Yeppitty it's a miracle

If you have not tried it I urge you to do so and yes both ladies and men.


Micro cloth used with just hot water on the face to clean and in a week THE most amazing complexion - true......:)

I use Moo Goo also as this is such a great Aussie. product to moisturize  but to clean, nothing else other than a micro cloth with nice hot water every night and wake to a lovely fresh face.


Is the cloth expensive? er NO around 75c. each from the baby isle or the cleaning isle in the supermarket so around 4 for a couple of dollars outlay. Search for the ones look like velvet but all micro cloths seem great. I bought 8 for $6 at Cheap as Chips and if you feel like cutting and hemming the real big cloth around $2 for 4 if you  cut to size.


I have talked to SO many have been doing this for years so maybe I am behind the 8 ball and you all know to use the Micro cloths for the face and body already.

Have a special Thursday folks.


Seggie. Thanks, Phyl., I'll try that.  Like you, I use the Moogoo MSM moisturiser which is great.  Have you tried their Edible Strawberry tinted lip balm? No nasties in it and it's coloured with Red Sugar beet, flavoured with natural flavour. Great for dry lips too. What with Aldi's and Moogoo, not much else I need.  Oh, except all of you but that should go without saying.

I have not tried the Strawberry Lip Balm "Yet" so thanks Seggie. Earlier today I grabbed 6 old lipsticks and some Vaseline and dug all the lipstick out into a small jar with a wide mouth  (but does not even have to be, if using a lip brush - the wide mouth I mean) lol and zapped it in the microwave for a very short time like 20 seconds then another 20 seconds and stirred (I used the other end of the brush) and walla no wasted old tubes of lipsticks some with colours I do not use.


SO many things we use from Aldi - we shop there for whatever we can,  before the other Sups.  I sometimes wish they would stock a bit less of the weird things they do (but like everything, what is weird to some is treasure to others) and stock more foods and necessities. Big money saver shopping there.


Such a beautiful day here in Latrobe Valley - lots of heavy washing drying today.


I have just discovered the microfibre teatowels.  Out go all my so called linen and other ones.  These are great.  No lint on glasses at all and they hold lots of water so they dont get wet and soggy.

Where did you buy the teatowells from Radish?

Never thought to use micro towels on face/body but after your suggestion to use Moo Goo shampoo & Conditioner which is fantastic will give it a try.

Hi Phyl, sounds great....... I've used the lip balm as well, it's good, I also tried the Tail Swat which works wonders, won't use any other repellant, even worked on March Flys....... am keeping an eye out on any other products Moo Goo are bringing out.....

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all.

No comment until I see my legal experts.

Davey :)

What is this ? Have you taken to hanging around a ladies thread ? LOL

I'm always looking for ladies.....are you one?

Nah! Davey

Just a kid at heart :)

I've not heard of Moo goo! where do you buy it ?

I got mine at the Chemist, Shampoo and Conditioner cost me $25.00 in total but best hair product I have used and no irritation.

Phyl is almost 70 and does not look a day over 90


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