zapped chook - finger likin good

suppose you all know about ZAPPED CHOOK but for the few who missed out this is it.

take one thawed or fresh chook

wash it well and put it into an oven bag.

sprinkle chook inside bag with a little corn flour and a packet of french onion soup (any or none will do)

put two little holes on each side of secured oven bag.

the time depends on the size when cooking in microwave oven.

1.4 kilo is a size 14

what ever the size of your chook is the time in the microwave oven.

so size 14 is in the microwave at max for 14 minutes breast up.
after 14 minutes turn the bag over so that the breast is down and zap for another 14 minutes.

therefore after 28 minutes you have a perfect finger likin good chook - best i have ever had.

regards peter

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Sounds brilliant Peter. I am hoping it would be the same done in a casserole covered with a tiny steam vent left open?

I am going to try it tomorrow anyway - quick and easy.


Great - lets know how it goes Phyl - it really is nice in the microwave - not dry - quick and no mess at all


peterseaford,thanks for that tip,it sounds delicious and easy so i will try that out,

wendy222 - i am sure that you will be delighted and it is so quick.

if you use the size in minutes you will be amazed.

the microwave is rather daunting for us but especially in the caravan it is beaut. BUT very easy to produce dry overcooked dishes - for us anyway.

bet after you try this you will never buy take away chook again

love and regards


thanks peter i will try it sometime this week and i'm sure i will enjoy it,

i never buy takeaway chicken or anything else,i prefer my meals from scratch then i know exactly what i'm eating and most takeaway is expensive and full of the unknown,

Does a chook cooked in ths way become browned and have crispy skin ?

the brown color is mainly from the soup mix but the skin is crisp and the meat moist and juicy.

it will cost very little to try - bet you will love it

have a nice day

regards peter

May try that Peter --I just can't eat checken unless it is really well done and crispy--thanks

Then you could try marinading a chicken in a bag with garlic, soy sauce, ginger and just a touch of olive oil. Massage in. I usually leave it over night, then cook it on my Foreman grill. Lovely flavours and really crisp skin.

Oops, that works with chicken pieces, not a whole chook.

suppose you could treat a chook the same way as you treated the bits BUT in a foreman grill it would be Ironed more than Zapped.

try this way BevG - you will be surprised and no Foreman to clean which i detest.

if you put two little wholes in the bag on each side and rest the chook on a plate there is no cleanup at all.

cut the bag - careful of the steam - remove the plastic and the chook is ready to eat in gravy on the plate

yum yum yum

regards peter

Well I boought the chook yesterday and will cook it tomorrow--will let you know how it goes--if it is as good as you say I will pass it onto my Son--for an easy meal

Hey PlanB - is the alternative to "pass it on to my son" eating it yourself. if so i bet your son gets very little - to nice to give away .

lets know what you think

regards peter

No I will send him the recipe --as he is 10 hours away from me. I have told him about it and said I would try it myself 1st

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