and has inspired Marc, a barrister, to write a children's book, The Story of Daderina: The Daderina Series (inset), about his special moment with his daughter.

Marc Daniels holds Bella's hand on stage as she suffers from stage fright. He knew the routine because he'd scheduled his meetings around the girls to spend as much time with them as possible              

Marc Daniels holds Bella's hand on stage as she suffers from stage fright. He knew the routine because he'd scheduled his meetings around the girls to spend as much time with them as possible




What a great Dad.

I didn't appreciate she was that age, she doesn't show it.

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, 77, quits Britain to spend her 'last summers' with her grandson in her native New Zealand after Covid pandemic kept them apart for monthsDame Kiri Te Kanawa, 77, quits Britain to spend 'last summers' with grandson

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa has moved back to her native New Zealand so she can watch her grandson grow up. In a touching interview, the retired opera star told how she made the decision after the pandemic meant she was unable to see him for months. Dame Kiri, who sang at the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, said: 'I'm 77 now and I don't know how many summers I have left. I want those summers to be with Luther.' She moved to London to train in 1965, travelled the world after her career took off, and has lived in East Sussex for more than 20 years. Right: Dame Kiri sings Let The Bright Seraphim at Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding in St Pauls Cathedral in 1981,groups%2C%20as%20well%20as%20other%20info

Support near you — Stroke Foundation - Australia

I am no expert on the issues of strokes, I just have had one in May this year.

I have come across this article on the topic of reading and writing again after a stroke.

My issue has been the damage to my right eye and the ability to read,    read what I have even written to begin with was hopeless.  Today I am reading very slowly!   I cannot read everything though, it is a slow process that affects my confidence also.

I am able to type, thank goodness write long hand but it is making me tired and yes I have errors.

But I plod along and with the help of husband and some friends sending me short emails I am putting back my words into my pea brain!    I do not know how long it will take me to get back to where I was when all this nightmare started!

But I do miss driving my little car.

The health authorities have various classes to help people like us so it is up to the local GP you have and his nurse to send us to these places. Some are in local hospital or clinics or some come to the house to help.  Just chat to your local nurse and she will find out the local classes that can help.

Of course a stroke doesn't only affect the ability to read and write, it can affect the speech and the areas of walking too.

Good luck and I hope you have a lot of success with your ability to do what you feel you need in this long race to get back to being you.

                                                            Image result for animation good luck 

Learning to read and write again after strokeDecember 13, 2018Elizabeth B. Madden, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


After experiencing a stroke on the left side of the brain, many people will acquire aphasia. Aphasia is a language disorder that affects a person’s ability to talk, understand others, read, and write. It does not, however, affect a person’s intelligence. There are approximately 2 million Americans currently living with aphasia in the United States.

Most treatments for aphasia are focused on helping people improve their spoken language abilities, with less emphasis on therapy that addresses reading and spelling difficulties. However, written language skills are necessary to participate in many common activities of daily living, such as reading a menu or texting a friend or family member. Importantly, people with aphasia often express interest in working on these skills to regain more independence and improve overall communication and social interaction with others.

Our laboratory, the FSU Aphasia Research Laboratory, is evaluating the effects of a 9-week comprehensive reading and spelling treatment for aphasia. Our treatment protocol builds off previous work that shows it is beneficial to simultaneously target reading and spelling skills, and furthermore, that it is advantageous to spend time re-training the phonological, or sound, system, to help individuals re-learn how to connect the sounds in English to their corresponding letters. Being able to derive sound from letters and then attach meaning to those sounds are critical skills needed for reading and writing.

Reading and spelling treatment was delivered to two individuals with aphasia two to three times a week, and each participant received 36 hours of therapy over nine weeks. In addition, reading and spelling homework exercises were assigned to increase the intensity of treatment outside of the therapy room.

Treatment consisted of three progressive stages. Stage 1 focused on re-training the connections between sounds and letters, which are often interrupted after a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain. Each consonant and vowel sound in the English language was practiced in a multi-modal fashion, meaning that participants worked on listening to the sound being produced by the speech therapist, seeing the sound by looking at pictures of the correct mouth posture, watching the therapist’s mouth and their own mouth in a mirror, feeling each sound by identifying which parts of their mouth were moving to produce the sound, saying the sound by repeating the therapist’s production, reading each sound by identifying the corresponding letter, and writing each sound by copying the corresponding letter.

