Working past 65

Josh Frydenburg may think this another band aid to save money from

welfare,but alot has to be taken into account,yes some people continue working past 65yrs of age,but many just cannot be it a health

issue,just unable to find work because of their age and it also does not

help the younger people looking for work,welfare is there for people who are getting to their twilight years,illness,difficulty finding work and

several other issues.If Josh Frydenburg is looking at this in a positive

manner,or just as a money saving grab to increase his surplus,rethink 

what your whole agenda is about Josh.


Read somewhere recently that former Governor General Peter Hollingsworth gets a $357,000 pension per year plus travel perks and office expenses!!!  But of course we see this sort of taxpayer funded wastage all over the place.  

Surely though time is long overdue to cut back on these sorts of excesses long before expecting 65 year olds, many of whom have worked in manually labour intensive occupations for years, to retrain - particularly when faced with the employment reality where 50 and 55 year olds are flat out getting a foot in the door for job interviews.

After my Husband suffered his 3rd heart attack and couldn't work in his regular job and had to go on the Pension, he was faced with a young lady from Centrelink who advised him he could be retrained to do other work. My Husband snapped back, "Yes, that sounds interesting, maybe I could be trained as a Brain Surgeon". She gave him a filthy look and said Centrelink would be in touch with him shortly after he filled in the appropriate papers. He did get the pension.


Glad to hear your husband got a pension Hola,hope he's doing okay.There so many other people out there

that struggle to get a pension with illness,this you can be retrained to do other work is a bit of a of joke

older people just get fobbed off even if they complete training.This seems to be an excuse to keep these

job services open and get public from the Govt to do a job Centrelink could do.

Didn't anyone write to their local MP about this Hola?  It sounds as if it should have been.

Yes as Shetso said above we have too many Politicians and public servants on overgenerous taxpayers welfare with lurks and perks.

Why are the pollies allowed to receive a taxpayer funded pension before 67 ???

It seems to be good enough for the general population.

Why are politicians allowed to receive a pension when they retire to go to an Ababassador's job or the United Nations ???


Just another stunt by the government to alienate retirees from the general population.  Once we are seen as the lazy Boomers who are taking more than our share of government funds., they can pursuade the rest of the population that they need to start taking services and rights away from us.

Are we sure that we want such a one dimensional simpleton in charge of our budget.  By concentrating on the over 65's  and ignoring the younger potential workers he is showing a lack of judgement and ability.

Why not wait untill all current workers have jobs, before targetting Retirees?

Maybe there is no such thing as young unemployed.  There isn't if the government employs its usual head firmly in the sand strategy that they use for any problems that they find too difficult to solve and retain there voters.  Of course they also have to keep their donations rolling in.

IMO 60 should be the age at which you are able to get the pension -- if you want to keep working so be it BUT 60 should be the age you are able to get the pension -- and still be able to enjoy life -- as many after that -- OR EVEN B4 -- are not in good enough health to work.

So many are in jobs that you have to be strong and healthy to do -- OK if you are sitting behind a desk -- I know a stonemason that is still working darn hard at 63, does amazing work but it is darn hard.


Not only hard work but very skilled work.

I hope he has been training young people to keep the trade alive.  Crafstmen are becoming almost extinct.

Politicians are able to get their pension at a VERY young age once they have served a little time -- all the perks as well and PAY NO TAX either and also able to hold down another VERY WELL PAID JOB!

I am not strongly concerned about the pay of the few. We want to attract good leaders (though it appears that money has some difficulty doing that.) I am concerned that we attempt to productively use all who can reasonably be productive. If it is necessary that one stop work at 65 well and good but many can work to much later and no system or bias should operate to obstruct that.

It seems to me, having that view, that pensions could be subsumed within overall social security and superannuation implementation. The society then would regard not being able to work or limited ability to work as the signal to assess the assistance which should be provided. Obviously, the older we get the less likely we are to be able to work with that phasing out and assistance phasing in along the way. 

