This Thread is about how a person who had a stroke in May 2021 is experiencing life AFTER the stroke. My Ups and Downs.

 This Thread is about my experiences after a stroke, some days are much better than  others, some days my typing is off some days I am struggling to read.     It has been a life experience to understand some doctors and even some nurses.  You see I am not meant to be able to type according to them.    I am gratful my brain is letting my fingers do the work!!   I keep a diary in my own hand.   But I have not been able to use my little car due to my eyesight when I had the stroke.  However, I don't knock things off the kitchen bench anymore!  So my eyes have definately improved thank goodness.  My biggest worry is not being able to drive and use my car, also reading, much as it has improved I am a long way from where I was prior to the stroke.  This Thread is about things I enjoy in life now and what I have experienced. Some people will like to follow this some won't.


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I am sharing a photo of my late mother and myself, I was 5!

Celia - That's a lovely photo.  

Beautiful photo

Thank you ladies!

Had a visit this afternoon from my step daughter and her son, gosh don't 5 year olds grow quickly!  Saw him a month ago and he looks if he has grown a couple of inches. She is an Occupational Therapist and due to short staff she has to drive to a town near Bunbury tomorrow!  That is about a three hour drive to get there and back again.

I was clearing out my garden and she wanted all my old hanging baskets that I won't be using anymore and some plants in them.   Her little Honda boot was full to the brim! 


Lovely photo Celia.

Being stressed linked with a greater risk of high blood pressure and heart issues, study finds

Researchers from Japan's Kyoto University followed 400 Americans for more than a decade and monitored the levels of stress hormones in their urine.

This morning I have received some cartoon types of comments from a friend in the UK; also some work from my speech pathologist. 

Here is one from my friend in the UK.

Well that was a waste of time they don't copy and paste I wonder why?


Celia ... just read this on the ABC ...

Western Australians over 60 can get Pfizer jab now


Western Australians, aged 60 and over, will be eligible to receive a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from next week.


From Monday morning, people in that age group, who've not yet received a vaccine, will be able to register and book an appointment at a state-run vaccination clinic.


Yes, now I wonder if they will follow through!

Have been over to the surgery and so has my doctor, the surgery that gives the Jabs that is.

I will mention this again this morning when I see another doctor.

However that is for South Australia so far not WA yet.

WA has not been given a lot of the vaccine these last few months it has been send to the other states RnR.

Thank you for taking an interest RnR.


Looks like genuine latest news to me Celia.


Only later this afternoon they announced that and I received an email, but I can only phone up after 6.30am on 20th Sept to make a time to go in and have it!  So how much longer I know when it can happen I do not know.


Fingers crossed for you Celia.

Thanks Toot, at the moment we are having phone issues!

We have been warned that tv and phones may not be working due to maintenance it is driving me up the wall as my son has been trying to contact us.

I would like to ask a question to anyone interested.


How long is enough time for a patient to wait having had an appointment?


Twenty Minutes

Thirty minutes

Forty Five minutes

Fifty minutes

Sixty minutes

I waited for not quite sixty minutes on Tuesday and gave up and walked out the surgery.

Isn't it annoying, when that happens?  I don't think I have ever been attended to at the actual time of an appointment.  I know that things can go pear-shaped, throwing out appointment times, especially in doctors surgeries and the like, but every single time!!   I get toey after 20 minutes never mind 60.

And good on you for walking out, we should all do that.  The least they could do is let you know ahead of time that there is likely to be that kind of a delay.

By the way, love that photo of you and your mother.  :-)

Celia - Yes it can be very annoying having to wait so long, especially when you have an appointment. I waited  nearly 1 - 1 1/2 hours because the Doctor had to attend to  another patient in hospital beforehand. When she eventually turned up she didn't even apologise.  I ended up changing doctors because it's not the first time she did that. 

Thanks ladies for your reply.

Today my husband managed to get an appointment to a doctor I had been trying to see for weeks, she is always busy, she must have had a cancellation.  Anyway I turned up and had to wait after two women had their 10 minutes each with her.   That was fine I often wait like that, I am sure I have made others wait when I have ended up being longer than I expected because the doctor was answering other peoples phone calls while I sat and waiting in his office.

However, I chatted about some major issues like very low blood pressure I had been experiencing the last three days and I didn't take the blood pressure tablets, and a few other bits.   

Then I mentioned this issue I had last Tuesday, as it happened I suddenly did something I hardly ever do, thats bursting into tears.  I think everything had become on top of me of late.

Especially I have had trouble with one of the cats who wants to be the Queen and is spoiling things around here, so after a lot of thinking she is going to go back to the Cat Rescue.   I think although it is hard for me, her sister will be happy without her bossy sister.

So the stress levels around here have been off the planet of late.  I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning.  But in the long run I think she will be happier with being the only cat in someones house.


  Celia, it's understandable that you came to tears at the doctors.  You have been under a lot of stress ... and often something relatively minor can set one off. I'm sure the doctor would have been very sympathetic.

Well hubby managed to get a cancellation with a lady doctor I have had before I I let it all out with her!

I hope the message got back as she knows something like this happened before before the stroke and I went to another doctor for some months, but she talked me into going back to them, so I repeated that.

I have had enough stress for the time being.

Thank you all for you rcomments.

Celia's photo prompted me to share my favourite 'mother' and daughter photo.  The lady is actually my Aunt, my Mother's sister, but she was just as instrumental in raising me as was my Mother.  I grew up in a house with Mum & Dad, Aunt & Uncle, and one adult cousin.  The sisters were both considered parents in the eyes of a young kid, I called my Aunt Mimi.  So I had Mum and Mimi and continued to refer to them like that all my life, still do.

When my kids came along, the two sisters were still living together but the men had gone, died way too soon, sadly. 

Funny story. My youngest son's teacher once asked me if my mother had a dog.  I didn't think much of it, just said no.  Then she said was I aware that he may have an imaginary friend?  Well no, but it wouldn't bother me if he did.  After a process of elimination, I worked out she was talking about Mimi.  When 'Mimi'  failed to be a French Poodle, the teacher surmised she may have been an imaginary friend who lived with my mother!!!!  A bit of a leap.  It amused Mimi and me no end.

Anyway, this is Mimi and me.



Leonie - That is a lovely photo and story about Mimi. 

Delightful post, thanks Leonie.

Thank you so much Leonie for your story it is delightful.

Thank you for sharing it with us;  I love the photo of you and your aunt you both look so happy together.

I had my mothers older sister who was a bit like that we looked a bit alike too.

Your writing was a very good exercise for me tonight also.

Celia and Leonie,

Thank you for sharing those lovely photographs.  Has certainly brightened up my day.

I am a longtime member of the forum, but changed my name to that of my beloved pet dog.

Your first stop when lockdown is over: This 'enchanting' forest is filled with rare butterflies and a 'fairytale' boardwalk perfect for photosAustralians visit 'enchanting' Paperback Forest Boardwalk in Agnes Water, Queensland

Australians living on the road to escape gruelling Covid lockdowns are stopping at an 'enchanting' forest described as a 'scene from a fairytale'. Hidden beside a sleepy town on Queensland's coast, the forest (pictured) is the region's number one attraction, captivating visitors with its towering myrtle trees and spectacular cabbage palm plants. A boardwalk made from raised timber beams and felled tree trunks carves a path through the undergrowth, creating the perfect backdrop for stunning photos.

Very photogenic, the Instagrammers appear to love it LOL.


Comparing Oz with the USA.

It was a postcard I have copied and put in my photos some years ago now.