What's your take on the Barnaby Joyce saga?


Is it in the Australian public's best interest to learn more about Barnaby Joyce's private life, or is it just interesting for the Australian public?


" I suppose we are talking about the last of the messiahs though? We'll never see the likes of him again..

Fingers crossed that we don't!  

He is not the messiah, he is just a very naughty boy.


The National Party can sack him. Why don’t they? By maintaining support for this man who now lacks all credibility the Nats are not only undermining their own credibility as a Party but also the Coalition, and hence government of this country is compromised.

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That is what I was saying Robi...the Nationals can do it...not Turnbull.

I am hoping Joyce sees sense in this comingweek and reflects on everything.   He must realise that his position is now untenable and fall on his sword.  

It is utter stupidity for him to stay in Parliament;  but of course his ego will come into play and he may still think he can tough it out.  

All this time wasted on him is ridiculous;  I expect more of our politicians and there are more important things that government should be talking about than Barnaby and his sexual exploits.

As I have said before I do not care one iota what he does but when it affects the day to day running of our country enough is enough.

The Nats won't sack him and HE will not leave because he has NO principles and all he cares about is MONEY -- he is the most DESPICABLE piece of  ^%$& -- there are quite a few others there that I think much the same of but they do have presentation BJ has NOTHING

I think after seeing photos of this   -- Vikki Campion---   that she is on the make and she thought BJ was going to get her somewhere -- already got her a high paying job,   you do NOT dress as she does unless you are going to the beach or such  -- I think poor stupid BJ has got something he might not handle at all and I wish him what he deserves -- IMO this female is on the make, and a real tart,  -- bit like BJ really they deserve each other but IMO Turnbull should grow a pair and SACK BJ and her too as she does not deserve the job she has been given!

That’s a very sexist post PlanB

a woman should be allowed to dress the way she wants without being judged a slut

also I understand that BJ leaked no state secrets to Vikki so no bad stuff will leave her mouth 

One thing that has to be said for Barnaby

...he is doing the right thing by the child and not allowing it to be born a bastard.

It is not sexist at all you do NOT dress in that manner for your job. 

How do you know what BJ leaked --

As far as the Kid goes it will be a bastard as he will not be able to marry this woman in time -- and what a thing for any kid to have as a father.

Wonder if BJ will get a DNA done on the kid ?

Marriage is just a religious insttution.. not worth the paper it is written on.

Plan B I think you have got the wrong photo 

Plan B - Just wondering, do you think Vikki Campion could be on maternity leave now?

Don't know HOLA but you can bet your life she will be milking it for all she can get, his Wife maybe too and really who could balme her.

Suze -  I think your calling the little baby a bastard is very unfair. I thought that terminology was not used any more.  Poor little tyke, it never got to choose it's parents.


Fistly it is NOT a baby yet let alone a tyke and secondly I said

One thing that has to be said for Barnaby

...he is doing the right thing by the child and not allowing it to be born a bastard.

As Vikki is now Barnaby's partner it will be born to a loving home.

Ignore the old crow

thea’s just being the usual pompous ass

must be time for her Botox injections 

you must be down to the bone in the a**e sitting 24/7, might be time for some botox, hahah

Hola, nobody called the unborn baby a bastard. You are making that up.

PlanB, before you accuse the woman of dressing inappropriately you need to consider her background. Vikki Campion comes from a hot climate in subtropical Queensland and probably doesnt have a lot of choice in the wardrobe. She may even have been invited last minute?



HOLA is making NOTHING up..what a stupid thing to say!

Obviously you have not read the offending post..either that or you are just blindly defending someone who thinks as  poorly as you do..

To call any child a "bastard".. Barnaby's or any other person is a horrible indictment on that child and only goes to show the poor character of the person or persons who say this..

Vikki Campion was NOT dressed  for a conference..she must have lost her way whilst going to some other event..she presented an embarrassing spectacle..


Why would anyone in this day and age call an unborn child a  “bastard?” There is no such thing as a bastard or illegitimate child. Whatever we may think of its parents..why label an innocent child?

My theory is.. these people are themselves.. miserable.. unfulfilled.. and feel the need to express their unhappiness and disgust with their own empty lives by attacking people who had no say in the circumstances they were born...even  an unborn child...

Personally..I have never heard of the existence of a child born out of so called “wedlock” in my family..but does that make me better than others? No..because one’s circumstances do no determine their value or purpose. All children are precious…



Image result for stop calling children names

It's bullying..

