Why people fall in love with Australia

If you get a discount travel deal, which country would you love to visit? Among the umpteen breathtaking tourist destinations in the world, Australia is one among the most beautiful holiday spots to enjoy a splendid trip, in this wonderful land with splendid natural beauty. Australia is one among the very few countries that are blessed in abundant scenic beauty. The country can boast of magnificent beaches as well as dense rainforests. Beautiful climate, diverse culture, and abundance of must-visit tourist spots make Austria an excellent destination to spend your holidays. Here are a few major must-visit spots in Australia:


The Great Barrier Reef: Abundant for its rich and diverse marine life and the world-class facilities to enjoy adventurous diving opportunities, The Great Barrier reef is one among the most famous reefs on earth.


Sydney – Sydney has many things to boast of, including the opera house and the harbour. The city also has an incredible bridge and some wonderful parks that are worth visiting, some pretty good restaurants that serve appetizing and exotic delicacies, and places like Chinese Garden where you can enjoy some relating moments.


West Australia – Amazing unexplored shorelines make West Australia a must-visit tourist destination Australia.


Perth - Perth has some of the picturesque shorelines in the country, and also boasts of one of world’s largest city parks.


With all these and much more to help you enjoy a memorable trip, don’t you think you should soon start planning a holiday to this beautiful country?


Australia is one of most expensive places to come for a holiday.The A$ is too high and you need plenty of them to buy a nights sleep here in rip off land. Come on $120 for a night in a cabin or a motel is double what it is worth.

Wake up Australian caravan park owners.....I will not pay $35 for $4 worth of power and water.

$4.50 for a meat pie and $3.50 for a cup of coffee.....Have look at what the Little Chef charges in UK.

Almost everything is 50% less in Europe.


If you don't love this country, Fark off to where you came from.

Seggie.  John Mathew?  Travel agent?

Yes I agree Seggie just another bod trying to get free adds :)


You are quite right travelling around Australia is far too expensive.

Cheaper everywhere else even with the flight.

Everyone wants to be a millionaire here in OZ

Oh your not Davey gee everyone where. I live is . My Grandmother Lady Brokenshire was a multi multi and is where I inherited my wealth from .i have always found its best to earn your money in. Awstrala but spend it overseas.

10% of Ozzies are millionaires. Anyone with a house in the inner burbs or with sea views in the major cities are millionaires. Shame you live in woop woop. How much are houses there $50k?

Oh I love Australia alright but dislike these imported arseholes with big mouths and some who think they own the place.

The only real Aussie is an Aboriginal.......the rest are imports

Arseholes - you must know them well.  you've wiped plenty of those as a male nurse in a mental facility. Hahhahhahahahahhahahahahah.

There are many mixed blood Aborigines, so part of them would have been imported, which part I would like to know!

Brokenshire was a pro

No definatley an amateur Nobless Oblige and all that .

Pete :)

When your wife left you -Did she take you to the cleaners ?

Or are you still a worthwhile catch ?

I dunno Abby, you could never shut him up.

Nice of you to join us today Gerryatric. Nurse took you off your medication today?


I was actually thinking of Jaguars

You're always thinking about me Abbie. you're obsessed with me. It's kinda creepy actually.

Yes, a free ad methinks.

While I too love Australia, Davey is right about costs here. We pay far too much for food, clothes, electrical goods, travel etc compoared with the UK and US. Apart from petrol most things are cheaper and public transport is much better and cheaper.  I'm not saying I'd rather live there but we are definitely overcharged here.

And holiday travel bears no comparison at all. We've done a few European river cruises and booked them with an English company. They are half the price that a travel company here charges. And you can get self-catering holiday packages to places like Spain and Greece for ridiculously low prices.

I just thought we were all millionaires, were still breathing, some even have a pulse.

With your breeding prowess, at your age you should have millionhares by now - boinkin wabbit or is that bonkin rabbit

Seth I don't think that lightening head title suits this dim wit ....he looks like Don Quixote to me Man of La Mancha and he still looking for a female windmill to screw although I think that Pete has fallen in love with him so he might get lucky there.

Daghead, I thought you were still soaking in your cesspool, maybe your idiot little brain still is.

Davey, you are right. He is Faguar , or faggy for short.

Jags I have had some very good conversations with Seth and I must say he stands by what he says and is not mealy mouthed like geo .

