Grim warning that Australia is just a 'little boat caught between two rocks' in the US-China trade war as Asian superpower's attitude switches from 'assertive to aggressive'

NEW Former Australia-China Business Council head and Howard Government minister Warwick Smith expressed deep concern for Australia's role in the increasingly fraught US-China relationship.


Silk in Antiquity - Ancient History Encyclopedia News items on anything Chinese and how it will affect Australia. China-Australia ties navigate choppy waters - Global Times

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The mysterious Chinese diplomat who 'hijacked' a ministerial press conference to lavish praise on Beijing is a former top cyber spy for Beijing.

Long Zhou used to work in a secretive cyber cell inside the Chinese Communist Party, helping it wage war against western governments and pump out propaganda.

He is now China's Victorian consul general, and inexplicably gatecrashed a joint press conference between Health Minister Greg Hunt and businessman Mr Forrest on Wednesday.

The billionaire mining magnate, nicknamed 'Twiggy', was announcing his foundation's securing of 10 million coronavirus testing kits, but is accused of 'ambushing' Mr Hunt with the Chinese official.

He even invited Mr Zhou to speak, who seized the opportunity to praise China for being 'open, transparent and responsible' with officials, including the World Health Organisation.


A wet market is seen up and running in Wuhan, where the COVID-19 pandemic broke out (pictured on April 29) despite scientists warning this is how the outbreak began

Ms Julie Bishop has been making comments about the behaviour of the Chinese Ambassador.

Will our lives change for the better or worse if we stop trade with China?


Former foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop has criticised China for threatening Australia as the countries clash over coronavirus.

The Morrison government has called for an inquiry into the origins of the virus and accused China of not being 'transparent' about how it dealt with the outbreak.

On Sunday, the Chinese ambassador in Canberra warned Chinese consumers may boycott Australian goods to damage our economy in revenge.  

Speaking to Sunrise host David Koch, Ms Bishop backed calls for an inquiry and criticised the ambassador's behaviour.

'The stability of our region depends on good relations between nations and exchanges between nations should be respectful and reasoned,' she said.

Australian exports to China


How will this situation with China affect our economy?

Can we afford to cut of our noses to spite our faces?


Australian Best store guide


Dwayne15 what has this got to do with the topic to hand?

You are off topic.

Can you please keep to the topic, this is a serious Thread, it can be political, the arts and science as well as trade.


Baby Fever: Baby Fever Meme Gif


LOL Dwayne 15



Why  Lucca?

You know I can remember the hatred for Italians and Germans soon after WWII.

My late husband as a child used to play in the Orchids around his village in Croatia as a 10 year old and tried to avoid the machine gun shots from the Italian soldiers.

Later he and his cousin ran through the same village trying to avoid the land mines, his cousin was in front of him and stood on one of the land mines and got blown up.

When he came to Australia he learnt to speak Italian and did business with the Italian and Croatian community, but he never hated them although they the Italian soldiers killed many of his villagers.

Later the Nazi rode into his area and killed many of the Croatians just lined them up and shot them down.

I don't understand such hatred of the Chinese they have a great culture going back many years.


Celia, I think you should change the direction your bed faces. Seems to me you are waking up on the wrong side of it.

What brought on that tirade? I like the Chinese, well most of them especially my great grandmother who was Malaccan of noble birth, so what is your problem? I was laughing at your post to Dwayne who is obviously a spammer!!!!!




Lucca it comes across like you hate Chinese, sorry if I took it wrongly, but there are a lot of hatred for Chinese these days you only have to see the news.  I cannot get over how they are getting blamed for this virus.

Not a tirade, sadly a true story. 

We had a chuckle the other day, can you imagine if the average guy in China thought the average man in the street looked like Dame Edna!  or Crocodile Dundee? 




Nothing wrong with pointing out Aussie made goods 

I buy Aussie only --but find it hard most times when it comes to clothes because we have sold out our country to china/ India etc -- about time we woke up and made everything ourselves like we used to -- and were beholding to NO ONE

No worries Celia. Did you know the use of toilet paper has been recorded in China in the 6th century AD, with specifically manufactured toilet paper being mass-produced in the 14th century? Joseph Gayetty only started marketing his in the 1850s. This what the Chinese paper might have looked like.

Chinese Toilet Paper -

O Luca/Ray/Luca/Ray, 

'Malaccan of noble birth' ...

What?  Great grandma just can't be your usual garden variety dime a dozen Malaccan...No YOUR great grandma had to have the added distinction of being 'of noble birth' whatever the hell that means!

And here I was mid-Covid a-wishing and a-hoping that a 'big noting cure' may have been found for those so afflicted - and you know who you are. LOL!

