Who will be watching the Harry and Meghan circus next week? not me.

What a waste of time watching Harry bleating about his father Prince Charles and the royal family not supporting his mother Diana during her time in need.

We didn't see her sisters around helping at the time , and her brother Charles Spencer didn't offer the Spencer home because of all the publicity it would bring. So much for blood relatives. Harry has led a privileged life and never had to worry about where his next meal was coming from. He's turned his back on his heritage and will one day regret his actions. Good on the Queen stripping them of some titles.



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I will watch it HOLA not that I have a great feeling for the royals at all BUT I think Harry has done the right thing getting the hell away from them, will be interesting to see how Megan fares too.

Harry would have no idea as to what a normal life was like because of the absolute utter BS of the royals


All the advertizing is enough for me :)

I won't be watching either. Much as I appreciate they may have felt very constricted by royal protocols and press intrusions in the UK ... they seem to have done nothing but whinge about those whilst relentlessly pursuing media opportunities of their own based on their royal titles ever since. Seems hypocritical to me.

That's why I will watch it RnR to see both sides --as I am sure living in the royal family would never be easy

Ever since growing up in a Working Class family in Britain (pigeon holed at an early age) I have had the opinion that the Royals are all a pack of privileged Bludgers.The sooner Australians relise this and become a Rebublic (within the Commonwealth, same as Canada if need be) the better for everyone .

Yep, that pretty much covers my thoughts on the subject too.


This comment was made in direct reply to RnR's comment above.  Somehow it has slipped out of place, now looking like it is in response to British Bulldog's comment instead.    Which may, or may not, be my thoughts on the matter.  LOL.  



A Republic for Australia??? lololol - you nuts?? Imagine some megalomaniac like Daniel Andrews running the country? Or any State Premier currently in control? - (apart from "Gladys") N.S.W.

Victorians will never forget "Dictator Dan"!! Be careful what you wish for!!

Hiya PB - I'm watching! haha .....good on Harry for getting out of "The Firm" - took a lot of guts to do that - giving up everything the way he did ....sad tho' that he got stripped of his ongoing Military commitments especially his Invictas Games but I do believe he is still going to be mentoring that in some way?

They could never ever live a "private lifestyle" anyway so may as well make the most of what they can do financially now (they will never ever be short of a dollar) ...Press will always be watching their every move no matter what they do or where they go - awful!

I do not care at all about Harry and mouse OR the so called royal family. They are just descendants of the most ruthless people from hundreds of years ago. I cannot understand why they are still in existence OR if they must be, they should have NO RECOGNITION in Australia.

I must admit I never watched that rubbish about Harry and Meghan last night, although some snippets were shown on the news. For her to say she contemplated suicide whilst pregnant with Archie is a complete disgrace to have even mentioned it. So what if the little fellow had dark skin? that is his heritage. Whose to know the next child won't have frizzy hair, like her mother, who has her hair straitened all the time.? I think they have done enough whinging , time to move on.

Hi Foxy, I watched and thought they were great -- the way the royals have carried on is unforgivable and to even mention the child having dark skin is despicable -- IMO the nice warm darker skin is better than that pasty pale pommy skin darn racist mongrels!

I think they have done the right thing --


I am for getting rid of the royals BUT it worries me if we have to vote in a president or such who the hell would we get a darn sports person or a former politician not on your life --

I can't see what this GG does now may be sitting on his backside -- getting paid a heap --when he should be throwing this rotten lot of government out

HEY PB ....THANKS!!! Planning to have a good day (plus a few extra with friends)

Well I watched "Haz and Meg" and thought "bet it was ole' Charlie that mentioned the skin colour (or Camilla or both!) Actually PB it might surprise you the number of people that actually did mention/say something about the skin colour (back in the day) ...it was pretty much a "general comment" when peeps knew she was pregnant!

I thought her eyes gave a lot away (pain) when she was talking about "going to and being in a dark place" .....for those of us who have never had the misfortune to "go there" I guess it is difficult to understand?

I also think the British Press had a heyday with her (sold a lot more papers!) to make her out the "Black "British" Bitch" ,,,,and Harry could see the :shades of Diana" happening to his own family!

It is no ones business of course what they choose to do (but because they are so highly profiled) everyone - has an opinion! My opinion is:- Good on them - however should have perhaps remained quiet and just gone about their lives/business etc. in the U.S. making Zillions!! ....

BTW .....I got here tonight so easily I almost didn't post! I was in deep shock!! lololol :)))

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