Was Julie Bishop 'robbed'?

Reading reports in the aftermath of last week's Liberal Party leadership fiasco, one can't help but think that Julie Bishop was robbed.

One reporter said that the only reason Ms Bishop was not chosen as the new Liberal leader was because she is a woman.

YourLifeChoices members also stated that she was the preferred leader – by quite the margin, too.

Yet, the Libs went with what you said was your least preferred option.

How could the party get it so wrong?

It cannot be denied that Ms Bishop has the resume to stand as Australia's leader.

Her presence on the global stage is arguably unequalled in Australian history, and her popularity, image and approach to politics would almost undoubtedly have led the Libs out of the quagmire they now find themselves.

Even Bill Shorten admitted that he would have had a bigger fight on his hands with Ms Bishop as the Coalition's chief.

So, do you think Ms Bishop was robbed? Would she have been able to restore your faith in the system? Do you think she was not chosen simply because she is a woman? Would you like to see her run for PM in the future?

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Yeah, I think she was robbed, though not necessarily because she is a woman.  I read an article somewhere (sorry can't find it now for a link) that mentioned emails were circulating suggesting that a vote for Julie Bishop would lessen the vote for Scott Morrison, thereby making it easier for Peter Dutton to take the top job.

Apparently, some were more 'against' Dutton than they were 'for' Julie.

A line quoted from one of the emails went something like this ... 'your hearts might be with Julie, but your votes should be for Scott'

we have lost a great lady from our politics. Julie Bishop is one of the few people with brains in the liberal line-up.  She could speak well, listened, good to look at, and NEVER stabbed in the back.

I am a labour supporter, but we have lost a great fair lady. Farewell!


Obviously you  a  supporter of politicans ripping-off the public purse.

I don't care what David Pantoon used to be or do. He is now clinging on to Bishops coat tails to travel the world free of charge. She even aranged for him to get a seat on the delegates floor of the UN.

You say he is very wealthy. Why is it then that all of his travels with Ms Bishop are paid for by the taxpayer. This has been reported time and time again in the press.

But perhaps you a just a selective reader Micha and ignore the truth because you like how Ms Bishop looks rather than judge her on fraudlent use of her expense account that have been reported numerous times.

Oh, and if you don't know what a toyboy is no wonder you are wrong in your assesments.




Gee whiz, Gee Whiz,

You sound like a rusted on Labor supporter. Do they "rip" the taxpayer off, or do you turn a blind eye? You have no proof that Julie B's partner sponged off the taxpayer. Here's a bit of reading for you. 

Labor MP Tony Burke is in the spotlight over a $12,000 business-class trip to Uluru with his family, and expensive jaunts to Europe and a Robbie Williams concert.

David Feeney, the Labor member for Batman, spent $152,125.33 in total on “office administrative costs” in 2014.

 former Nationals leader Ian Sinclairwho, according to the ABC, took more than 750 taxpayer-funded flights, costing more than $250,000.

Family travel has caused headaches for others, from Burke  to Gillard, who repaid $4243 for her partner’s use of a taxpayer-funded vehicle. Pyne is also under scrutiny for charging taxpayers more than $5000 to take his wife and two of his children to Sydney for Christmas in 2009.

Labor frontbencher Burke has landed in hot water over a four-day family trip to Uluru in 2012, when he argues he met with members of the Mutitjulu community and managers of the national park as environment minister.

There was also controversy over him charging taxpayers $48,951 for a six-day ministerial trip to Europe, including first-class flights for a senior adviser who is now his partner.

Industry, innovation and science minister Greg Hunt has charged taxpayers in excess of $20,000 for more than a decade of travel to Queensland for him and his family, according to report. Mr Hunt had visited Queensland holiday resorts 12 times in a period of 15 years with his family. The total cost of all his and his family’s travel to Queensland holiday areas was more than $20,000.

Labor frontbencher Michelle Rowland has also been exposed for charging taxpayers $7000 in September 2015 for a business class trip to Perth for her and her family. I could go on forever, but have better things to do.

