zapped chook - finger likin good

suppose you all know about ZAPPED CHOOK but for the few who missed out this is it.

take one thawed or fresh chook

wash it well and put it into an oven bag.

sprinkle chook inside bag with a little corn flour and a packet of french onion soup (any or none will do)

put two little holes on each side of secured oven bag.

the time depends on the size when cooking in microwave oven.

1.4 kilo is a size 14

what ever the size of your chook is the time in the microwave oven.

so size 14 is in the microwave at max for 14 minutes breast up.
after 14 minutes turn the bag over so that the breast is down and zap for another 14 minutes.

therefore after 28 minutes you have a perfect finger likin good chook - best i have ever had.

regards peter

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ah ha - that will be nice - it is so simple us mear males can handle it - easier than washing sox

regards peter

I am SO SO SO annoyed Firefox loses my posts on this site just the same as I.E. I am almost ready to give up. :(

Peter your chook. is wonderful.

Your fruit cake an innovation and we love it to bits. I made another two and we are eating one and the other is in individual slices wrapped in lunch wrap and into a big freezer bag. We had a slice each for arvo. tea and it is just SO moist and delicious.

Thank you.

You will not go disappearing again will you :(


Dear Phyl

thrilled on two counts but then -

cut to the quik -

ou hav'nt tried the chocolate mud cake .

do you like bread and butter pudding - got a simple one of them

love and regards peter

I don't like bread and butter pudding but my friend does and I cook it when he calls--so please post your version Peter--thanks

I will make your choc. mud cake Peter S.

I would definitely like your recipe for bread and Butter pudding thank ya kindly.

Do you have a tablet to take when your heart goes out of sync.?

I take an extra one of mine but it still refuses to jump back into rhythm for around 6 hours.

Arn't Sundays just lovely :)

well PlanB - you sounded as if yoy would love bread and butter custard - well no accounting for taste is there?

try it and i bet you lobe it - it is just so simple and with cream - fantastic. - thats me anyway

preheat oven to 180

cut crusts of 6 slices of bread and spread with jam - i make our bread so it is multi grain white.

cut the bread into fingers and put into a casserole dish - jam side up.

sprinkle with a few sultanas if any around - chopped up dried fruit will do - just a little.- sometimes i just forget about the fruit bit -

mix 600ml milk - two tablespoons sugar - one teaspoon vanilla - bring gently almost to boil then let cool a bit

beat two eggs then add to milk mixture whilst beating so that eggs do not scramble.

pour over bread in casserole dish and let it thoroughly soak in.

sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon - i use both

bake 40 minutes - should be browned on top and set.

it is quick but remind your son to have all the ingredients necessary BEFORE he starts.

my little granddaughter is just 12 and she starts to cook - then looks for - say yeast - this can cause a disaster because without some bits the result id "different"

have a nice day

love and regards


That sounds just like the one I cook Peter--so easy and my friend loves it--except I just mix the wet stuff and put it in the oven--never heat it 1st--

We are having PeterSeaford Bread and Butter pudding for Sunday lunch today.

No nothing else - we have dinner in the evening.

I have all the ingredients so will be easy peasy - The taste? do not know yet. Will report after mid day.

Phyl. the dill.

hey Phyl

i am a BIGGER Dill -

i take hands full of pills but not sure when my heart fribulates - goes out of sync.

what is more annoying to me is the dizzy spells - think thats the vertigo - feel really good then suddenly everything spinns around.

got a mate in Ballarat and she says that stymetile fixed her vertigo and i hope it fixes mine.

really hope you love the cake and pudding as much as we do

love and regards


Well I did the chook and I must admit I was surprised--I didn't eat a lot of it last night--but it did come out crispy--I will have it cold tonight--thanks Peter

And I cooked the Bread 'N' Butter Pudding for lunch yesterday and it was SO light it was like marshmallow - Sure will make that again. I had fruit loaf I needed to use up so used that :)

...........Thank ya again Peter S.


What a bummer the Vertigo must be Peter - I do hope you find something to help you.

I have Tinnitis in the left ear but luckily unlike others who feel suicidal with Tinnitis, I can ignore it.

(most of the time) Getting older is as I often say "Not for whimps" but hey we still have heaps of fun don't we and life still wonderful.


[color=red][size=3][/size]Another satisfied customer here for the chicken We had it last night and it was lovely.

Thanks Peter, will sure cook it again like that.[/color]


Microwaves vary in wattage...what (not a pun, lol) wattage did you use? Mine is 800..most are higher these days I think...not sure....

Mine is 1000 but I can turn it down a bit lower but never do

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