Hello All.
I have only just discovered your friendly site.
I hope you don't mind if I try to fit in.
I did search for an introduction section but alas could not find it.
Is there one?
I live in Melbourne. I hope that does not disqualify me!
Peter J.

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G'day Peter and welcome--hope you feel at home here we are a friendly mob.

Hi Peter,Glad to meet you.

You are in the right section Peter, for any general comment. Tell us a bit about yourself, are you working or retired, what do you enjoy doing?

Hi and welcome Peter.


Hello again and thanks everyone for your welcome.

Especially Phyl, MissJacinta, Tweety and PlanB.

I see you have hundreds of posts between you all.

Actually I'm just a boring guy.

I have been retired since 58 years old and now I am 71.

Still happy married to the same woman since 1962.

Oh the last 28 years or so I worked for Ericson. Swedish phone company.

I'm not a true Melbourneite as I don't have a big interest in AFL. (Football).

However my wife makes up for that as she is nuts about Carlton!

Oh I guess one difference between us and most is that we have both Australian and English grandchildren. Yes two were born in Pinner in London. You Londoners will know that as Elton John territory!

Best wishes.

Peter J.

Hi Peter and do not ever say again you are just a boring guy. Everyone has their own interests and if it does not tie in with ours that does not make you boring. Everyones opinion, ideas, comments are valuable in the sense that the world would be boring if everyone thought the same. I am a widow have been since 2005 and my big battle is to get the widow allowance changed to a pension. You will find that browsing the different topic threads will be fun and it is surprising what you can find out , such as even though I feel the football is not truly a national game as they do not have Tasmania or the ACT or the Northern Territory in it and I do not follow the game because of that I go into the footy tipping done here by the West Australian and quite frankly I am not coming last!!!!!!!!

Anyway welcome, hope to see lots of comments from you and your better half, ouch I forgot to duck.

I’m not a true Melbourneite as I don’t have a big interest in AFL. (Football).


LOL I must be boring and unAustralian as well then as I HATE sort of sport on TV and HATE football with a passion

A very belated welcome. Melbourne is my favourite city even though I now live in Canberra. You will find this site interesting, sometimes controversial in subject, which is what makes it so interesting. We all have opinions and of course, we all believe we are right. So please feel free to post your thoughts, ideas, irritations etc. There are no stupid comments, just different opinions.

I am a Queenslander now,but born in Victoria,so sorry, !!!!

Go the Hawthorn Hawks.

Look forward to hearing more from you

G'day from me too.

Used to love my footy, and barracked for Essendon way back in the John Coleman days.

Oh how my sister and I swooned when he ran out on to the ground.

It was a real contest back then, and they played in all weathers, but not in the extended warmer season there is now.

Now, it's all money, TV and glamour 'role' models.

Welcome Peter , from Dusty in Perth

Now, it’s all money, TV and glamour ‘role’ models.


And BAD behavior

Thanks again for your comments and wishes.

Hello to Dusty in Perth. I have only ever been to Perth once and it was very peaceful and clean.

Such a beautiful place and a perfect setting on the Swan. (Not dusty at all).

We, the whole family drove from Melbourne to Perth in 6 days (1975) it was before the highway was completed. There were still 100 miles of dusty ungraded track to conquer. In many places it was smoother off the road than on it. The kids loved it. What an adventure.

Tweety, good luck to you in Queensland, no need to be sorry!

I'm sorry but it is plain too hot for me.

Toot of course you are right about AFL not being really "national". And yes Tassie must be included.

Hey would the people who follow the Canberra Raiders switch to AFL?

I don't think so?

Gosh Koko! You saw Coleman play? So did I, but only once! I remember the day so well.

At the old Fitzroy ground and every quarter all the people behind the goals would switch to the end that Coleman was in as the Essendon full forward. What a sight.

Alas for you it was the only day in Coleman history he was kept goalless. And do you remember the Fitzroy player's name? It was Vic Chanter.

I'll admit he was a handsome man and the fairest player ever. (Not Vic Chanter John Coleman)

Best wishes.

Peter J.

Tweety I have a special spot for Hawthorn also, as Michael Tuck and of course his sons are all my cousins. We are huge in Berwick Victoria lol. Millions of us. Big families.

We have pay t.v. specially so my cute husband Peter can see his beloved Swans play every week. I think Aussie. Rules gives little kids all through to great grands great pleasure for not too much money for a few months of the year. Our young twin grandsons love it as does their great grandmum my husband's Mother at nearly 97 years young and the joy footy. gives so many makes me love it whereas I really am not a footy. follower but always watch the Swans play with Peter my one eyed Swans supporter husband lol.

I hope we get down to Melbourne from here in Latrobe Valley a couple of times this year to see them live. Anyone know when the 15 free to air channels are going to burst on our screens?

We are so hoping AFL will be telecast.

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