Rudd Promise #? broken.

[quote]KEVIN Rudd has failed to deliver another of his big ideas - a $50 green rewards card for households.

The Prime Minister promised the "reward" to help families buy energy-efficient and water-saving items.[/quote]
[quote]It was to be given to home owners who undertook one of the free energy audits under the green loans scheme.

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong's office said 272,265 household audits have been completed with another 102,000 pending.

Despite the Government saying the card was "in the mail", Senator Wong's office confirmed not one has been posted[./quote]
[quote]She has called for a $4 million audit of the green loans scheme [/quote]
[quoteThe loans part of the scheme has been axed.[[/quote]

So how much now is being spent on [i]auditing[/i] Labor's failed schemes?
Now this one.

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A friend and neighbour of mine obtained a job as a 'Green' auditor in October last year. To date, he and many others have not yet been paid

A friend and neighbour of mine obtained a job as a 'Green' auditor in October last year. To date, he and many others have not yet been paid

Not surprising Gizmo. A similar thing has happened to honest insulation installers.. so bad they have set up a website and will be holding a rally to protest.

[url=]Ruined by[/url].

Hopeless this lot is and every day even more scandal and inept handling of the taxpayers funds comes to light.

Thing is will those who voted him in - still vote him back for more or have they got enough nous to see that he has to go and sooner rather than later.

Val may I ask would you vote for that idiott Abbott? Lets face it only Lab or Lib will get in and I sure won't vote for Abbott--might vote for others on the paper but only the big 2 will get in

Hi PlanB. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the looming

election being a 2 horse race, but I am interested in why you

and many others classify Tony Abbott as an idiot? I have met

him on 3 occasions & one of those involved a heated debate,

which proved embarassing for me. I would certainly not classify

him as an idiot. His academic record puts him in roughly the

same box as Bob Hawke, who, not many would classify as a

slouch. Personally, I will never forgive him for the Paulene

Hansen fiasco, but in his defence, I believe that he was acting

on direct instructions from little honest Johnny. We have probably

never had a more effective Opposition Leader & whilst that does

not make a good leader necessarily, it does mean that he is doing

the job that he was put in, to do. in.

Well said Innes and I agree about the terrible persecution of Pauline Hanson, Howard often had ministers do his dirty work (Peter Reith) then hung them out to dry, unlike Labor which hide them until the scandal dies down ie Garrett.

Plan B has often stated her hatred of Abbott and while I'm no devout follower I would vote for him to put an end to this madness by the current Labor government.

I have no ambition to vote for Mr Rudd,but no way could I ever vote for Tony Abbott,He just ain't my cuppa tea,.However , it is my belief that it matters not a jot which one gets in , they are both in bed with big business and for all Kevin's 'working families "that gets shoved down our throats, I don't think he gives a toss about the workers and even less about the elderly ,the disadvantaged , the disability pensioners , the mentally ill, or the homeless

I have said for years that we have liberal and conservative,not labor and liberal,and I see nothing to change my mind, in fact it gets more obvious as time passes... I find it sad to have the right to a vote and no one to be confident in giving it to

I find it sad to have the right to a vote and no one to be confident in giving it to

I tend to agree Tadpole. The minor parties are nuisance value, like whats happening in England currently. Perhaps then we should have voluntary voting instead of the Labor creed of 'vote early and vote often'?

Plan B I will vote for Liberal party via the candidate who represents them and me here - not for Tony Abbott> And although I also had a bit of an argument with him over the Pauline Hansen affair - like Innes said - he was the mouthpiece of JWH - and not the instigator so I forgave him for that - and even for allowing the chemists to keep their ill gotten gains over the rorting of the amounts paid to them for generic drugs which will continue up until 2012 and that is because he just couldn't gaol the lot of em which they deserved imo for fraud. All in gaol who will dispense the medications? Still think he was overgenerous. That was then and he was under the lead of JWH who was never anything other than a means to getting better business conditions after the Hawke and keating years and the 3rd recession under Labor which is not good for business. BTW it was these two who got into bed with big business - not small business and both left millionaires and you don't do that on just your parliamentary salary.

Howard is not a millionaire or it would have been all over the news if he had been on being voted out of his seat with a left wing media in the throes of having elected their very own leader and who they now are seeing has clay feet.

Now today I will vote Liberal again this time around as we never have any one else but the 2 parties Labor/Greens and Liberals.

Why Plan B - because they can manage money and will again be put into the position of paying down the debt run up by Rudd and Swan over last 2+ years and rising - with an interest rate that means it will take years to pay off - 96 billion left by Hawke/Keating took 6 years with miners booming so good income from their paying their company taxes.

As you may well know it is bad enough paying off the principal of any loan but it is the interest charged on that loan that hits hard in the early years of paying it off and that interest debt must be huge in today's market after the GFC.

