Your choice! I am paying :) er cyber style of

You can have a favourite Main course what would you choose?

You can have a sweet/dessert/after main course of any type, what would you choose?

I would have eye fillet steak - roast potatoes and salad................
and cheese cake with chocolate flakes on top ...............
with a pot of tea :)

p.s. my tastes are pretty simple (to be honest I suppose I could live on chocolate) lol.

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Hi Phyl - off topic or not! I feel tha my vision is slipping fairly rapidly - have to get to see the eye specialist ASAP I think. That will mean at least a 3 to 5 month wait.--

--Gee Bev thats a hell of a time to have to wait for your eyes--can you not see someone quicker than that !

Unless I travel to either Brisbane, Newcastle or Sydney, that is the usual waiting time. Eye specialists are quicker than most other fields - heart specialist is at least a 6 month wait - ENT 9 months. Even an ordinary visit to the GP involves a 2 or 3 week wait. One of the problems with living in rural NSW.

Would it be very far for you to travel to one of those places--gee you eyes are very important Bev

By bus and train, probably about 7 to 12 hours each way, plus accomodation when I got there. Plus of course, having to put the dog into board @ $20 per day.

Oh dear what a pain--do you not have someone that could look after your dog--would you be able to drive? would driving be quicker ?

It IS a worry Bev. January twelve months back I had my eyes checked and albeit my eyes, sight wise has not changed for around 12 years (I only need glasss to read some things so the eyesight is quite good) but apparently I have the start of a cataract also :( so when I go to have my eyes checked again hope it has gone away - pigs might fly you think? My Mum in law has had a cataract for many years but it has not gone any further and she still reads at 96 and it has never been removed.

The eye Doctor told me about a man he saw in his seventies who he advised to have the operation but the man said no! then the Doctor saw him in a home in his 90ties and he wanted the operation, but they would not do it because he was too frail so I suppose everyone with a cataract has to weigh up whether to or whether to wait?

Life is wonderful but decisions and worries are always with us...

All the best


p.s. sorry to those who get very upset with topics going off the beaten track but "shoot me" :(

Phyl. :)

The eye Dr i got to said it is not IF you get Cataracts but when --as he said every one gets them--it is how long they take to grow--my eyes are good have reading glasses but my eyes have remained much the same since the 1980 s

I'll "take me chances", and wait until I can see someone locally. Haven't driven more than 100k for quite a few years - darned Arthur Ritus took care of that! I'll be fine - just "enjoying" getting older.

Didn't those Police think you were a youngster Bev. (wink)


Admin!!!! please please please please please please may we have smileys etc. please please please please.....

Yes?????? :) :) :) :)

C'mon now Phyl - that was a year or so ago! Don't want these people to think I'm an outlaw!!!!!

WELL PHYL. Seeing as you are paying for this virtual meal. I can eat anything at all.

Biggest Loser, this is the way to go.

VIRTUAL FOOD! How delightful Phyl.

Lets se!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start with a Dozen Oysters,

then progress to a Rib Fillet and Veges. Char Grilled of course.

Finish with a CheesecakePavlova.

Maybe a bit of stilton/jarlsburg/grapes,water wafers.

Wash it down with a good wine.

I think if put on 5 kilos just writing this.

OH WELL. Phyl thanks for dinner , it was lovely.



Charlee. Cyber treats are good hey :)

Hope you are not anywhere near the floods.

Are you living in a house at the moment or your caravan? I thought you said you would be caring for pets and house sitting?

Are you towing? or have a house on wheels with a motor :)

I am sure you have plenty of friends wherever you go.

Be good.


G'day everyone,

To answer your question Phyl. Aftera week in a house, minding the house and the pets, I am back in my little caravan.

Even though I love the animals, it is lovely to sleep in your own bed once again.

Still , Petsitting is enjoyable and I intend to do more of it in the future.

It is a nice comfy way to see the country and after towing a van for years it is a new novelty for me.

Your Cyber Menu is very good for the waistline. Keep up the good work.



When you Pet sit Charlee--is that like house sitting too--

Oh and I am having Lobster for tea tonight--real not cyber ;)

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