Btw you should mind your manners and I quote you " Obviously you  a  supporter of politicans ripping-off the public purse."  You know nothing about me, but suffice to say, I have no time for people who misappropriate public funds and that goes for both politicians and ordinary citizens. 

Have yourself a good night and who are you anyway?

You're right about micha Gee Whiz he does support politicians ripping boff the public purse and he has no idea what its like to be a toyboy. He's also in support of banks ripping off their customers.

What a clever dick you are Adrianus.



You ask who i'am? I'm the person who can see the truth when it's slap bang in front of your face.

I dare you to tell me one civic thing Bishop achieved during her twenty years in parliment without wasting your time scratching through old records. Name one sensible thing she did for Australia's benefit that was newsworthy.

She was nothing more than an egotistical prancing clothes horse. Oh i'll admit she was good looking. But she used that one singular attribute to push her own self-serving agenda.

I know you can't see the wood for the trees Micha but you need to look beyond you own blinkered bias.

While Micha is frantically pouring through the web , if I may be so bold to answer your question Gee (if I may call you that?).  Julie Bishop came to the aid of Tony Abott when he was getting attacked by Julia Gillard who was calling him names which she and others in the Labor Party learned from the USA. Other than that, I cant think of anything she has done for the Australian people?? Oh, I do recall Bishop was instrumental in getting Turnbull to not make severe cuts to the foreign aid budget. Sorry, that's all I have. I know I'll get a lot of women offside but, hell, just calling it as I see it.  

The word “foreign”should give you a hint Gee (hope you don’t mind my calling you Gee, you can call me Mitch or Cha).

About this “civic” thingy, what’s that got to do with Jules. She was the Minister in the Govt responsible for overseeing international diplomacy, as well as for providing support for Aussies abroad. Her job was to release information about important diplomatic activities, elaborate on foreign policies, conduct information-related work about important diplomatic activities, organize public diplomacy activities. Along with her political roles she was responsible for many diplomatic duties, such as hosting foreign world leaders and going on state visits to other countries. So therefore she has to look good and travel a lot all part of the job. She was allowed to take a partner with her and as for the UN, protest all you like, she would have had permission to take him there from the government and the UN. So ya see, the lady would have been too busy to do any “civic” duties. I believe you are mixing up “civic” and “foreign.”  Have to agree with one thing 'tho, I am blinkered, I do like a good looking lady, could be because I'm married to one? See ya later mate!


Without a doubt, I do believe Julie Bishop was ROBBED. Best darn Foreign Minister this country has ever known and a top notch diplomat earning the respect of all the heads of state she came into contact with and that's no mean feat. There are many things one can credit her with achieving but a few standouts are:

She tackled major issues including Iran, Islamic State's rise in Iraq and Syria and shaming Russia over the MH17 tragedy. Hopefully Marise Payne will carry on her work.

She played a key role in healing the damage caused to relations with Indonesia by Labor's live cattle debacle; turning back boats and the Indonesian president phone tapping scandal.

I agree with the multitude across the globe who regard her as an exemplary ambassador for Australia.



As usual a very enjoyable post Banjo, thanks my friend.

Done any fishing lately or are you putting down those rods for a while? Tailor, herring and yellowtail are biting at the moment in WA.


'Was Julia Bishop robbed?'

What? Of that UN post she was angling for?

Of course she was welcomed overseas while freely disbursing foreign aid.  She was an expensive, highly-travelled clothes rack though.  Her resignation, her choice made freely, should go some way towards balancing the budget though.

Don't cry for Julia, Australia! - There should be a few bars of Madonna singing, Don't Cry for me Argentina' at this stage.  When it suits her timing, she will get herself parachuted into a very well remunerated position, likely as CEO of some taxpayer-funded NGO with beaut benefits to top off her eventual golden handshake, courtesy of taxpayers (dumbed down as they always are).

