Writers and artists retreat Thailand

I am a retired Australian and it has taken me years to find this place, so I thought I would share the information. If you are looking for a safe and secluded tropical paradise in which to write that book or paint that painting, this is it. Chiang Rai is in northern Thailand. This is a very small resort (4 cottages set in the rainforest) which is in the process of being converted into long-term homestay. It would suit independent, physically fit people. The cost of one of the cabins is about 5,000 BHT a month ($170 AUD) which includes wireless internet and electricity. For long-term homestay, basic furnishings are provided (bed, televsion, table, curtains) but you provide the rest, which is a great opportunity to buy local handicrafts. For guests wishing to stay less than a month, facilities are also available. You can fly here from Australia via Bangkok. Any questions, just ask. I am very happy here. You can look it up on the web (site is in Thai: www.janpha.com. TripAdvisor Chiang Rai Forum is also helpful.


sounds great will have a look in www side for photos is it secluded or near small town shops etc

I have just returned from 4 short days in Thailand and found CHAING RAI the lovliest part of Thailand. Scallywag

Thank you, Scallywag, for that comment! It really is lovely.


Couldn't agree more about Chiang Rai. Another lovely place to visit and explore is Mae Salong. Hubby and I discovered Mae Salong on the last few days of our trip and wished it was sooner. Chiang Mai, though lovely is so cosmopolitant that it became disappointing for me after a couple of days stay. Bangkok is such an up and coming city that I would rather avoid because of the traffic and the smog.

Chiang Rai is what I imagined that Chiang Mai must have been twenty years ago until it was discovered by Westerners.



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