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raden luggage

This suitcase has a waiting list of over 7000 people.

Here is why it is so special.  Price is just over $500 aussie dollars. 

  • it lets you know how much it weighs when you're packing (in other words: no more over-packing)

  • It has a tracking device within that gives you the exact location of your suitcase at any given time

  • It charges your phone or laptop to a full battery up to four times with its battery pack

  • It has a live chat feature that gets answers to your customer service questions in real time

  • It's crack resistant

  • Has Japanese wheel bases with polyurethane tyres to give them 360-degree maneuverability.

  • Provides a companion app that can alert you to traffic on the way to the airport, as well as cheap flight details


Do you irrationally feel like an underachiever now that a suitcase can perform more duties than you?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the suitcase is owned by everyHollywoodstar, from Oprah Winfrey to Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid. In January it had a 7,000 person waiting list, which has no doubt doubled since its proliferation across the media.

"We had a waitlist of around 3,500 people pretty quickly,” Raden CEO Josh Udashkin told Condé Nast Traveler. “As the word got out, it doubled with in a day and is now over 7,000 people."

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No that one is much better than the one I lost!  LOL wow it must have a v8 engine!!

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