The Israeli Blockade

The outrage from around the world isexpected
from the enemies of Israel, but comdemnation
from the likes of america, australia and britain etc.
is astounding considering what happened during
their blockade of Iraq.for ten years then at their weakest
the brave invasion by the men of steel. any ship trying
to break the blockade was boarded.
The invasion of a weak country, the death toll etc.
The warning was there! the blockade was on!
any ship trying to break the blockade would be boarded
and turned back.
Our navy boards intruding ships along the coast all
the time, look what happened when one boat was set on
fire by those trying to break the 'blockade'
our boys were lucky not to be killed.

watching the news tonight I saw the muslim community
coming out in force denouncing israeli, condemning
all israelis because of this action, Isn't this racial
say anything about them and all hell breaks loose.
Look what happened to two Pastors who only read from the
koran to the congregation and taken to court for
attacking islam.even though what they said was in the koran.

Hasn't the Jewish people suffered enough from the actions
that have happened in nearly every country especially russia
and germany, Why cannot they be left in peace in such a small
country. Peace could then bring prosperity to the palestinians.


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Don't know how do you come to 'racial' bit,

many other people from all around the world are protesting not Muslims alone.

We have to look at the facts and if any other nation behaves like that should equally be condemned regardless of who they are.

Don't know about Iraq blockade but would assume that the scenario would be different?

Just because Jews suffered does not give them licence for unlawful behaviour.

Many other people have suffered and live within the law.

Don't know how do you come to 'racial' bit,

many other people from all around the world are protesting not Muslims alone.

We have to look at the facts and if any other nation behaves like that should equally be condemned regardless of who they are.

Don't know about Iraq blockade but would assume that the scenario would be different?

Just because Jews suffered does not give them licence for unlawful behaviour.

Many other people have suffered and live within the law.

Is defensive behavior really unlawful? Since when?

Had the activists just let Israel check for weapon the goods for the Palestinians would be there now. They were only interested in breaking the blockade or causing a lot of grief to the Israeli people. There was no overnight need for more items in Palestine. The UN is there every day with all kinds of help for them.

And yes, this must be more of a racist act than of compassion for the hard up folks of Palestine.


Is defensive behavior really unlawful? Since when?

Commandos descended from ropes that dangled from helicopters in the pre dawn.

That is not defensive - It is offensive.

They claim they were attacked. Think about that - who was doing the attacking.

The ship was fired upon by the Israeli navy before the commandos arrived.

Lets face it - The first violent act was trying to stop the boats in the middle of the sea, far away from the Israeli territorial water.

Then the commandos murdered several people on the aid ship before kidnapping the rest - that is piracy.

That is your opinion. The shooting on the ship started after the commandos were attacked by the activists using guns taken from the commandos. Remember that much of what happened is on film and the future investigation has not actually happened yet. We are still in the name calling stage. Facts will come out later.

Ships entering blockade areas are usually boarded by the blockade controllers. The Australian Navy boards ships. The US Navy boards ships. The Iranian Navy boards ships. It is not unusual for a nation to board another nations ships.

This entire deal is a made up challenge of the Israeli government. Not needed and unnecessary as the UN has the full time job of taking care of the Palestinian people. These additional material would likely be helpful but not to the point of running the blockade and getting people killed. These folks are nothing more than Hammas and Iran lovers and Jew haters.


The United Nations says the amount that Israel allows through is about a quarter of what is needed.

The UN says items like school books, seedlings and even artificial limbs have been stopped from going in.

No building supplies are allowed in, so hospitals remain unfinished. A year after the Gaza war, people are still living in tents.

Even glass is restricted, so one school for disabled children spends the winter with plastic on the windows.

This is a place where the only building material is recycled rubble from bombed out buildings, or cement that is smuggled in through the tunnels from Egypt.

It is the people who are suffering in Gaza, not their leaders.

What I see is another chance for those who cannot see what

has been happening or refuse to accept that Israel is trying to

stop arms going into palestine that would be used in attacking

civilians, Unless they board ships attempting to break a blockade

how do they know if there is arms or not hidden on board.

I thoroughly agree with bobagain on what happened, after viewing

the news which shows those on board attacking the soldiers first,

what was the response expected to be? those behind this farce

knew,after repeated warnings the boats would be turned back, but

they wanted a confrontation, why were there news reporters and

cameras on board ready to report to the world and stir up more

anti-israel sentiment, Israel is not the threat to the West

open your eyes people and see what is happening all around you

before it is too late. look at london, the twin towers, pakistan, bombay

Take a good look at countries denouncing the actions of Isral in

protecting itself, Are they paragons of virtue themselves?

Do thet also have blood on their hands.?

Remember Hamas is in control of Gaza and behind attacks on Israel.


Have you read todays article by Andrew Bolt?

regarding that one boat boarded by the Israeli's.

I dont often agree with some of the things he comes out with

but this time he seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Nothing about other boats boarded, only this one which as he

also points out were well prepared for the propaganda party,

It just shows how gullible, people can be to smart one sided

reporting by those with an axe to grind.

When the palestinians realise Israel is there and accept it,

without continuing with daily attacks on innocent civilians,

With acceptance and peace, all could prosper.

Doesn't anyone remember the shellings from the golan heights?

on ordinary people??

The gathering of the arab countries to annihilate israel?

Only a country smaller than victoria and less people got in

first and upset their plans. seth.

Well, Seth. Israel does not own the seas. You knew that didn't you?

