Grim warning that Australia is just a 'little boat caught between two rocks' in the US-China trade war as Asian superpower's attitude switches from 'assertive to aggressive'

NEW Former Australia-China Business Council head and Howard Government minister Warwick Smith expressed deep concern for Australia's role in the increasingly fraught US-China relationship.


Silk in Antiquity - Ancient History Encyclopedia News items on anything Chinese and how it will affect Australia. China-Australia ties navigate choppy waters - Global Times

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Nuclear weapons and compulsory national service were once unthinkable for Australia. But with China trying to build a base on our doorstep and Europe at war, spies say EVERYTHING has changed

Nuclear weapons and were once deemed 'unthinkable' in Australia, but now defence experts say all options are on the table.


China's drive into Pacific hits a hurdle as security deal with 10 nations including Fiji is SCRAPPED over fears it could lead to a 'new Cold War'

China saw its latest attempt to spread its influence in the Pacific rejected by 10 countries - who told Beijing to focus on climate change rather than 'geopolitical point-scoring'.

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