Woolworths employee reveals best time to score specials

supermarket with special priced products

A Woolworths employee has revealed the best time to shop to score markdown specials, sharing on Facebook the times when prices on particular items are reduced.

“I work at Woolworths and I do bread markdowns at 7 pm every night,” she posted.

“I also do produce, meat and dairy. But they also do markdowns in the morning as well, not sure what time because I work night shifts.

“There’s also a possibility that other stores do it at different times of the day.”

Another employee revealed morning markdowns happen in-store before 11am, depending on stock levels, but also said catching the right time for markdowns is "pretty much pot luck".

“I work at a major supermarket, there is no set time,” commented the employee.

“I see people with these awesome markdowns, comment on what a bargain they’ve got and good on them.

“It’s pretty much pot luck with markdowns.”

Meanwhile, other shoppers said mark downs depend on your local store’s habits.

“The store manager or department manager in each and every store has their own routines,” said one shopper.

“Just get to know your local store’s habits.”

When does your store do markdowns? Have you noticed any price specials patterns worth sharing?


Our Coles marks down dairy and delicatesen at 7.30 pm.... often 80% off but it does carry best before the next day.

The bakery marks down 3pm.

Woolworths mark down their groceries 11.30 am.

I wish these do gooders would shut up.  Now that he's told all and sundry what the best times are, everyone will now flock like sheep and the best times will no longer be "best times." 

Two assumptions you are making here Lucca:

1. A lot of people read this article, and

2. Supermarket management have read this article.

Not sure if it will have the same impact if it was widely published on facebook or in major print media outlets.


I sometimes pick up a bargain mark down while shopping but I think it's more pot luck than the time of day.

My local Woolies used to have a regular time for marking down the meat, but when people started hanging around the meat section around that time every day, they stopped it.  Now it is random times throughout the day.  The biggest bugbear with this is one person taking everything and leaving nothing for anyone else.  When did Aussies become so greedy, and think only of themselves?



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