AFL tipping 2015

Tips and scoring here

Round 6

Fri, May 8     
Collingwood vs Geelong - MCG

Sat, May 9     
North Melbourne vs Richmond - Blundstone Arena
Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda - Etihad Stadium
GWS Giants vs Hawthorn - Spotless Stadium
Gold Coast vs Adelaide - Metricon Stadium
Melbourne vs Sydney - MCG
Fremantle vs Essendon -    Domain Stadium

Sun, May 10     
Carlton vs Brisbane - Etihad Stadium
Port Adelaide vs West Coast - Adelaide Oval





just one to get through into the finals would be great, both fantastically amazing!


West Coast

Are you going tonight D.?

Congrats Deanna and someone else (can't remember who) who picked both winners. Amazing tipping.

Deanna and Viv having a real go for 2nd spot but looks like Geo will be eating mango for a few years.


Are you trying to say that for a change that  the winner will actually

get the mangos ????

What about ???


Yum! Yum! Hellooo Geoff !!!

My My

What a wonderful job you did of picking all those winners

How would you like me to pick the mangos up for you ???

We all know you cannot trust Zapot

... the winners for the last 5 years are still waiting for their mangos

Heh! Heh! Can hardly wait to get my hands on the mangos

Why Geoff

Your talent is only surpassed by your looks :)

My tipping has deserted me but I blame terrible umpiring. I am happy to share the mangoes as rumour has it delivery of said fruit is unreliable anyway. More of a banana, peach, apricot or dark plum type myself.

West Coast Eagles



Just a couple of hours ago I drove through Bowen and can assure you the Bowen Mango is still there.

I spent some time working out how the winner might get to eat this wonder.

Just a little hint - the ocean is on the other side of the road.

I will divulge more later of my thoughts on getting this 10 tonne mango onto someone's plate..

p.s. it is not too late to try and bribe me

Well. I believe I must hold the record for 'The Worst Tipster for the year' in any competition.

I sure was woeful! BUT is it any easier to pick to lose than it is to win? Maybe I deserve the BIG Mango.

Jimminie Crickets Gerry, you are one amazing bloke to have had Chemo. today, yet still be able to live a normal life. You deserve a medal matey. 

Image result for A medal for going through chemo. pic


...............................................................Image result for A medal for going through chemo. pic


Image result for Pics presents For Gerry, from Phyl. so can I NOW win the footy. tips.Image result for Pics presentsImage result for Pics presentsImage result for Pics presents Plus       .Image result for Bunch of au. money pics animated 

ok Phyl, when money etc is delivered and in my pocket I will give you directions to get that monster mango   :)

Now Gerry, if I UP Phyl's bribe can I have the mango....pleeeeeease.... Here's my contribution to your nest egg......

I picked the red one for you as everyone knows 'red goes faster'...... Here is the key, I will hand it over when the mango arrives.....

I think Deanna has hit the front  :)

Gees:-  Image result for crying smileys



Sorry Phyl, my first try at bribing and I did it so well..... tell you what.... WHEN I get the mango I will share it with you.... 50/50, hows that??????

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