PPS.  Sorry about the above comment folks...Have been trying to be good and stay above petty annoyances during Covid but 'fell off the wagon' so to speak ...

But in future will just try to move on when annoying things grate.

I suspect you fell off the wagon since lockdown started, and the walls are starting to close in numpty! Got news for you, not everybody is dime a dozen like you, some of us have great family history. I don’t mind your writing about yours, we can all do with a laugh!

...... just reading your constant BS "Troll" is enough to make anyone laugh! You'd lie thru' ya' teeth (if you had any!)  lololol



Must admit Lucca I had not thought of toilet paper being that old, but I guess they needed to use something!  


But that's not all, the Chinese, according to court records of the later Han Dynasty, a seismograph was created by the brilliant inventor Zhang Heng (78-140 AD) in 132 AD.

Its function  to determine the direction of an earthquake. In 138 AD, this instrument indicated an earthquake occurring in Longxi a thousand kilometers away. It was the first time that mankind was able to detect an earthquake. Modern seismographs only began development in 1848 in Europe.

Ancient Chinese Seismometer Used Dragons and Toads - Kids Discover


Shetso1, if the words of a total stranger on a public forum “grate”  so much on your nerves, then you must be lonely and frustrated at home.

I suggest you get a lover or a dog for company.


Zhang Heng's invention is a work of art when you think how old it is!


BBC Four - Art of China


China had culture and wonderful Art when we Europeans were still living in the dark ages.

                                        351 Best Chinese Women in Art images | Art, Asian art, Chinese art


Extremely rare royal golden seal weighing over 17 pounds and once belonging to a Chinese emperor-to-be is found under a former battlefield 


Amazing images showed a centuries-old royal family golden seal weighing over 17 pounds unearthed by Chinese archaeologists studying the remnants of a Ming dynasty battlefield on Tuesday.



News items on anything Chinese and how it will affect Australia.” (Topic Heading).


Australia is not the only country that has been condemned and threatened for demanding accountability from Beijing regarding the coronavirus.

However…many of those other countries do not have as much to lose fracturing relationships with China. I believe words spoken cannot be taken back by our leaders and they should be very careful of their rhetoric.  

Australia’s trading relationship with China is hugely significant. China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner in goods and services, representing more than a quarter of all international trade. In 2018-2019 that figure reached $235 billion.

Australia has been accused of acting with “little diplomatic tact” ..I agree.


Basic Chinese History.                                                                       Chinese Figure - 2 Painting by River Han


8000 - 2205 BC: Early Chinese settlers build small villages and farm along the major rivers including the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.

2696 BC: Rule of the legendary Yellow Emperor. His wife Leizu invented the process of making silk cloth.

2205 - 1575 BC: The Chinese learn how to make bronze. The Xia Dynasty becomes the first dynasty in China.

1570 - 1045 BC: Shang Dynasty

1045 - 256 BC: Zhou Dynasty

771 BC: End of the Western Zhou and beginning of the Eastern Zhou. The Spring and Autumn period begins.

551 BC: Philosopher and thinker Confucius is born.  544 BC: Sun Tzu the author of the Art of War is born.

500 BC: Cast iron is invented in China around this time. The iron plough was likely invented shortly after.

481 BC: End of the Spring and Autumn period.
 403 - 221 BC: The Warring States period. During this time leaders from different areas were constantly fighting for control.

342 BC: The crossbow is first used in China.

221 - 206 BC: Qin Dynasty

221 BC: Qin Shi Huangdi becomes the first Emperor of China. He has the Great Wall of China built by extending and connecting existing walls to protect the people from the Mongols.
 220 BC: The writing system of China becomes standardized by the government.

210 BC: The Terra Cotta Army is buried with Emperor Qin.

210 BC: The umbrella is invented.
 206 BC - 220 AD: Han Dynasty

207 BC: The first Han Emperor, Gaozu, establishes the Chinese Civil Service to help run the government.

104 BC: Emperor Wu defines the Taichu calendar which will remain the Chinese calendar throughout history.
8 - 22 AD: The Xin Dynasty overthrows the Han Dynasty for a short period of time.

2 AD: A government census is taken. The size of the Chinese Empire is estimated at 60 million people.

105 AD: Paper is invented by Imperial court official Cai Lun.  
208: Battle of Red Cliffs.

222 - 581: Six Dynasties

250: Buddhism is introduced to China.

589 - 618: Sui Dynasty

609: The Grand Canal is completed.

618 - 907: Tang Dynasty

868: Wood block printing is first used in China to print an entire book called the Diamond Sutra.