We should include "whinging" in the olympics.......we have enough "whinging-pom, 10-pound tourists" here to take gold without resorting to medicating them (other than to shut them up of course)....hahahahahahaha

If you're unhappy with prices in Australia go somewhere else - remaining there indefinitely is OK too ....hahahahaha

The same thing that puts the prices up is the same thing that enables you not to be assaulted, kidnapped, shot, robbed or otherwise harassed during your holiday - it's called  'living standards '

It costs because everyone wants to be paid a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. This principle is a uniquely aussie concept because business everywhere else defines fair using  "the golden rule" ie 'whoever has the gold makes the rules'....... Aussies however, believe 'Jack is as good as his master' and fair as being a balance between "what the work earns and what the work pays". This is a bit of a jump from the servant mentality bred into other populations, centred around the need to 'know one's place' in society and not everyone coming to australia can be immediately part of the concept. Perhaps they need a couple of generations to develop the belief 'by osmosis' from the society around them....

Aussies have been defining our 'place' for ourselves to our own standards for quite a few years and but for our politicians (of all stripes) letting us down time and again we could be a balanced self-sufficient nation by now.

Why things are cheap in the US ......The septics pay many of their 'workers' a minimum wage of $6.50 an hour, no sick days, no annual leave and no workers comp in many cases (yes, it is still legal to do that over their under certain contracts) This is called working poverty or the 'working poor' because what they can earn in 80hrs per week is just enough not to die or have (some of ) your children not die. It's called 'financial servitude' and is not at all dis-similar to the old English fuedal-barons land ownership system on which the US power structure is based.

 Last estimate I saw was about 50mill people living at, or below, the 'survival' line in the US - difficult to tell really because not everyone is counted in their census !!! ...that would be 'hiding' the poor same way we now 'hide the boats' I guess....

The reason stuff is cheap in the US is because labour is cheap - and yes, I do buy specialist motorcycle parts from the US for that reason.

I did a tour of a Caterpillar factory over there some years ago and the conditions in which these guys were working - in one of the leading businesses in the country - aussies would have considered ludicrous.

Safety was not a major consideration and workers could do up to 36 hours straight (at minimum wage no penalty rates) if they could get the shifts. If these guys got hurt they would just have to 'get well at home' without pay. If someone is killed they don't even shut the work site down for the investigation.....The reps giving the tours joked about the coffee and 'other substances' these guys used to stay awake.

The people who make the beds in your holiday accomodation are paid better than many factory workers in the US - to maintain a standard that does not create financial servitude - for the moment at least.


MM. The land of the free,  {free to exploit the working class} the envy of Joe Hockey.


Mate of mine who worked in US mining calls it "The land of the fee"....he was just blown away by the lack of safety standards and general ignorance within their industry.

I'm sure Joe's ref to 'the end of entitlement' meant the "end of entitlement to those not privledged enough to receive it"...hahahaha

I was impressed with the 'puff piece' on Joe and the 'new debt limit' in the press recently....apparently it is only Joe's insight and genius that stands between us and ruin....hahahahaha

What's with the nervouse laugh MM usually associated with those unsure of themselves.

Same as Jaguars does

No biggie with the giggle Pete.

Always problematic (and revealing) to judge others' behaviour by your own tho' ......I would have thought the reference to a politician's 'insight and genius' would have given away my lampooning of the concept....it gives me no joy to have to explain my jokes.......hahahahaha

Aaah Abbey - 'sherlock' - on the topic of explaining jokes .....(abbey - a cloistered, impervious building designed to exclude the influence of new information or ideas)............and further to your 'detective work'....... ...I am shattered (tho' not surprised) that you are unable to discriminate between my balanced and insightful input and jagrw's inept ramblings.....hahahaha

Oh no. The "3 Arsewipes" are having a go. Ouch!! Perverted male nurse Dopey Davey and his clowns Wankin Wabbit and Jerkoff Gerryatric.

Flashlight head, surely an idiotic imbecile like you can come up with better insults, your acting like the child, you are, trying so hard to suppress.

Worm infested wabbitbwain is back. You mix with bad crowd kemosabe. Now you think like a fwit.

Is lightning head upset? touch a nerve? just cuddle into your boyfriend and all will be well, a little sob will help.


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