Your favorite places traveled in Aussie

Mine are----

Nth NSW coast and Hinterland--ALL NSW coast and Hinterland--Daintree--Berdara Island--Mission Beach area--Outer barrier Reef--Swans Crossing--

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Mine would be NSW coast & hinterland, Daintree & the outer reef as well

as Kakado & the Gulf Country

I would also throw in the Great Ocean Road, the road over the Snowy Mountain

& the semi inaccessible Snowy River. I would also throw in Queenstown in

Tassie just as a reminder of what is is like on the Moon. Everybody should

visit Lord Howe as well. I know it is not accessable to all but a sail on a yacht

from Eden to Hobart is a must.

Yes Tassie was great also, don't like the Gulf country at all or the outback, yes the Great Ocean road was interesting.

I remember going to Cape Tribulation years ago. There was no road as there is now.

A dirt 4wd track that disappeared now & again so you had to drive along the beach till you found the track again.

There was a store there then, they had a sign on the counter saying "If you don't like our prices, go to Cairns"

Yes fwed, they have ruined it now, when I 1st went there in 1964 it was very isolated--loved it--went there again in 1979 loved it still nothing there and we were the only ones there--at least I never saw anyone else, still loved it--went again about 5 or 6 years ago and it was like pit street all made roads and shops and a heap of people and when we stopped to look at the view and there was a line up of cars behind you--I won't be going back, nor to Cairns that too has become so crowded and lost its appeal for me. I also used to like Pt Douglas but it has become very yuppy now too was just right in 1979

Coral Bay is our favourite place in Australia, We went there for our honeymoon back in 1971, there were only a few people there then, now like all places it has 'progressed' but not to the extent that you can't go there and enjoy yourself, don't go there during school holidays though. We are headed up there in October on a family holiday, all the grandies and all, looking forward to that.

We haven't been up the Eastern Seaboard as yet but covered the Western half of the country, have been up to Mt Isa, been through NT, SA but in time hope to get to the East. But we do tend to head outback, the serenity, the clear blue skies and bright stars at night, only the sound of nature outside, heaven on earth for us.

I like to cruise the Great River Murray that is the best part of Australia.

I agree that the River Murray is a great river, needs a lot of TLC now though.

I have a friend that is going to do that in a canoe or kayak--however I find the Murray quite unappealing--ie muddy banks and lots of dust and in many parts it looks like a drain to me , after being used to the rivers in NSW

Plan B

when you have travelled the full length ot the Murray you will see the drifference in the river at drifferent parts of it,it is like travelling by road the landscape changes all the time,when you get to Yarrawonga, they have to pull the boat out,load it onto the loader and put back in the water below the wall,as there no lock at Yarrawonga,but it is all part of the fun we have on these cruises,

In the lower part of the Murray River the greenies wanted all the willow tree taken out along the bank,where these were removed the banks just broke away,the willows that are left are holding the banks together and take the back wash from the boats


Yes Jessei the boats have done a lot of damage to the Murray--I have photos of many decades ago at the same place in the Murray river and the erosion is very clear to see. Yes the willows are good at keeping the bank together--so silly of them to have wanted to remove them--they have also been on the Hawksbury River for decades and do a great job and also look wonderful

The Murray that I remember from when I was a kid was beautiful, that is the Murray I was talking about, we went back to Loxton (where my Dad grew up) about a decade ago and it was woeful, hopefully the rain and run off that it has got lately has helped it. You want to see a wonderful river, come to WA and see the Swan......


The Murray is full and looks great they lifted the gates at the barrages so that is doesn't flood to much,and is flushing the Murray Mouth and the Coorong,I am going again later in the year a trip on the Murray ,Murrumbidgee,Edwards and the Wakool Rivers starting from Tooleybuc and ending at Balranald nsw


It would be great if those majestic Red Gums got flooded again so as they can live and reproduce

A cruise up the Murray is on my bucket list, we have friends on the Yorke Peninsula whose family have a river boat, they plan to take us up the Murray on one of our trips over there. Will be good.

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