I do not mean to do bad by the Child or any Child -- but just stating facts  -- and feeling for this poor kid having such as these &^#@ for parents


It is not about you!!! 

Why did you bring your family into this?  Who cares whether your family had children out of wedlock or not???

It is not about you!!!

"who cares?"

you do, or you wouldn't yap on avatar

Oh ignore her Ray..the poor woman follows me around like this bit of toilet paper stuck to this woman's shoe....

Sad really..very sad...

Image result for toilet paper stuck to shoe

Suze -  "It is NOT a baby yet",  your comment further back, Barnaby said they were expecting a baby boy, therefore it must be a baby. 

Why are Coalition members at each other’s throats? It’s time their target was the opposition as well as the most important issue of running the country. The whole country is sick of the infighting as well as the disproportionate time spent on dual citizenship, same sex marriage and other insignificant matters. I wish our pollies would grow up.

I wish they would grow up and START earning the money WE pay them too Brocky

Yawn. Another day, another bullying attack on Joyce. Either come up with proof he's misused public money or get off the pot.

It is the media that continuously flames the fire.


Joyce is as entitled as anyone in any parliament in the country to fall in or out of love with whomever he pleases as his life unfolds.

The wider Joyce family are as entitled as any family on the planet to have their private affairs and private pain shielded from media intrusion as any

. Why does Joyce cop assumptions of guilt where no proof of crime has been found? Trial by media? To always fit the narratives of the PC Left?

Brocky personally I do not give a Rats who he carries on with but I do care about the dishonest way he treats his job -- all for his OWN good -- and also the way someones morals are says a LOT about their character

This is going to cost Barnaby "big bucks" in more ways than one.  

This is the latest...he has been asked to resign by his own party.   I still say he will not return after a week...he has no choice now.


"Nationals MPs told The Australian Mr Joyce’s position was “untenable” and demanded he step down before the next partyroom meeting on Monday or face a leadership spill, after a public war of words between Mr Joyce and Mr Turnbull.

Mr Joyce’s colleagues said his scathing rebuke of Mr Turnbull threatened to undermine the governing coalition between the Nationals and the Liberals.

One Nationals MP said: “The right action to take is for the Deputy Prime Minister to stand down. The government will be paralysed.”

Barnaby would be best of to resign on a hefty pension.

Barnaby is a CA with hefty experience in Givt sector he would make a mint with KPMG and live a quiet life 

i wish him well

You can't just cut out a word from English just because you don't like it.

If BJ's offspring is born to an unmarried couple then it is technically a BASTARD.








How are you you old bastard 

where the hell have you been ?


There is no such thing as an illegitimate child ... only illegitimate parents.

All children are pure and innocent ... and beautiful.

I don't think the term bastard or illegitimate has any legal currency now.  Surely not.

If  people believe that Barnaby should resign because of having an affair ... then Shosrten should also.

I am really amazed that no one has again raised the Tony Burke carry on from a few years back.

Very little difference to Barnaby Joyce fiasco to my way of thinking;  both married men who fell in love with a staffer.  Only difference is Skye Laris did not get pregnant.


"Skye Laris, the partner of embattled Labor frontbencher Tony Burke, has hit out at a report about the couple’s extensive taxpayer-funded air travel, claiming that she was employed and promoted by Burke because she was “damn good” at her job.

Ms Laris said The Australian’s report on her joining Mr Burke on many trips during the time she worked as a staff had implied that she was employed and promoted by Mr Burke because she was female.

“It’s customary to keep your head down and turn the other cheek. For all the young women in politics so often accused of the same through whispering campaigns in corridors and coffee shop lines, I’ve chosen not to,” Ms Laris said in the post.

“We [women] are capable and we are damn good at our jobs and sometimes someone even acknowledges that by hiring us or promoting us.

“Yes, I ultimately fell in love with someone who did that.

Ms Laris was referring to her assuming the role as chief of staff to Mr Burke in early 2009, a job that also meant she had to travel with Mr Burke.

Mr Burke said yesterday that two senior officials also flew first class on a trip to Barcelona which put in a claim for $48,951. The Australian has been told that other departmental officials flew business class, but Mr Burke declined to comment further.

“The records for travel undertaken by departmental officials are held by the department, not Mr Burke’s office,” Mr Burke’s spokesman said.

Ms Laris was responding to a report in The Australian that revealed how she joined Mr Burke for the bulk of an overseas travel blitz that cost taxpayers $225,000 in 2008-09 alone.

She accompanied him in the first class cabin on a return trip to Barcelona to attend a “Food Security for All” forum, which involved six days of travel.

