When private companies default.

Houston we have a problem.   Ever since the State Government handed over (should I say sold our Gas & Fuel Corporation), we have had continuous gas issues in our street- in Camberwell of all places.  The problem primarily arose from our failing infrastructure.  It turns out, private companies will not spend money upgrading old and past use by date of the local street gas mains.  We, in our street (and hundreds of others in our area) in what outer suburbs call "expensive suburbs" have some of the poorest infrastructure in the State.

Firstly here is the problem.  In most areas in Camberwell Classed as an older suburb), the old gas mains are low pressure, bigger diameter galvanized steel pipes.  These have now rusted and are porous to water getting into the pipes.  As water flows down hill, after rains at the top parts of Camberwell, all the lower street mains are flooded with water.  Result:  everyone that has a standard hot water unit or house heater with a constant lit pilot light, suddenly lose heating or hot water without warning.  After manually relighting the unit usually at night, on hands and knees and raining, the whole thing would possibly last till the morning before demand for gas in the area floods the pilot lights and the process has to be repeated.

Secondly, all that the gas companies will do is send out a team to pump out the excess water.  The question of when will the system upgrade to the common use of high pressure, small diameter gas lines, impervious to water penetration never comes up.

So what's happening here and why is the Government holding back on nailing these companies to the wall for failing to upgrade an essential service?

The companies (ownership based in Singapore) couldn't give a damm about proper maintenance, but at the same time, raise gas prices year on year.  

I heard from others, the present programme to replace all these old pipe installations is 2-3 years away.  Why?  Is it because there is no one in Government with any authority or jurisdiction to force these greedy companies to do anything, and if you're house is on the old system, tough.  Even the Ombudsman can't do anything, except prepare a report that goes nowhere.

The only way we can change this attitude and get some action, is to form a joint partnership with anyone suffering poor gas supply issues and stop payment till the system is upgraded.  Perhaps we pay 50% of our bill.  I guarantee, this mass action will get results in a week.  Let's hear from anyone willing to take direct action.


Do you still use gas for lighting?  In my suburb gas is no longer available & all have swung over to electric. Much more reliable.

They, like most people, are using gas for cooking and possibly heating.

They, like most people, are using gas for cooking and possibly heating.

Had gas for cooking and hot water for a few years, now everything is electric and we only have one bill to pay. Of course where we live we do not really need heating and for cooling you need electricity for the fans.

Welcome to the world of Capitalism via Privatisation. It is fine if you are at the top of the tree but the cost is bourne by those lower down.

Perhaps contact Jeff Kennett and get his advice. 

Welcome to the world of Capitalism via Privatisation. It is fine if you are at the top of the tree but the cost is bourne by those lower down.

Perhaps contact Jeff Kennett and get his advice. 


Surely responsibility for ongoing repairs depends on what  'sale' actually means. If it was an outright sale (unlikely) then the owners have that responsibility.

However, if it was leased (albeit a long lease) then responsibility will be spelled out in the contract. Good luck getting your hands on that!

And don't forget that the local council will be involved somewhere along the chain of responsibility if the road or pavement has to be dug up!


What's the use of complaining to our low life politicians who's only interest is short term gain for long term pain, it's the general hard working population who bear the pain when the pollies are voted out and living the life of riley with the kick backs they get for selling out the country.

The reason for worn out infrastructure is because all government have not maintained the stuff, look at the telephone system, the power lines and generators, Rail etc. Their answer is lets let the buyers do the maintenance and they can charge the customer for the repairs, they have plenty of money!!!.

We are paying world ripoff prices for our own gas, ScoMo has said that there will be a certain percentage of gas to be used exclusively for Australian consumption by law, after everyone kicked up a stink, and said the were not leaving enough for domestic consumption and we were at the mercy of the exporters who have to bring it back for us.

ScoMo then said in the same breathe there will be no guarrantee what price we would have to pay, another sell out to the robbers who are stealing the stuff.

What a cop out. Expect nothing less from the Canberra mob.

All politicians of both persuasions are exactly the same.

Lets ban party politics and let the good intentioned independants do their job without the pressure of the mob rule blokes.

There is not one thimg in Australia that has ever been privatised that has benefitted the country and the people.

We as a population of the country do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to selling to the Chinese and any other country who wants our products and realestate, farms and produce.

The stupid system of water rights should be tied to the property that has them, for life, not able to be used anywhere in the country as it is now by overseas buyers.

The ACCC is a powerless paper tiger when it comes to stopping the public being ripped off with excessive price gouging wether its food or fuel, the government has tied their hands.

Now China is holding us to ransom for wanting an enquiry into the Chinese virus. Watch the government give in to them.

The Chinese have held the islands of the south pacific to ransom by spending millions on their infrastructure and them asking for the impossible loans to be paid back. If they can't pay back then the Chinese take over. This is also happening all over the world.

Invasion by finance and getting closer to Australia.

Australia, jump up and down and make a noise about these things, tell them we vote and will make them pay.

Stop selling our country.


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