Stage 2 of therapy targeted reading and spelling of single words. Participants listened, repeated, read, and wrote targeted words. This stage focused on improving phonological awareness by having participants identify the individual sounds that made up each word. Participants completed exercises that involved breaking the word down into individual sounds and then blending those sounds back together, as well as substituting or adding sounds/letters to the targeted words to create new words that shared overlapping sounds/letters. The purpose of this stage was to further strengthen knowledge of how letters and sounds are related.

Stage 3 focused on comprehending trained words and emphasized the connection between letters and their meaning, or semantics, which is necessary to understand the word being read or spelled. To achieve this, participants completed a variety of tasks that involved identifying the definition of the word, as well as related words, and deciding which written sentence used the target word correctly. Finally, participants wrote or copied a sentence using the word correctly.  Tasks from Stages 1 and 2 were used to help complete the comprehension exercises in Stage 3.

We are now analyzing the data for this project, but so far, the results look promising. Both participants improved in their ability to read and spell the trained words, and importantly also showed improvement on words that were not trained. This lets us know that the skills learned in therapy generalized or carried-over to words that were not practiced in therapy and indicate that reading and spelling in everyday life situations might also improve. Finally, improvement on spoken language tasks, such as the ability to repeat words and name pictures, also improved after therapy, which is another example of generalization and show cases the close relationship between spoken and written language.

These preliminary results are a testament to neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to rewire itself and make new neural connections after brain injury. Both participants endured their strokes over 10 years ago and our findings, along with those of many others, demonstrate that language recovery does not have a time limit, as once thought. People with aphasia can continue to make improvements many years after the initial brain injury.

Our reading and spelling treatment protocol will continue to be modified and validated with additional participants to determine its efficacy and efficiency. Future work will also focus on hearing from people with aphasia tell their story of how their stroke impacted their reading and writing and get input directly from stroke survivors on how best to rehabilitate written language.

We hope our work encourages professionals working with individuals with aphasia to spend more time on the assessment and treatment of reading and writing skills, which are critical for social interaction and quality of life, and are of high importance to people living with acquired reading and writing difficulties.



Celia - Hang in there, you have come a long way since May and with your determination you will pull through this. Every morning when you wake up this will be your Mantra, "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better", and you will. xxx

Well done Celia ... thinking of you.


Thank you ladies, I am one of the lucky ones though, I am able to walk, talk, and write.

I do appreciate that. 

My son says I should drive over to the Hospital and ask if I could have the Jap late in the afternoon when people have not turned up for their jabs!  He forgets I cannot drive and hubby can only drive locally as he is not well, we make a good pair!

In May I could not read anything, so I am lucky to be able to write emails and lucky to be able to use this site to help me improve.  I am lucky to have friends that send me emails and I try to read their text.

I just hope I am able to have the Prolia and Pfizer soon.

I had the other jab for the Pneumonia issue last Tuesday and my muscle where she put it in still hurts!  This doesn't usually last this long after having one.


If the page looks like that above Celia it must be so hard and frustrating --I feel for you, however you appear to be doing very well

HAve they said you will come back to what you were?


Hi PlanB.

Not for me personally but a lot of people have that battle, as I have said it is different for everyone.

My first attempt was the right hand side of the line was muddled!

But I had 10 days don't forget of resting in hospital,  I didn't read anything even the tv captions I could not read that is why I found the programmes on tv that showed house renovations!  LOL  I have got more interested in that now I can read and I can hear better.  It was about the only interesting thing besides animal programmes I enjoyed in hospital.

I have found my site has improved, it is rather like three steps forward and two back some days.

The same goes with typing, as for some reason my brain put in a second 'T' in steps I had spelt it stepts!  Why it happens I don't know, but the advancement I have made the last week I am able to read my errors that I could not before,  I just made another error and fixed it!

I find if I have more fluid and more rest  [for those with strokes it doesn't need to be long sleeps] but the brain is repairing itself I feel and more water also seems to help me. Whether it will help others I don't know we are all individual and what fixes one person body may not fix anothers.

Reminds me it is 10.20 here in Perth and I need more fluid in me.

For instance my attempt at reading at the end of May was find at the front of the sentence but at the end of the sentence it was blurr and I had a shocking headache to boot.  So I had not interest in reading I just wanted to sleep.


