Government wants answers over controversial Four Corners episode

The Federal Government’s Communications Minister Paul Fletcher tweeted a letter that he sent to ABC chair Ita Buttrose asking for answers about the controversial Four Corners episode ‘Inside the Canberra Bubble’.

The episode investigated allegation of relationships between ministers Alan Tudge and Christian Porter and their staffers and questioned the way female staffers were treated by the Coalition.

Fletcher’s letter to Buttrose asks why the personal lives of politicians was considered newsworthy for this episode of the popular current affairs program.

Read the letter in full below.

Did you watch the Four Corners episode in question? Do you think the ministers were fair game? Should Australian politicians be held to higher standards of behaviour?

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Yes I do!

Did you watch the Four Corners episode in question? Do you think the ministers were fair game? Should Australian politicians be held to higher standards of behaviour? 



Yes, I think people holding those positions need to have a darn sight higher moral compass than what we saw on the 4 Corners -- and after all, they were all married with family at the time too AND we spouting off about how IMPORTANT it was to be a proper partner.

We have a right to know what they get up to, especially when they are doing the wrong thing!

Same as Barnaby Joyce was saying how it was important to be fair dinkum 

(not the words he used but meant the same thing)  but he was also cheating on his wife as well at the time

I expect people to have very high standards and high morals especially if they hold such high positions

I remember Malcolm Turnbull adding the "Bonk Ban" to members of parliament who were  drawing attention to themselves by playing up with young women whilst they are married. Next minute Turnbull was overthrown by the Liberal Party and ScoMo got his job. The next thing ScoMo did was give Christian Porter the highest award of Attorney General . He has so far played up on his second wife and has 2 children to her, and was filmed by Four Corners  kissing some woman. Good on Four Corners for exposing these grubs who think they are beyond reproach.

Yes HOLA I agree with what you said about Porter -- I think it was Turnbull that gave him the AG job

When these sort of stories break it is often trotted out that their private lives should remain private and as long as it doesn't affect them doing their job it's no one else's business. 

On one hand, I tend to agree with that, none of my business, but on the other hand, pollies are a bit different. 

We vote for these people, are supposedly their employers. How they act in their private lives gives us a better understanding of what sort of people they are.  Are they the kind who find it easy to lie and cheat?  And if so, is that the kind of person we want making decisions that concern all of us?

I think we are entitled to know who these people really are, not just the persona they would have us see.

I agree with you Leonie -- if that is the sort of character they are then we do not want them in such high positions making decisions for the county because IMO they can not be trusted if that is what they consider good behavior 

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