Ms Laris also accompanied Mr Burke in April 2009 on a 14-day trip to China and Italy to attend the Boao Forum for Asia and the “G8+G5 Outreach session” of the G8 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting. Mr Burke billed the taxpayer $58,722 for this extended tour.

Mr Burke’s travel claims have come under scrutiny because the finance spokesman has led the attack on former speaker Bronwyn Bishop.

Ms Laris said the report erred in saying “my linked in profile does not include that I was an adviser prior to being chief of staff in Tony’s office, when in fact it does, if you click on the entry”. In fact the reference to being an adviser is mentioned under the heading of “Chief of Staff — Minister Tony Burke ... January 2008 — March 2011 (3 years 3 months)”.

Mr Burke was married to Cathy Bresnan-Burke, his partner of more than 20 years, at the time of this travel, although Ms Laris split from her husband in late 2009.

Mr Burke then announced in February 2014 that he had separated from his wife in 2012 and that his new partner was Ms Laris. The couple became engaged earlier this year, Ms Laris announced on Facebook"

Well ... pollies?

What about seat-sniffing Troy Buswell, former WA Liberal member.


Tony Burke: sorry you started this attack?

Mr Burke’s expense claims show that in 2008-09 he racked up $225,000 in overseas travel costs. The Australian understands he was accompanied on most of these trips by Ms Laris. In January 2009, Mr Burke travelled with Ms Laris in his role as agriculture minister to attend a forum in Barcelona known as “Food Security for All”.


Italy and Spain were the favoured destinations of Tony Burke when he embarked on a ministerial travel extravaganza that included first-class flights with senior staffer Skye Laris, who is now his partner.

The two travelled in the first-class cabin while senior departmental advisers flew business class.

Mr Burke’s expenses for this six-day trip were $48,951.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Burke promoted Ms Laris from adviser to chief of staff and stipulated that she accompany him on all of his domestic and overseas trips.

A spokesman for Mr Burke said yesterday Ms Laris had been ­directed to attend the Barcelona meeting by the then chief of staff.

He said this was the only trip in which the two flew first class.

While he denied that any travel directive about Ms Laris had been made, the travel requirement went with the chief-of-staff role.

“No such stipulation was made. It was standard for Mr Burke’s chief of staff to travel with Mr Burke unless the chief of staff delegated the ­responsibility to another adviser,” the spokesman said.

Mr Burke has come under fire for taking his children with him on a business-class trip to Uluru. ­Yesterday, he admitted that such travel was “completely beyond community expectations” and pledged not to access these ­entitlements in the future.

Mr Burke separated from his wife, Cathy Bresnan-Burke, in 2012. His relationship with Ms Laris became public two years later.

He is now able to claim travel costs for Ms Laris and her two children from two previous ­relationships, as well as for his own three children.

“Ms Laris is registered as Mr Burke’s spouse and all of Mr Burke’s and Ms Laris’s children are registered as dependants with the Department of Finance,” Mr Burke’s spokesman said.

Earlier yesterday, Mr Burke asked the Finance Department to review his parliamentary expenses for trips made with his family, ­including a 2012 trip to Uluru that involved business-class airfares for his family.

Ms Laris also accompanied Mr Burke in April 2009 on a 14-day trip to China and Italy to attend the Boao Forum for Asia and the “G8+G5 Outreach session” of the G8 agriculture ministers’ meeting. Mr Burke billed the taxpayer $58,722 for this extended tour.

In the same year, Mr Burke travelled to the US and the Middle East at a cost of $81,000, and again to Italy at a cost of $47,286.

In his capacity as finance spokesman, Mr Burke has led the attack on former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, but a close examination of his expense claims reveals a host of excessive and questionable items.

Labor sources say Mr Burke has pushed the envelope on expense claims and this is why his records show numerous repayments over the years.

As previously revealed, Mr Burke has put in some of the highest claims for office facilities, averaging more than $280,000 a year for the past three year.

His June 2011 statement reveals a $309,900 bill for office fitout.

Ms Laris joined Mr Burke’s staff in early 2008 after having worked in a communications role for the Climate Institute.

Before the Climate Institute, she worked as a radio journalist for the ABC and as a media adviser to a state minister.

Mr Burke then promoted her to chief of staff in 2009 when she was 33 years old.

Ms Laris’s marriage broke down in late 2009. At the time, Mr Burke was married to Ms Bresnan-Burke, who was his partner of more than 20 years.