Yep LJ that what they all do get there handshake -- their pension and a very well paying another job -- even if it is not benefiting us and/or the country -- just lining their own pockets

I think Julie Bishop did a good job as Foreign Minister, although not her politics, I respected her professionalism.  Shame she worked for such a mysogynist bunch.   However, I think the sooner we have an election the better, even though I am not overly impressed with Bill Shorten for the next Prime Minister, as I was more unimpressed with Tony Abbot, it is time for a change.  A chance for both Parties to have a good look at themselves, clean out all the duds (and there are lots of them) . Start listening to the populace and stop concentrating on their own ego's, masculnity and superannuation balances.  We really need a good clean out, IT IS TIME, the majority of Australians are totally peed off with all of them.  Surely there must be some "Australian Citizens" out there that we can respect,l ook up to and to use as role models for our children and put our trust in?

We have a very mediocre parliament.  Let's see the new leaders rise to the fore and show the way forward.  Where are the Keatings, the Hawkes, the Howards, the Menzies.  Leaders must Lead without fear or favour!

Well said Chrissy L, we need a good clean out in Parliament. I vote we supply them with enema packs and 100% recycled toilet paper!

As far as they are all concerned -- they are mostly ALL crooked as -- and rob us blind -- they leave with a fantastic pension and perks AND do not have e to wait till an old age -- they leave and get it along with so many other perks AND also get ANOTHER very well paid job -- was she robbed NO WAY      she robbed us many times through with her rich toy boy with him traveling all about the place on OUR money

The sight of all the hypocrites hugging Bishop after her announcement made me roar with laughter considering all she could muster was a meagre 11 votes when she stood for leadership. Perhaps when not voting for her they remembered how she shafted Abbott.

As Foreign Minister I think she was mediocre at best now the realationships with the US and China are a tad strained.

I am delighted to see the back of the untrustworthy bitch 


I also will be glad to see the back of that hard faced AND hard-hearted bitch, she is no prise and after what she did to those poor asbestos sufferers  that says a LOT about her, please do not tell me   It was her job -- she would have had a choice and she need not have chosen that path

Politicians' superannuation and golden handshakes were based on the then relevant assumption that representatives would be people with substantial, proved records of accomplishment and contribution to the community who were well advanced in their professions and careers and would be giving up the best years, their later years, for accruing reserves, super and investments, to keep them and their partners in their autumn years. 

It was not countenanced back then that there would be career politicians who come almost raw from their studies, with at best slim years of supporting work in a back office of a politician, the party machine or a union.  This one - whose main claims were her pout and L'il Abner boots came from student politics to the Senate, had a major hand in destroying Don's Party and still fell on her feet after politics, and draws a jolly good pension for life at the same time.

The other main assumption behind the generous benefits for politicians was that they would only ever draw one lot of retirement benefits and definitely only one taxpayer-funded pension.  There are plenty who do very well out of several dips, which in the case of the rare individual with superior intellect and skills and heaps more to contribute to Australia is fine, but in how many cases could it be said that there are no other persons who could have been appointed instead?

Then we have a politician who has three full-time jobs, of which two are on the public payroll, as a Sydney Councillor and as a Senator!  However, our political masters are not so easily convinced that public servants should be allowed to hold down two jobs even if one is part-time.



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One of the most successful Australian Parliamentarians has called an end to it all..but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her.

Julie Bishop was undoubtedly the fittest foreign minister we've ever had..a credit to our country.

A wonderful role model for any young woman and one whom I greatly admire.

Good luck Julie..

She did put in 20 years and had a go.

Different to the phantoms of State and federal politics who enjoy blue ribbon seats and even where they get the nod for a ministerial job are never seen to do anything in their electorate and nor do they do much in the parliament apart from the predictable, routine speech.  They DO travel though and lots of it.

In Julie Bishop's case there must have been some concern that the globe-trotting Julie was not a team player who was prepared to balance the differing interests in the Party.  I don't think that her last days when the veneer peeled away and through her own doing will help her case when history is being written. 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out Bishop!


However, I would not be surprised  but very cheesed off if she gets to be GG

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