Would you buy one of these?

raden luggage

This suitcase has a waiting list of over 7000 people.

Here is why it is so special.  Price is just over $500 aussie dollars. 

  • it lets you know how much it weighs when you're packing (in other words: no more over-packing)

  • It has a tracking device within that gives you the exact location of your suitcase at any given time

  • It charges your phone or laptop to a full battery up to four times with its battery pack

  • It has a live chat feature that gets answers to your customer service questions in real time

  • It's crack resistant

  • Has Japanese wheel bases with polyurethane tyres to give them 360-degree maneuverability.

  • Provides a companion app that can alert you to traffic on the way to the airport, as well as cheap flight details


Do you irrationally feel like an underachiever now that a suitcase can perform more duties than you?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the suitcase is owned by everyHollywoodstar, from Oprah Winfrey to Jessica Alba and Gigi Hadid. In January it had a 7,000 person waiting list, which has no doubt doubled since its proliferation across the media.

"We had a waitlist of around 3,500 people pretty quickly,” Raden CEO Josh Udashkin told Condé Nast Traveler. “As the word got out, it doubled with in a day and is now over 7,000 people."

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Radish  -  People are like a bunch of sheep. As soon as something new comes on the market, they have to be the first to buy it When the latest Apple came out, people were lined up, actually sleeping on the street ouitside the store, so they could be the first. The only thing I have ever lined up for was to use the Ladies Loo.

And I was right behind you Hola, Priorities...

I cannot abide any object that is smarter than I am...

As long as a case is big enough to carry half my wardrobe and has wheels on the bottom, I am happy...

"I cannot abide any object that is smarter than I am..." – Thea

So funny, neither can I AND

I back chat and argue with them.

"I cannot abide any object that is smarter than I am..."

Didn't say that RnR..'twas my fairy sister Cranky...even my pet rabbit is smarter than me!

I have no need for that suitcase..my old Samsonite works for me..but my daughter travels the world for her job and usually has to be ready to go when emergencies arise..so I can see her putting her name down for one..

Oops Thea ... abject apologies.

Can possibly see the need for professional folk on the run. Wonder how long it will be before very cheap replicas appear ... seems to be the way of trendy stuff these days. Copy, copy, cheap, cheap.

Lol. Thea. That's cute..Fairy sister...I like that..

We need a fairy Godmother now....Hola??..lol

No apology necessary RnR..

Watch it Cranky...did Hola hear that...lol..

Not yet Thea, but she is very motherly and kind...A natural choice I feel... :)

Can you set a destination and hide in it?

You rang Thea and Cranky? Can you picture the fairy godmother in Cinderella? well she  closely resembles me, only I'm not as chubby. Is the position open? Have you had any other offers?

No my dear, your're it...

sign on the dotted line... lol..x


...and endorsed by me...wouldn't even consider anyone else...xx

YEAH ,  It's official. xx

It is no wonder the younger generation cannot save a deposit for a home...they spend it on all this rubbish!!

Its amazing how much useless junk one buys in a life time.

Its not just the young

I rekon I've wasted tens of thousands on useless things throughout my life

Wish I had learnt about minimalist living years ago.

LOL thats a good one Radish!     LOL........their priority is so much different to ours.

The must haves of this world end up not being able to afford the mortgages too.  Goes back to a post I made some days ago about turning their noses up at good second hand furniture.

I'm selling all my possessions before I go..they say you can't take your money with you, but I can...

I've hired a taxidermist...lol

Bless you Cranky!  Must tell hubby that one!  I cannot help imagining the expressions on the faces of the kids!!

Hahaha Ann....I just pictured it myself...:)

I agree with Raphael, cranky etc

People buy a lot of crap these days and fill up their homes with it. No benefit to Australia, probably made in China or similar. End up being hoarders with lot of waste and renting storage sheds etc.  Suppose the billionaires, hollywood stars etc can afford that junk but they are the main contributors to the pollution, waste etc.  The poor are kind to the environment by definition.

Answer is NO

yes!!  I travel a lot for work - and if possible for leisure...have lost suitcases in transit - most have eventually turned up, but it would have been great to have been able to track them! I've paid too much for 'unbreakable' suitcases - if this works it would save me more than the cost!

I am taking lessons in levitation!!!!

I'll stick to my broom!!

Cranky what horse power is your Broom?       LOL

I often say I am the wicket witch of the WEST!!

Having said that, I have just returned from TARGET,. there I saw these suitcases on, they are so easy to manouver.  

Also TARGET had such a dismal selection of womens clothing, everything is black or black, grey or grey I walked out only purchasing an emry board.  I had planned to treat myself to some new clothing so did not spent anything.   No wonder these stores are going down hill, I have purchased quite a few bits on the net because of the terrible selection we have in Australian stores.   To me it reflects on the Buyers of these retail outlets.

Have you noticed all the clothing in these womens clothing stores that have special racks with 40% off?  They are not much cop either, thats why there are there.  I don't know about other ladies on this Group but Australian retailers really need to lift their game in selection.

Ann ... really enjoyed your comment ...

I often say I am the wicket witch of the WEST!!

Conjured up wonderful images to me of a very sassy addition (you) to WA's tradition in the sport of cricket.

Yes, I know it's a typo but after medical results of a CT scan today ... it cheered me up no end and gave me something to 'play with' to take my mind off reality. Thanks.

Talking about clothing...I do not buy online dresses..but this one caught my eye on the YLC page..think I'll go for it! Perfect for dashing around in...

Thea you need to go to The Birds Nest out of  NSW down in the Blue Mountains, they have a good site.

Thanks Ann..just went to that site...does look interesting...I was only considering the blue dress above because it is not fitted and it might be a safe one...

Still mulling though...

RnR I used to have a good annimation of a witch on her broom stick, and it flew away when I changed pcs, hubby got me a new tower and screen.  I helpt the key board though.....I am missing my witch!

DO  HOPE you had good news.

I seem to have a curved spin!  If it is not one thing it is another.......shall have to go back to the GP.


Was it this one ?

Image result for witch on her broom stick gif

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