You need a new fridge?

Aldi have at the moment a big beautiful one for just $800 and it is frost free and comes to your door free delivery.
I have seen similar for around $1400.
Hope it helps someone.

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Yes we wish we had an Aldi here--it would frighten the pants off woollies and Coles (Bi Lo)

You cheeky thing you Charlee - dark indeed.......:( it has been the most perfect day here in wonderful Victoria and we do not get dark until around 8 this time of year ant it is just 5.

You have an interesting life hey? Do you have those big cane toads to contend with at all?

If one came inside your van would you be able to shoosh it out? This would make it not so good a place to live for me but we have a daughter and a son and their families and Peter's Mum living there and they all love it and cope well.

I am sure (and pigs will fly) lol an Aldi rep. will deliver me and Hughie also something wonderful.

be good


Quite a few years ago when Peter and I both worked in Geelong Jane and living in a small place (nice but small) we bought a front loader washing machine and tumble dryer to sit on to of it and I loved the front loader. When we moved to Kew and both worked for Vic. Roads (we lived in a lovely penhouse apartment on top at Kew Junction ) and it came with a washer so sold our other combination through the Trading Post.

We are all different I suppose but hey the front loader stopped me opening the top lid and chucking more stuff in lol and for me that was a good thing.

Was that Kew in NSW Phyl ?

I like to soak my clothes and am always adding stuff--and I found it took such a long time to do a load--I have a Kleen Maid and love it--although it is 20 years old now I would buy one again

Kew, Victoria Jane.

So confusing Phyl as we have the same names for towns all over Aussie

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