Winter in Australia

[color=purple]My wife and I are semi retired and would like to travel economically for several months within Australia. We don't want to pull a caravan and wondered about places to stay economically.

Usually we only stay in a place for a night or so and stay in motels which can add up. We are thinking about on-site caravans or possibly cabins. Perhaps even staying in hostels or lodging places for a week or so.

Can anyone suggest ideas that we could consider from their own experiences. Currently we live in Canberra and the winters here are too cold for us and we would like to visit Queensland, the northern Territory and maybe northern Western Australia.[/color][size=3][/size]


You will find that these days the cost it quite dear when staying in on site vans etc--even in your own van they charge a heap--these days but IMO having your own van is much better--as you are able to stay where you like and sometimes free camping--you are also assured that where you stay in CLEAN--unlike many of the onsite places AND there is no packing and unpacking each day--which can become a real pain--Google caravan parks au and you will be able to get an idea of the prices. If you look after your van --maybe buy a good 2nd hand one you will not loose much if you wish to sell it after your trip.

It might be smart to join Youth Hostels of Australia. They no longer cater exclusively for the young and people of any age can use their facilities. There is "backpacker" accommodation in many of the northern tourist destinations (if you want warmer weather) and it can be quite reasonably priced. Depending on your privacy requirements, dormitory type accom is obviously cheaper than a private room.......but, it would be well worthwhile checking out what they have to offer.


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