The only superficially rational objection I can see to this is the notion that people 'deserve' a kind of holiday in the later years of their lives. It seems to me that no one 'deserves' a holiday but are free to take extended time off as they wish and can afford. Likely until society takes a good look at itself many elders will not be able to get work or much work anyway. Just as they should be valued for their working wisdom and general capability by a relatively flexible national 'stature' of work, they should feel obliged to provide for themselves in so far as they can.

The repost will be that "we have worked all our lives so that we can retire on a pension or meager superannuation savings or both at 65, 67 or whatever." Get real. It is a different world. Your/our children will have enough on their plates leading creative and productive lives than to carry an ever growing cadre of idle elderly. They will already be hamstrung by the insanity of ridiculous Public Service teachers retiring after 20 years service or at 58...unbelievable. Great superannuation, unimaginably long holidays and short working hours resulting in well under half the hours at work of the average self employed person at truly fabulous pay and then the community needs to look after them for another 20 or so years. (Don't get me wrong, some few teachers are remarkable, deserving much more... see: Eddy Wu. it is the one size fits all approach that staggers here.)

I do not deserve an end of life "holiday" unless I have the nouse to allocate wealth to it...and I don't have a lot of nouse in that department myself.

...It is stunning to think, that if some of those replying could madate this thing, of all the years I could have been sunning myself in idle boredom or uselessness. Greedily sapping up "enjoyment" of my final years. When there is not work available or capacity to do it, there will still be plenty to do, artwork, writing, building knowledge, growing kids. With any luck that may still give something back to this remarkable (though sometimes sadly dependent) community we are building.

This brings back memories of my late mother, I think she was around 88 at the time, we went to an aged village and the lady there showed us around, for some reason she pointed out a parked car and told my mother that it belonged to a resident.  She went onto say that the resident was 90 and had been living in the village since he was 60!

My mother also told me later she had organized her Will and paid for her funeral at 60, she sadly passed away just on 91. 

When I went to see the undertaker I was told that she had a bargain!  


IMO you need to be able to have SOME reasonable life left to enjoy -- not work till you are too darn old to enjoy getting away, but these mongrels would have you work till you drop -- even hard to get on disability pension these days --I know a person that is very ill but still working and is finding it VERY hard/tiring and expensive to have to pay FULL price for many meds they have to take and other medical things that have to be paid for --and they do not even get a concession card, it is so wrong and heartless

Plan B  that depends on how much that person earns or what their assets are regarding a concession card.

They should look into this as rules changed last year.  Are you aware of the full truth of that situation?





I have had the same chat with people in the US, they don't believe there should be a cut off point.

My husband worked till he was 73.   He was filmed on Perth tv once boarding a new set of train rolling stock, he was

wearing his back pack and using crutches!  [He had just had spinal surgery [ Laminectomy ] he was on his way to the office!

Another friend in the US owned her own hairdressing business, she retired from that and moved into a retirement village when I asked her what does she do with herself her reply made me smile.  She got herself a job at the local supermarket!

She was one of those ladies that cooked food in an electric fry pan and let people sample the food!  Her photo showed her with a white overall on and white hair net.  

She was surprised that I was shocked as back then [about 6 years ago now] she was 83, then she went onto say oh that is nothing my friend is 91 and does the same thing, we do it for petrol money!  LOL

Yes they both still drove their vehciles.

Perhaps Australia is becoming too weak and expecting the Government owes them?

Reminds me of what JFK said  'ask not what your country can do for you....'

I think if you are healthy at 65 and enjoy your work you should continue to work, it gives you something to look forward to and expands ones knowledge.  Also I think if a person can they should do voluntary work for the less fortunate, I used to enjoy that.



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IMO you should be able to get onto the OAP at the age of 60 --IF you wish to --many will want to keep working but we should all have a choice -- the government wants you to work till you drop -- but people should be able to enjoy life for a few years before they are too old to do so.

Plus it is not easy for older folk to get another job -- let them go on the pension and give the younger folk a chance at a job.

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