907 - 960: Five Dynasties

960 - 1279: Song Dynasty

1041: Moveable type for printing is invented.

1044: This is the earliest date that a formula for gunpowder is recorded.

1088: The first description of the magnetic compass.

1200: Genghis Khan unites the Mongol tribes under his leadership.

1271: Marco Polo begins his travels to China.

1279 - 1368: Yuan Dynasty

1279: The Mongols under Kublai Khan defeat the Song Dynasty. Kublai Khan establishes the Yuan Dynasty.

1368 - 1644: Ming Dynasty

1405: Chinese explorer Zheng He begins his first journey to India and Africa. He will establish trade relationships and bring back news of the outside world.

1405: The Chinese begin construction on the Forbidden City.

1420: Beijing becomes the new capital of the Chinese Empire replacing Nanjing.

1517: Portuguese traders first arrive in the country.

1644 - 1912: Qing Dynasty

1912: The Qing Dynasty comes to an end with the Xinhai Revolution.                                         HANDPAINTED ORIENTAL ASIAN FINE ART CHINESE PAINTING-The Great ...


The modern Chinese film industry.


Have started the last six months to watch Chinese movies on netflix.

Some are better than others, but it certainly paints a different picture of Chinese these days the country is not all wet markets!

Film project boost for WA-China business | Business News

Government House WA on Twitter: "Delighted to welcome senior ...

Mr Beasley is the new Governor of Western Australia.


Chinese shopping centres  


Not forgetting Malaysia and Singapore's huge shopping centres.

All very interesting all huge, you can spend a day in some and not see everything.


Parc 66 Jinan: Chinese Shopping Centre - e-architect

  Tensions have been escalating between the US and China over coronavirus which is believed to have started in Wuhan 

China's new supersonic stealth bomber could be ready later this year.

The feared Xian H-20, which doubles China's strike range and completes its nuclear triad, puts Australia, Japan and Korea all within range.

It would mean China would join the US and Russia is possessing a three-pronged military force that can launch nuclear missiles from air, land and sea. 

Amid an escalating war of words between Washington and Beijing over COVID-19, the bomber could further ramp up tensions by exposing US

Bases and fleets in the Pacific.

Both countries have increased naval patrols in the Taiwan Strait and the South and East China seas. 

The H-20 is a strategic bomber similar to the B-2 or B-21, according to the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

The US defence department has estimated a cruising distance of more than 5,300 miles for the H-20.

The bomber will be equipped with nuclear and conventional missiles with a maximum take-off weight of more than 200 tonnes.

Another source said: 'Like intercontinental ballistic missiles, all strategic bombers can be used for delivering nuclear weapons …

If China claimed it had pursued a national defence policy which is purely defensive in nature, why would it need such an offensive weapon?'   

They also revealed that if the US deploys more F-35 supersonic fighter jets, it would push China to bring forward the unveiling of the bomber.

The US has already sold around 200 of the fighter jets to Japan and South Korea.   

The H-20 is believed to have been in development since the early 2000s, but the project was first publicly announced in 2016. 

China accuses the US of launching 'unprecedented propaganda warfare' and even blames Trump for 'impeding global efforts to fight COVID-19' after the president accused Beijing of cover-up

By Billie Thomson for MailOnline 

A major Chinese propaganda outlet has accused the US of launching 'unprecedented propaganda warfare' as Beijing sharpens its rhetoric against Washington amid a diplomatic war over the new coronavirus.

The Global Times, a state-backed newspaper, also blamed Trump for 'trying to impede global efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic'.

The fresh editorial attack came as Trump yesterday said that China had made a 'horrible mistake' and tried to cover-up the coronavirus outbreak.

Hours before Trump's remarks, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed there was 'enormous evidence' to show that the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, where the pandemic first emerged in December. 

China's President Xi (pictured on January 17) is facing widespread doubts that his government has covered up the true scale of the outbreak  Trump (pictured on January 15) yesterday said that China had made a 'horrible mistake' and tried to cover-up the crisis   

China's President Xi (left, pictured on January 17) is facing widespread doubts that his government has covered up the true scale of the outbreak. Trump (right, pictured on January 15) yesterday said that China had made a 'horrible mistake' and tried to cover-up the crisis






I had a giggle at this.


Fair Dinkum was a response of the early Chinese goldminers to the question: "Are you finding a fair amount of gold?" because "din-gum" means "good gold". So over time the expression has become a positive response to a good news story.

I had a giggle at this.


Fair Dinkum was a response of the early Chinese goldminers to the question: "Are you finding a fair amount of gold?" because "din-gum" means "good gold". So over time the expression has become a positive response to a good news story.

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