Rudd Promise #? broken.

[quote]KEVIN Rudd has failed to deliver another of his big ideas - a $50 green rewards card for households.

The Prime Minister promised the "reward" to help families buy energy-efficient and water-saving items.[/quote]
[quote]It was to be given to home owners who undertook one of the free energy audits under the green loans scheme.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong's office said 272,265 household audits have been completed with another 102,000 pending.

Despite the Government saying the card was "in the mail", Senator Wong's office confirmed not one has been posted[./quote]
[quote]She has called for a $4 million audit of the green loans scheme [/quote]
[quoteThe loans part of the scheme has been axed.[[/quote]

So how much now is being spent on [i]auditing[/i] Labor's failed schemes?
Now this one.

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No the libs were not in debt--because they sold every thing off--and they ruled in good times--Rudd has had it tough from the time he came in--and as far as "opposing" goes I would think it better if they all tried to work together--not find negative all the time--I believe give credit where credit is due (I might add on both sides) yes they have increased Tobacco tax--and they have done a lot that I don't agree with--but the Libs did more than I didn't agree with. Why shouldn't the mining pay extra--they are taking our resources. Rudd has to get the money from somewhere.

As far as the deaths are concerned that was not Rudd's fault--it was due to greed by the installers.

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