Which strawberry jams hit the sweet spot?

Have you got a bit of a sweet tooth?

Do you enjoy a dash of strawberry jam on toast for breakfast?

Have you ever wondered which strawberry jam tastes the best?

Consumer group CHOICE tested 16 supermarket strawberry jams from brands including Aldi, Bonne Maman, Coles, Cottee’s, and Woolworths, to find out exactly which products you should add to your shopping list. 

 “Our experts conducted a blind taste test of 16 different kinds of jam, judging them on appearance, aroma, flavour and texture,” says CHOICE food journalist, Rachel Clemons.

 “CHOICE gave Beerenberg Australian Strawberry Jam the top score, for its sweet strawberry flavour, beautiful aroma, and glossy, natural colour.” 

CHOICE also included two homemade strawberry jams in the taste test, made by CHOICE home economist Fiona Mair. One jam, made in the microwave, blitzed the competition with a score of 85 per cent.

1. Beerenberg Australian Strawberry Jam
CHOICE score: 75 per cent
Price per 100g: $1.57

“This jam has a glossy, natural colour, which really appealed to our testers,” says Ms Clemons. “It’s got a sweet strawberry flavour, with some acidity and lots of seeds.” 

2. Aldi Grandessa Signature Strawberry Premium Jam
CHOICE score: 74 per cent
Price per 100g: $0.54

“This premium jam from Aldi has a deep, rich red colour and is made from 50 per cent strawberries. This one would go really great on a scone with some cream,” says Ms Clemons.

2. Woolworths Essentials Strawberry Jam
CHOICE score: 74 per cent
Price per 100g: $0.28

“This was one of the cheapest jams in the test, but also one of the tastiest,” says Ms Clemons. “It has a really subtle, pleasant strawberry fragrance and some nice strawberry chunks.” 

And this is the jam that scored the very lowest: 

Aldi Grandessa Strawberry Conserve 
CHOICE score: 36 per cent
Price per 100g: $0.28

“Our judges weren’t too fond of Aldi’s Grandessa Strawberry Conserve, which came in at last place,” says Ms Clemons. “The texture of this jam was quite grainy, and it had quite an artificial smell and flavour.” 

Full results: 
Beerenberg Australian Strawberry Jam – 75 per cent
Aldi Grandessa Signature Strawberry Premium Jam – 74 per cent
Woolworths Essentials Strawberry Jam – 74 per cent
Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve – 71 per cent
IXL Strawberry Jam – 71 per cent
Rose's Strawberry Conserve – 70 per cent
Woolworths Macro Certified Organic Strawberry Spread – 68 per cent
Woolworths Strawberry Jam – 66 per cent
Coles Strawberry Jam – 62 per cent
St Dalfour Strawberry Spread – 61 per cent
Barker's Strawberry Jam – 60 per cent
Cottee's Strawberry Jam – 58 per cent
Coles Strawberry Spread – 56 per cent
IXL Strawberry 50% Less Sugar – 41 per cent
Natvia 95% Less Sugar Strawberry Fruit Spread – 41 per cent
Aldi Grandessa Strawberry Conserve – 36 per cent

Do you enjoy strawberry jam? Which one do you buy? Do you make your own?




My favourites are:  Bonne Maman (Strawberry and Fig)

St Dalfour (four fruits)

Both taste great, 


Hi Sophie, my Nonna used to make the best jams, never bought store jams or tomato paste. Best tomatoes grow in Tuscany and we grew strawberries so all home made stuff. Now we rely on Coles and Woolies. 

I even introduced my mate Tones to the joys of eatng jam, mainly to get him off his onion eating habit LOL 

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If anyone misses jam because of the sugar hit, then try this simple recipe. Choose your fruit, chop it up if necessary and slowly cook it  in a pan until very soft. Depending on the fruit you may need to add just a tablespoon or two of water to prevent burning. Add about a tablespoon of chia seeds per 100gms fruit and mix. Pour into a jar or bowl and put in the fridge. The chia seeds will absorb the liquid and thicken the jam although how thick will depend on how much chia seeds you use. Choose very ripe fruit and no sugar needed. 

Thanks KSS I will try that

I buy

Beerenberg Australian Strawberry Jam – 75 percent

I don't eat jam much but have it here for those that do and I buy this one because it IS nice and it IS AUSSIE OWNED GROWN AND MADE

I always keep Cottee's Strawberry Jam in the fridge for when I make Scones for the family. They love it. 

We love Bonne Maman. I mainly buy raspberry and blackberry but it's all great.

However, I do feel guilty that it's not Australian.

Only buy Bonne Maman but cherry. Delicious!  If not available will buy St Balfour. 


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