Labor put simply cant manage money - never have done it well at all in the history of this country and if you look at the UK exactly the same there. They now have huge trillions of deficit and much larger debt and could well go the same way as Greece and who will bail them all out is they all go and other countries having had left wing socialist governments like Spain Ireland and Italy have debts which they are struggling to pay off too.

Its not a football game where we barrack for the man and not play the game as a team. Abbott is the leader of a team of men and women just as Rudd should be - but he is a bit of a control freak and they cant do anything except it is approved by him via his office - which means not a team at all but you voted him in - with Phyl and Fwed and the others who seemingly all barrack for Labor and the man who heads rather than vote for the best team to make all of our lives more liveable.

Makes sense to me - btw do you know what is in store for the age pensioner if Labor gets back in and then starts on implementing the Henry Report? He recommends that age pensioners be reduced down to the level of the dole as unproductive units.

So Hi Plan B unproductive unit from Big Val another unproductive unit as not in full time paid work. Only voluntary and that don't count!


So hate the man but vote for the team who havent got the incentive to put the pension down with the way our system of preferential voting favours Labor via the Greens.

Dems my thoughts - anyway - after all not a lot care about us oldies these days due to the agenda from the left who say we all should have saved more and not had to have a pension.

Abbott may not be an idiot as far as his education goes, however he does make some stupid remarks and as I can't stand ANY in the Libs (at the moment) as they seem to be like kindergarten kids being so negative--and as Abbott will bring in work choices again--that I will not have any part of. As I have said b4 the Libs did bugga all for pensioners and the working people and never wanted to do anything for the hospital system--(I know that it was a labor thing)--Howard lied--and was a smart but very sneaky Polly. I am not fond of any of them BUT I think Rudd has done more than the Libs would have done--in the hard time that he came in, the Libs had a lot of good years.

I am with you on this PlanB. Our current Prime Minister has made

some mistakes but I believe if the Liberals had been in power

things would have been at least similar or worse.

It would be a crazy decision for me to vote for Tony Abbott as he

sure comes across as a fool with nobody any better standing in the

wings although Joe Hocking would be the best of a bad lot in my


K. Rudd deserves another stint as his education at the top is over and

he will now get down to sorting things out I feel.

I wonder why Liberal supporters keep on harping and harping on

who each person should vote for maybe if they gave it a rest

people would think about the Libs. as it is over the top annoying.

I can’t stand ANY in the Libs (at the moment) as they seem to be like kindergarten kids being so negative--

Good heavens PlanB how little you know of politics. They are in Opposition (oppose) get it ?

Their job is to scrutinise the government and expose their short comings and lets be honest they have a full-time job with this current lot of gross under achievers.

Labor didn't 'scrap' Work Choices (as promised) just modified parts of it. The part Abbott will re-introduce is the unfair dismissal law.

I am not fond of any of them BUT I think Rudd has done more than the Libs would have done--in the hard time that he came in, the Libs had a lot of good years.

Purely a guess on your part. At least we weren't in massive debt.

Look at all the broken promises and please dont offer the GFC as an excuse.

Look at the deaths due to the insulation balls-up, the green loans and on and on it goes X 40.

The Rudd government would be the worst in living history and certainly not helped by temper tantrums.

I still can't see where your opinion of Abbott comes from PlanB.

We have an Opposition to oppose & criticize every new Government

Policy. That is their job. What would you have them do in a case

like the Insulation fiasco; pat Rudd & Garrett on their backs &

say, good job boys? Just what has Rudd done, apart from lying

about the biggest political spending spree in our history. We have

just increased the tobacco tax by 25%, in order to reduse smoking

& we have introduced a major super tax on mining, in order

to increase mining. The Australian public is being treated like a

bunch of idiots & if we believe this, we ARE!!!

One good thing that has come out of this, is that the Liberal/Nats

are going to be heading into an Election, for the first time in over

20 years, fully funded. BigVal is concerned about implementing

more of the Henry Report & reducing the Aged Pension to the same

as the dole. I think it would be wonderful !!! The resulting rout

would see the Labor Party, not holding a single Seat in Australia.

The senior voters would appreciate their sheer power, by getting

together & proving what I have been raving about for nearly 2 years.

An extract from Andrew Robb's speech which covers most of the things pointed out in this thread and others. He articulates the situation we are in today so well and far better than I can.

Why is it that the Prime Minister pledged to tackle the cost of living for working families and [b]yet in my city of Melbourne, over the last 12 months, electricity has gone up by 23 per cent, petrol by 7.4 per cent, rent by 4.4 per cent, child care by 7.9 per cent, water by 17.6 per cent, medical costs by 6.8 per cent and fruit and veg by eight per cent?[/b] This is all after setting up and shutting down GroceryWatch at a cost of $10 million and setting up and shutting down Fuelwatch while petrol prices continued to rise.

For the entire speech, well worth reading, [url=]click here.[/url]

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