Well, Celia,  I wish you all the very best and also to your husband -- it is not easy when you have lost some abilities.

Well after all these months I have finally been told what happened to my brain when I had the stroke.

I had never heard of it before.

Neither had I Celia ... all the best with your recovery.


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I have just been doing my homework this morning, it is mainly comprehension.

Also made up words that sound like English but are misspelt!



spring flowers in the australian bush photos - Bing images


When I was in the garden yesterday afternoon I could hear all the birds around the gardens singing their little hearts out!  It certainly made me think Spring is nearly here so I was looking for our Australian wild flowers that are about to bloom!

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Image result for spring flowers in the australian bush photos   Image result for spring flowers in the australian bush photos Image result for spring flowers in the australian bush photos 

Delightful spring flower pics Celia, thank you.

Spring happening in my front garden today too.

Yes spring sprung quite early this year

Oh pretty!  Our Jasmine is just coming into flower, I adore the scent from that creamer!

Thank you RnR  now can you work out to make the scent work please!  LOL

What is the plant below the Jasmine?  Gardenia?

Grandson of a Jewish Holocaust survivor writes open letter to Sydneysiders in lockdown - as he explains why they should count themselves lucky Grandson of Jewish Holocaust survivor writes an open letter to fellow Sydneysiders during

Mark Owen, the Grandson of Jewish Holocaust survivors has penned an open letter to his fellow Sydneysiders, pleading for people to be more grateful of where we live and our everyday freedoms. Michelle Barel shared the letter to Facebook on Wednesday, with the caption: 'Despite the lockdown in Sydney we should all be grateful to live in Australia, this lucky country'. 'When my Grandparents fled Nazi occupied Europe after enduring torture in concentration camps, I can assure you they didn't complain about the substandard conditions on the ship which brought them to Australia'. As NSW recorded 1,116 new Covid cases and four more deaths overnight, the state's lockdown has entered its ninth week. Normal freedoms of residents have become few and far between, with the easing of restrictions to only come into effect when the vast majority of residents are vaccinated. But Mr Owen doesn't want us to reflect on the small freedoms we are missing out on, he pleads for us to look at the bigger picture.

Celia - People love to complain. We are all suffering the same . If people would only do the right thing and get vaccinated and wear masks and keep their distance then, and only then, will we see things change . I am so sick and tired of people having parties and estate agents trying to hold Auctions, when they know this is totally wrong., and then complain when they get fined. We will never know what it was like for those poor Jews to suffer great indignities., but they came through it. We can do it too!!!!! 

The people of today don't have a clue as to the great life we have,  even now,  compared with the one that they had back then.


If people would only do the right thing and get vaccinated and wear masks and keep their distance

Totally agree Hola.


Hi Hola.

You sound so frustrated, I am sure there are millions feeling the same way.

The trouble I see it is some people do not believe in the virus issues so how are we going to make them understand that you could die?

They have no fear, they have no worry as it has not affected them as yet.

It is very hard to talk sense with people like that.

We in the Western World went to war, or our parents and grandparents did for, not to mention the generations after WWII went to war for the same values of Democracy, so we have to respect their thoughts, which is frustrating.

I feel as if I am in lock down ever since I had the stroke!   

I will never get out of this lock down it looks if I will have to live with it, for how long I don't know.

I had a lesson with the speak therapist yesterday, she is so nice.

I have finally found out what I am suffering from, which I have mentioned yesterday.  I had never heard of it and neither had my husband, so perhaps I may see some little light at the end of my tunnel with her.

I mentioned to her what the Occupational Therapist said and she laughed, she said she would not have a clue!

                                                Image result for woman looking frustrated cartoon 



Celia, I am interested in what your occupational therapist said, as I have had one here as well and she made some statements that I questioned

Hi Planb.

To begin with this lady is not an Occupational Therapist, my step daughter is.

They are two different professions.

Speech Therapist is a specialist field in one topic where as the Occupational Therapist is more broadly covering a variety of illness but not one special field.

Yes I know they are two different professions but I was interested to know what the speech therapist said in answer to what you said see below please


What you said

"I mentioned to her what the Occupational Therapist said and she laughed, she said she would not have a clue! "

To show you my issues with reading, the information yesterday I wrote I went back into it and tried to read what I have written there;   it took me a good 15 minutes to read my own writing!  It is so frustrating. People probably think I am making it all up, but this morning husband sat by my side while I read it out allowed to him, some words just flow over like they used to, then I get stuck in the mire!

