You will be o.k. Mr Rudd just stay strong and ignore the knockers.

If all the ideas Mr. Rudd has in store for Australia come to pass
we will all be in a good position.
I would think many of the Libs. throwing garbage at Labour
might jump over and give our boy another three years.
I know many who are in agreeance Labour deserves another three years
mainly because of the difficult time Mr. Rudd came into power.
The Man has many Supporters.

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PlanB its all very well to slag-off at them but why? You have labelled Abbott as an idiot several times, now puppets, without one statement of fact to back up your opinion why you dont like them.

Rudd's little dummy spit on the 7.30 Report paints a picture of a little man who is used to always getting his own way and gets irritated and wants to childishly stamp his feet when asked probing questions. The way he has thrown money around willy-nilly like a spoilt child has come home to bit him on his backside.

Remember the dummy spit on the plane when he had to apologise for his disgraceful treatment to a young woman over the wrong type of food. Remember the dummy spit over a hair drier? And allegations he screams and rants at his staff behind closed doors when he loses it?

I suggest his high turn over of staff is because people just grow to dislike his temper and lack of manners

There are polls and then there are who knows?

We were in a great economic position before Krudd became Prime Minister. We were in a great position before Keating became Prime Minister, then he STUFFED everything. Krudd and cronies have followed suit and STUFFED everything. If our household budget was the same as Swannie's, based on assumptions, then we would spend, spend, spend, based on the assumption that we were going to win first prize in Lotto next Saturday.

The party name is very appropriate, Labor, labor, labor, hard, hard energy sapping, poverty creating, hard labor which we all have to endure for no reward!!

Even Bob Hawke has no confidence in Rudd.

I agree Gizmo and Rudd's latest popularity poll has him at [b]34%[/b], and I believe some backbenchers are starting to look at Julia.

Who knows, Rudd might get tapped on the shoulder (or shafted) before the next election?

From memory Rudd gave us all $1000 to spend; came in very handy***

I fixed my old bomb.

On the news tonight it was suggested that Bob Hawke has informed the party power brokers, that Krudd is now a liability to the party and should be replace by Juliea.

Intersting times.

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