Who do we vote on the next elections ???

Is time for us to start thinking very hard ..... Who do we vote to make this country better like use to be or at least to start making changes that make sense for us and future generations .... great problem

We do not have any politician that will be capable to make drastic changes because they all looking after themself and no the Country.

Have a look at this report from Sky News ...... is a clear definition of our political disaster we have and continue having if we do not have a serious thinking and take drastic actions

Is Time now to think about our country and the people and this report will ilustrate the mess we are at the moment and if we do not do something we will be like another Venezuela .......



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Let's all remember how Australia was made over the great years ..... ENJOY because is all GONE GONE GONE Beatifull times that make me cry SHIT SHIT .......


To get a real taste of the way Australia used to be, try to locate a film called "Girt by Sea". made in 2014 and here's a link to read about it.


Its a documentary over the last 100 years, and believe me when you have the opportunity to see it, it will make you weep for what we have lost.

Thanks I have see it but I will again .....thanks

I have never heard about the doco. Girt by Sea so I looked it up on Youtube and the memories came

flooding back of the way I remembered Australia. I think I will ask the ABC if they could bring it back

because I'm sure there are thousands who would love to see it. We had many Super 8 movies taken on 

holidays when the kids were little and the opening of the Opera House. I have boxes of films and I know

it does cost a lot to convert them to DVD's, but it's something the boys need to keep to show their children. 

Ok who knows who here? I have the "Girt by Sea" as I took it off TV. I know Aussie, so that's a start. I can put it up somewhere for you to get it Hola.

What stunned me the most, was the fishing. I saw massive sized fish being caught by rod and line and now you would be hard pushed to get them that size now.

Thanks Beeme. My son checked it out on the internet and it said it could be bought from the ABC shops

for the sum of $27.00. If you know how I can get it Beemee I would be very interested,Thanks. 

Seems to be available from two sources, both $28.00:

1. ABC Library Sales


2. The film production company involved > "digital jellyfish"


:) Good luck!!

I checked myself on ABC and it isn't there. There is also an area to login too, but even though externally it says itas available, a check on the site says no.

itas should read it is.

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