Hi PLan B.

Some things are private!

Fair enough Celia, I was just interested in comparing something that happened with my Occupational therapist

Yes ... not good news at all.

Yes frightening --it is getting out of control, we have some here now too

It is frightening RnR

Yesterday I spoke to my niece who is 60 going on 40!  

She doesn't look her age at all, she was horrified that I have not been allowed to have my Jab!

She got angry, I think a lot of people that want their Jab get angry with the Morrison Government now.

If a person wants to have the JAB they should be allowed to have it.

Two people have told me to go and wait at the place where they give the Pfizer and see if I can have the JABs that have not been taken by people that didn't turn up!  Trouble is I don't drive and husband cannot take me to that area as he is only allowed to drive locally.

Not to mention he needs crutches to stand up with and with my hip trouble I am getting that way too.

However, a Doctors Surgery not that far away from our own Doctor [and husband could drive me there] and my name is down with them, will not give me the JAB as they don't have the authority from the Federal Government due to the lack of vaccines and they want to only give it to the teenagers here in WA not the Seniors.

Make sense of that!!!

Yes ladies!

Can you now understand why the WA Premier wants us all locked up?

This variant D is so easily to catch, now we have the variant C I don't know how easy that is to catch do you?


Apparently ACT has 32 new cases.

Absolute madness that we do not have the number of vaccines needed --and allow people to have the ones they have to have if they have a problem with the one they are supposed to have  (according to Morrison)  I can't have the Astra either, but can't get the Pfizer

Once we get to 80% fully vaccinated, we are opening up to the world, NSW residents will be able to fly to Europe for a holiday but not the Gold Coast if the premier sticks to her guns.  Looks likely there will be a booster every year but basically, then we will have to take our chances as things go back to normal.  And those unvaccinated will be in big trouble.

I hope not.

There must be lots of people like yourself Celia who cannot have the AZ, I hope for your sake the Pfizer becomes available  to you soon.



Yes I am another one that can't have the AZ

Today is Fathers Day.


So I thought I would go and seek out a card for a Youthful Grandfather, non were found.

But what I did come across was something out of the USA I have not come across before.

Grandparents Day!

So to all those Grandfathers and Grandmothers I wish you happy day today, I am wondering if we here in Australia will have one in the future?


See the source image

Regarding the Jab;  I have had correspondence today informing me that for me to have the Pfizer I need to have an auto immune issue before I can have the Pfizer!


It is a big worry, I have only had an auto immune issue for 32 years!

Hope all is well?

Have not been on the PC for two days now!

Perth has had some lovely weather and I have been out in the garden.


Getting back to reading after a stoke has been a learning experience for sure;  yesterday one of the professionals that is helping me explained that you do not have to be an adult to have a stroke!

I was shocked, this person has students that are under twelve years of age that have had strokes and are learning to read again, how heart breaking for a parent to see this it brings tears to my eyes.

I keep thinking back to the nursing sister that came to collect my blood at home the other day and was surprised at my capabilities of walking and talking;  it just goes to show how ignorant some professionals are too.

Everyone is unique, we all have these and have to cope with them the best we can.

My writing this morning has not been checked so bear with me if I have made an error!

My homework for writing yesterday is to edit a few paragraphs!  LOL

I glanced through the work and had a giggle;  you see my brain wants to mix up various characters of letters in a writing, sometimes it is happening on the keyboard but I hope to improve as I plod along!

Have a lovely day!

It is pouring with rain here in Perth today after some delightful days of sunshine, the long term weather forecast tells us that Perth is going to have a cool summer, that suits me fine!

                                     Image result for ammomation sunny days 

My homework this week has been reading and writing text and editing my teachers letter to me full of mistakes!  LOL I wonder what she will make of that edit!  LOL

Wish I could share it with you!  LOL  But I had better not.

It is amazing how the brain is mixed up with letters, one of the words was 'brain' and I could not make it out so I showed my husband!  LOL   I could only see 6rain,  and I could not make out why they had put a six in front of the word rain!

Funnily enough they had written in the letter a segment on rain!   I had to read it an answer the questions about when the weather would change!!

One of my cats Tamzim.

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