What were they doing there at 3am, what right did they have, who gave it to them?

Piracy is condemned all around the world. There are international laws and Australia will not impinge

on other countries' rights.

As for Andrew Bolt, I read his article and was wondering whether he was Jewish.

Everything was in defense of poor Israel.

There was no mention of Palestinians and the blockade under which they suffered for years.

There is UN and there are international laws by which Israel like any other nation has to abide.

Even IF the people on the ship were first to attack, would you have anyone barge into your house

3am and you just sit there do nothing? Israel had no right to be there.

IF it happened in their waters, that's alltogather different**

Gee Mara, do I detect a little sarcasm in that first line, NO, what a surprise

Israel doesn't own the seas, what next. they dont have a right to protect

themselves either, just let the palestinians bomb them, attack whenever they can,

Trying to prevent arms coming in to be used against them is sooo terrible.

why dont they just lay down.

Why is there a blockade ? Try and understand, when there was freedom of

travel between the israel and palestine, the palestinians used it to bring in

bombs and blow up buses etc, killing innocent people, that is why israel

is trying to prevent more, maybe you dont wish to know that.

I dont believe you said that about australia not impinging on another countries

rights, Have you already forgotten Iraq, were they invited by iraq to join with

america and bomb hell and kill thousands on a blatant lie,

If that isnt a war crime tell me what is.. Now before you accuse me of defending

Husseins' regime I know he was a tyrant and a killer, also a onetime friend of the USA.

He also was no threat to australia. yet we attacked a foreign country.

How can you interweave a home with a ship breaking a blockade???

They're miles apart, In one you are peacefully at home,

The other on a ship attempting to break a well known blockade,

knowing you have been told it would not be allowed to do so.

Are you really saying no ship had the right to be there?

including the turkish supplied ship? if so get rid of all navies.

This would have been the first time I have agreed with Andrew Bolt,

Did you read the article,

then dismiss it because it did not fit in with what you want to believe.

Seth, I read Andrew Bolt all the time.

But like the rest of us he ain't god to tell it as/is all the time. He is biased because he only saw one side of the coin.

There was nothing about Palestine and the blockade and the misery they've lived in all these years.

If I had a chance, I would have been on one of those ships. I might be a Jew I might be a Muslim. Why should it matter? Why can't we accept it humanitarian caring for your neighbour. Children over there are dying in misery and poverty and lack of education and a decent secure home.

As human beings we should be advanced enough to see other human beings simply as needing us, without putting it all in apolitical jargon.

I am not saying no ship had a right to be there; opposite. Israeli ship had the right to be there equally,

bit it had no legal right to interfere with other ships being there***

Like it or not nations around the world set up blockades for various reasons. Nothing to do with the UN's permission or not. They are set up and usually the nations wishing to cross will slow down and allow inspectors to go aboard.

Do not toss out the idea that the Hamas is the cause of all this nasty activity. That is the general cause of all the fighting and destruction of their own territory. Hamas is not the legitimate leader of Palestine, never has been and never will be. They are on the international terrorist list, don't know who owns that list or I would post it. Stop Hamas and Iran and this area would have a better chance to gain peace and freedom for all the people of Palestine and Israel.

Why support the UN on this issue anyway. They also seem to forget who the instigators are and why Israel needs to be afraid of it's neighbor. The UN seems to me to be a bit biased to the Arab side, maybe because the UN is made up of many Arab based countries and only one Israeli country. The UN should be checking on facts and not just using biased information.


There are currently 192 United Nations (UN) member states, and each of them is a member of the United Nations General Assembly.[2]

According to the United Nations Charter, Chapter II, Article 4:[3]

1. Membership in the United Nations is open to all other peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and, in the judgment of the Organization, are able and willing to carry out these obligations.

2. The admission of any such state to membership in the United Nations will be effected by a decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.

I have been trying to get more overall information regarding the blockade.

Most comments seem to be a general condemnation of Israel without any

answers to specific questions. How come the Israel critics object so

strongly to the boarding of a single NON aid ship in international waters,

approx., 80 miles from the coast when there seems to be no problem with

the Australian Navy boarding illegal Immigrants boats over 400 miles off

the W/A coast at the rate of around 3 per week? The UN is allowed entry

of half the total food needs of Gaza, but the Gaza people have not got

enough money to buy food? I thought that UN food aid was distributed

free. Is it not just possible that Hamas are usurping the food & selling it

to buy offensive weapons? Since the end of the Tahadiya (Dec. 19,

2009) until the beginning of Operation “Cast Lead,” (Dec. 27, 2008) a

period of little more than a week, there were approximately 300 mortars

and rockets fired onto Israel. Very strange for a country that can't afford

food for their people. Are any of the Israel critics querious about the current

costs of a rocket missile or even a mortar? Anybody who thinks that Israel

set out to kill the attempted blockade breakers, on the front ship, knows

little of the Israel Commandos. If they had been serious, there would be

no living witnesses & there wouldn't be enough of the ship left, on the

bottom of the ocean to identify it.

How come so called refugees were able to leave Australia and travel back to where they escaped from,to take part in the Gaza flotilla,plus how did they afford it,must have got the money from our so called pension increase.

Australia is like bedlam,lunatics for leaders,good old terrorists now known as good Australian citizens,hope they give The Australians their guns back.

Good on Israel,does she have to sit by and get rockets aimed at her,We should have the Israel solution here,blow up their so called refugee boats,maybe the graet leader will be on the next flotilla.

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