Your choice! I am paying :) er cyber style of

You can have a favourite Main course what would you choose?

You can have a sweet/dessert/after main course of any type, what would you choose?

I would have eye fillet steak - roast potatoes and salad................
and cheese cake with chocolate flakes on top ...............
with a pot of tea :)

p.s. my tastes are pretty simple (to be honest I suppose I could live on chocolate) lol.

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Thanks Phyl. I'll have lobster - any style for mains, then for sweets I think I'll have blackberry pie and ice cream. Yumm!

Gee Phyl, my tastes change--sometimes I will fancy Lobster--some times bangers and mash--dessert--well mmmmmmm thinking----------maybe sticky date--(with ice cream) but that also would depend on my--taste at the time--I pretty well eat what and when I feel like it

We call lobster Crayfish (I think they are the same) but 1/2 a cray. is very nice and no worries I

may have to go wash dishes for the two of you as they are very expensive but no worries :(

We had the General Store at Noojee some years back now and we used to catch many

Crays. (not me personally) but husband and kids.

How is your small cataract going Bev? Oops going off topic but hey this is a talk about anything room so dosn't matter I hope lol


I have been offered a few crabs and lobsters--fresh caught but as I am really unable to cook them myself--(I find it very hard to kill anything) I have always said no thanks --I can eat them if I haven't known them--if you get my drift--

I am the same Jane. I have never killed or cooked a cray. either and could not.

I have gone vegetarian a few times over the years but come back to meat albeit I do not eat a lot of meat I seem to get sick without a little and hate to think about it. :( Like you I love animals so sometimes it becomes difficult.

Yes I am not a big meat eater at all--although I can't call myself a veg--but I am sure if I had to kill for myself a cabbage would have to be declared dead

The food of the gods.....................Shepherds far too regular doses of chocolate

I couldn't kill and eat anything either, I just try not to think about it ,,but a beautiful piece of grilled fish,with herbed butter dressing crunchy chips and salad , followed by a slice of pavlova, or a good old baked rice custard,, would do me

I am wanting to do a short course in Asian cooking--and get to know how they get the flavors in there--seems they are rather simple--and quick but need to get authentic flavors

A wok and an asian recipe book and youre in business plus you get rid of all youre leftovers. (if you ever have any that is) I guess most of us dont.

A few years ago en-route to the Uk we stopped over in Hong Kong ,knowing nothing we went into a traditional resturant and was confronted by the main dishes on the menus still alive and kicking in cages and or swimming. When my daughter realised we were suppose to select which poor creature we wanted exterminated she took off in alarm. Fortunately I was younger fitter and faster in those days so it only tokk about 20 minutes to catch her. After settling her down and regaining composure we bought salad sandwiches. Being a vegetarian does have a lot going for it I spose but Im a big fish eater and really can live without meat. I would like my shepherds pie exempted from this posting

I think I should be embarrassed (good cook and all as I am) lol to say I have not cooked shepherd's pie so Westozzy would you give us your recipe please?


I am wondering if kfhugo would have time now and again to write an easy Chinese recipe

as I like you Jane would like to be a bit innovative and now I know courtesy of kf can cook fried rice.


Hi Phyl - off topic or not! I feel tha my vision is slipping fairly rapidly - have to get to see the eye specialist ASAP I think. That will mean at least a 3 to 5 month wait.

Remember staying at I think it is a place called Marlo, outside of Bairnsdale about 40 years ago and the pub there used to do lovely crayfish. Ate myself silly, because they were fairly inexpensive there.

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