Who won the first 2020 US presidential debate?


Despite repeated attacks, Trump is giving little away about his second-term outlook," said US political commentator Dr Luis da Vinha.

Anyone watching the first debate witnessed an incumbent bullying his opponent, and a candidate willing to engage the public. 

"The first debate of the 2020 US election was a very (un)Presidential Debate," said the Dr da Vinha, a lecturer at Flinders University.

"The first presidential debate in the 2020 elections revealed two candidates with markedly distinct styles and views of America.

"Joe Biden demonstrated that, despite his age, he had prepared for the debate, offering data and specific proposals for the country.

"President Trump, for his part, came to the debate with his usual chutzpah, touting his administration’s accomplishments over the last four years. Without providing any details of his alleged achievements, the incumbent president continued to claim that the U.S. had never been so good than under his administration. Despite his bravado, Trump however did not provide a path forward regarding the priorities for his second term. He spent most of the debate attacking Biden’s record and trying to portray him as the figurehead of the “radical left”.

"Overall, the debate was marked by overt hostility, creating several cringeworthy moments for the American public.

"True to his style, Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden and personally attacked his character and his family, making him pivot from his manage on several occasions. While Biden also interrupted his adversary and threw several personal jabs at the president, he took several opportunities to speak directly to the American people, trying to establish a personal connection with the electorate.

Dr da Vinha went on to question the need for these types of debates.

"Nine in 10 registered voters said they were already certain on who they would vote, the debate will contribute very little to the election result. If anything, it just confirms the polarised and dysfunctional nature of the current American political environment."

Did you see the debate? How did it make you feel?

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I was very impressed by Kamala Harris's performance and passion. Don't like Mike Pence at all....he lacks sincerity imv and has learned to relay an image and to say the right things to make him sound empathic. Just another slimy politician but better than crazy Trump. 

I thought Pence may possibly have Covid because he was sweating and looked blotchy red around the hairline and down one side of his face. Following the debate mention was made by commentators that he had pink eye also which can be a symptom of Covid. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns up positive to Covid-19 in a few days.


@ Sophie -

great debate, not as exciting as the last, would have been nice if Mike had fallen asleep or something, but good to see he had a friend drop in and Joe Biden lost no time in mentioning it LOL


Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, was one of the first to make fun of Pence on Twitter and even used the fly incident to raise funds for his campaign

Hilarious! Had afternoon tea with a group of friends today and all they spoke about was ..the fly. The general consensus was, since flies rarely settle for two minutes or more in one spot, the poor fly might have been stuck to Pence's lacquered hair, lol. 

Have a laugh here....


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