Ms Laris claims on her LinkedIn account that she was appointed chief of staff to Mr Burke in January 2008, but as Mr Burke’s spokesman has said, she did not hold this position at the time of the Barcelona trip in January 2009.

Ms Laris left Mr Burke’s office in March 2011 to join the activist group GetUp!, and in 2012 she moved into the role of director of digital for the ALP, based in Sydney.

Mr Burke yesterday revealed he took his children touring around Uluru with national park officials in 2012 on what he insists was a ministerial work trip, in which the then environment minister claimed the taxpayer-paid business-class airfares for his family to accompany him.

Mr Burke yesterday asked for the Finance Department review of his parliamentary expenses for trips made with his family “to verify that the rules have been properly observed”.

The criticism by independent MP Andrew Wilkie and others has not been that Mr Burke broke the rules, which allow MPs some business-class travel for their family, but that he opted to accept that class of travel for his children rather than asking his staff to request they fly economy.

He dodged questions as to why he did not insist his children be booked economy in the first place, and refused to immediately repay the thousands of dollars for their taxpayer-funded business class tickets, saying any such decision would be taken after the results from the Department of Finance review.

Mr Burke said he worked hard on the trip to Uluru and another to Cairns in his ministerial roles, meeting officials and on the Queensland trip travelling to Cape York by charter aircraft and to the Daintree.

He said that, on the Uluru trip, which did not produce any press releases or media coverage, he had to be discreet because of the nature of the issue with which he was dealing.

“We had a significant problem with the security of a number of deeply significant items of Aboriginal heritage there,” he said. “Irreplaceable items were in an environment that you could only describe as completely insecure.”

Mr Burke said that “for Uluru, I left the kids each day and went to work”. Under questioning from journalists, Mr Burke admitted he had in fact brought his three children in tow for some of the visit to the national park with rangers and officials.

Asked whether having his children present on such an trip might have been distracting, Mr Burke said he took a site-by-site approach. In areas designated as places of secret men’s business, he left his children back at the resort, he said.

Bill Shorten yesterday expressed confidence in Mr Burke. But former national secretary Bob Hogg yesterday lambasted Mr Burke on his Facebook page. Mr Hogg wrote: “Well Tony — you have given Abbott etc a little light relief. Just a trip or two. One to Uluru. All within the guidelines, but such judgment. “But then it’s only the old T (sic) payer who foots the business class bill. So no worries. Another of the NSW’s brothers setting an example.

“He’s a self satisfied smug one is Tony so he won’t get the point.”


Shortly afterwards, Mr Burke promoted Ms Laris from adviser to chief of staff and stipulated that she accompany him on all of his domestic and overseas trips.


It is just unbelievable.  The Labor party going hammer and tongs at Joyce.....yet this has gone on with Burke.  Talk about hypocrites.

Have affairs all over the place as far as Iam concerned but NOT at the taxpayers' expense. ..Iam referring to all of those who have been guilty..not only Joyce.    If you want to start up an affair one of the parties should resign immediately.

As "The Australian"newspaper said 3 days ago

"Barnaby Joyce has not done anything worse than Tony Burke, Bill Shorten or probably another fifty or so politicians or senior public servants in Canberra."

Most probably Malcom's ruling to ban the sex is between parliamentarians and staffers is very necessary ...something also needs to be done about their travel expenses and their other perks.

Totally agree.  I worked in Canberra for a couple of years but personally never saw anything going on but that was back in the late 60's...it probably did but more covert.

One more step towards the so called "utopia" that our governing elites dream of, a "utopia" where all thoughts and actions are governed and all individualism and personal responsibility have been consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

Tony Burke and many others are not innocent-- but as I said b4 I could not give a Rat's as long as they do not rip us off and Tony Burke did as well as many others -- Julie Bishop/Ley/ and there are many others --    -- but BJ has done the wrong thing over and over again re the country AND the voters -- lied and cheated us and he has a really BAD attitude and inability to hold the position he does -- 

The French and Italians must be wondering what all the fuss is about.

So provincal.

As 40 percent of us meet our partners at work . Turnbulls ban on hormones  at work are laughable , maybe he should also ban Climate Change or young  ladies wearing short skirts .

Brocky I don't think most give a rat's about who he screws -- it is his SCREWING the voters AND the country and the lying cheating and fill my pockets with money attitude he has that people are really concerned about and the fact he has NOT the  PERSONALITY OR MORALS TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY

You make accusations but no examples 

Brocky if you have not noticed any examples of BJ you must be blind

No I have seen your critism Of his morals but no proof of any of your accusations 

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