Hello All.
I have only just discovered your friendly site.
I hope you don't mind if I try to fit in.
I did search for an introduction section but alas could not find it.
Is there one?
I live in Melbourne. I hope that does not disqualify me!
Peter J.

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Hi phyl, Glad to hear another dyed in the wool supporter. I nearly missed you as it was still on Peters Introduction thread. I was born in Melb. & have been a Hawthorn supporter for years as is all my family. We used to follow their games when they played at Glenferrie Rd. We lived in Camberwell & I used to go to the big band dances at Hawthorn town hall around 1950. Boy, thats showing my age. As to the 15 channels on H.D. we have just got a set & here in Qslnd we have really only 2 extra Channels, each of the major ones have an extra but mostly only the same programs with the odd extra program.We then have ABC 2,with a few extra programs & 1 H.D.,which is 24 hr sporting.not a lot extra on AFL up here mostly replays, maybe more down there, Have a good day.

PS, should have said. we were assured we would have 15 extra but didnt really turn out that way, as yet .As its 7 & 7HD, 9 & 9HD etc.

G'day Peter.

A very belated welcome from Sunny Queensland. Nth Mackay. Perfect weather here after the Wet season.

Best time of the year.

Also have been to Melbourne , as well as all our State Capitals.

Being a Grey Nomad, I get around.

Have met many VFL?AFL Fanatics in my travels. Each area seems to have its own footy code.

Love seeing the caravans pull up, and out comes the Club Flag.

Makes a good conversation starter when camping in the Bush.

Hav e had many good yarns with Victorians, even though I have never seen an Aussie Rules game played.

Have watched all the other codes, am sure i will get to see one one day.

Enjoy this wonderful site, it gets very interesting at times.


Hello Charlee and thanks.

Well done on being able to avoid Aussie Rules. How did you manage that?

I'm not surprised that you have met many Victorians as they are reputed to be the kings of travel in Aus!

I'm not sure how you can tell the end of the wet season! Just joking!

Hello Tweety,

I went to some dances at Hawthorn, alas a little later than 1950. Say about 1958!

Have you seen all the noise in the papers (here) about your President Jeff Kennett?

He has ruffled quite a few feathers of the pompus AFL bosses!

Best wishes.


Hawthorn Town Hall and Heidelberg dances were great fun and Power House and the town Hall at St Kilda plus ice skating at St. Kilda - St Moritz and over the Flinders St. Bridge to - The Glaciarium ? and roller skating

I used to love the dances at Carnegie Town hall and went as a very young teenager.

Great days oh and Dandenong Town hall.

Loved and still do love to dance.


Regarding the comment about people in Canberra swapping from League to AFL as being unlikely, we have a very strong SWANS A.C.T. supporters group here, running buses to the Sydney games, functions at a local club to watch the away games on a big screen on occassions, with many members travelling interstate to support them. I would guess that some of these members are ex league followers. I remember when the Kangaroos were trying to get a foot in Canberra and Tony Lockett caused an uproad when he cointed the phrase "boo a roo" for one of the Canberra games. It worked, the Swans established themselves in Canberra and the Roos - well who cares where they went. There aren't too many empty seats for the local games, so AFL is alive and well in the capital.

Yes. unfortunately up here in Qslnd we see & hear very little AFL,unless you are a Lions supporter & we certainly are not !!!! Good to hear it is still very alive in Melb.

Phyl, you got me all nostalgic with your references to the dances & the ice skating etc. Wasnt it wonderful in those days when you could go everywhere at night & be safe. Imagine being a girl these days & catching a train or tram on your own at night ! !

Well Peter, I think you got your answer with your introduction thread, didnt we tell you we are a diverse mob, & we sure do wander the subject, but its all good fun & I hope you continue to enjoy it all .

Hello Tweety.

That's a nice post to finish this thread off.

A big thanks to all.

Best wishes.


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