What's your take on the Barnaby Joyce saga?


Is it in the Australian public's best interest to learn more about Barnaby Joyce's private life, or is it just interesting for the Australian public?


The WA branch of the Nationals are not supporting Barnaby apparently.

Barnaby Joyce has been accused of sexual misconduct by a friend of WA Nationals leader Mia Davies

On Monday there is going to be a challenge to his leadership...interesting day for Barnaby!

Barnaby is becoming the victim in this saga. Natalie had known about the affair for 12 months. Apparently it was the worst kept secret in Canberra. Why did the Nats wait so long to voice their dissaproval of Barnaby? 

As a society we place far too much importance on sex. Sure its a fun pastime and what keeps humankind in the race but do we need to fight wars, create enemies, lose our jobs etc over sexual relationships? Seems the importance given is way out of balance with the act itself??



Frank, I sort of agree with you. While I personally don't see Barnaby as the victim here I can see why some do.

Many have said right from the start that's it's more about the misuse of his position to enable the affair rather than the actual affair.  

The media does love a juicy story, but it's starting to feel like a distraction from the more important aspects of the whole thing.  Something new comes to light and gets 30seconds of coverage before morphing into rehashing the whole sordid affair - again.

Personally, I think this will end up working in Barnaby's favour because it's starting to look like bullying, especially to his support base. 

I don't see it that way myself, my take on these things has always been if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.  I don't see him as the victim because he brought all this on himself, but I definitely agree with your last paragraph.

Oh, and why did the Nats (and everyone else for that matter) wait so long ... pretty simple really, needed to get the bi-election sorted before the story broke, nothing to do with morality.  

The punters know that the horse called morality rarely makes it past the post while the nag called self-interest always runs a good race.  ... Gough Whitlam




Barnaby has  proved over and over again he neither has the personality/morals or the ability to do the right thing either in his job OR in his private life , he needs to,   GO-- shame he can't get kicked out altogether  and have to do what we would have to do after doing what he has done -- spend time at Centrelink


Leading all the way morality was whipped within an inch of its life

But self interest got a dream run between a man and his wife.


His affair does not interest me...they are both consenting adults and marriages break down all the time.

What annoys me is things like this ....if she had not been his partner...someone else would have looked after her I am sure.

"Joyce kept a taxpayer-funded Royal Australian Navy chopper waiting on the tarmac in flood-ravaged Queensland to attend to his then media adviser, now lover, Vikki Campion. The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Nationals leader, while Acting Prime Minister last April, was about 45 minutes late ..."

Barnaby is a despicable piece of work!


PB I said this time last week that I believed he will be gone next week and I still stick with it...fingers crossed.

Latest news is that he is about to hold a press conference shortly...annoucing he is stepping down I hope.

He is stepping down as Leader of the Nationals.

Bet he will still be employed and on the back bench -- he and anyone else that has done the wrong thing by the tax payer should be OUT & GONE

he is only stepping down as Leader PB...yes he is on the back bench and said he would not be sniping...oh have we not heard that before from someone called Abbott  ...they can never keep their mouths shut once they go from being a leader.

He will be voted back within six months

MG I hope he never gets back in -- but trouble is they still get paid a good wage on the back bench and they do SBA  Abbott also should be GONE along with Ley and a few others and I would love to see the end of that Macalia Cash -- the mouth from the Sth what a bloody thing she is

GOOD RIDDANCE to the man. Hopefully he will be sacked altogether when further details about the sexual harassment complaint (by a woman in WA) emerge. Apparently that complaint is the reason why the WA Nationals stopped supporting him and it also appears to be the catalyst for his standing down.


I wouldn't mind betting that there might just be quite a few more sexual carry on done by BJ and he is standing down hoping nothing will be said about them -- because there is NO way he would have chosen to stand down unless he wants to hide something -- it just makes me cranky that he can't be OUTRIGHT SACKED  as he will still be getting a decent wage on the backbench


On January 1, the base salary of a parliamentary backbencher will rise to $199,040 a year,                                                                                             

FGS  I would like to be sitting on my A^#@ getting that money!


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 Source" The Australian"

Get off ya hoss, drink ya milk, take ya hat and go, LOL

There was always a lot more than a simple love affair between two consenting adults to this story and it now seems as though some of that is getting the publicity it deserves.  Whether or not it ends with him out of politics completely remains to be seen I guess, but he will be no loss.  

I wish a few others would go with him, and yes I would put Abbott and  Michaelia Cash on that list too.  



BJ would nt know aht LOVE was -- lust maybe,    but he loves himself and thats about it

posing as a husband who wipes up (i bet!).   all that water just for two cups and a plate - no wonder there are problems with the management of the murray darling river?

ah well, he's now resigned to spend more time with his familieS.

Barnaby Joyce at his Armidale apartment.

a tad bitchy don’t you think

he may well have been the happy family man when that pic was taken

or they could have already been having marital problems

none of your business 

Image result for love is love

None of us know what goes on inside marriages and whether we like this man or not I do not wish him unhappiness.

However, I do not think the  new relationship will last (but who knows)  whatever the outcome I hope some goodness comes out of it for some of them and they can all move on.



This is the lady making the claim of sexual harrassment against Joyce.

She was Rural Woman of the Year and she comes from Kununurra.  Apparently she wants this complaint to go ahead to its conculsion according to her lawyer and a complaint has as yet not been made to the police...I assume that it eventually will.

Taken from the Australian:   She appears to be a very credible person from this article.

"Ms Marriott is a professional and a skilful advocate for rural Australia in her former role as chief executive of the Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association and, more recently, as the WA project manager of the Co-operative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia. Ms Marriott, who grew up on a farm in Victoria, has also provided ­expert, strategic advice on ­priorities for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural ­Research as one of five commissioners to the government’s ­Commission for International Agricultural Research, and last year she was elected as a councillor in the Shire of Broome."

WA Rural Woman of the Year Catherine Marriott, in Kununurra, Western Australia.



Catherine Marriott's claims are yet to be fully investigated

Sexual harassment can include someone: © ReachOut Australia 2018

touching, grabbing or making other physical contact with you without your consent

making comments to you that have a sexual meaning

asking you for sex or sexual favoursleering and staring at you

displaying rude and offensive material so that you or others can see it

making sexual gestures or suggestive body movements towards you

cracking sexual jokes and comments around or to you

questioning you about your sex life

insulting you with sexual comments

committing a criminal offence against you, such as making an obscene phone call, indecently exposing themselves or sexually assaulting you.


 Who knew all that ???



Blimey Suze. I didn't for one.....I had better start drawing up a long list because that covers just about every male I have known in my entire life..

including Humphrey.B.Bear who fell on top of me from the stage with no pants on....

Its ludicrous...

The world has gone mad....

Why is the public insisting on who Barnaby should love? Do we not understand the true meaning of love??

Barney did say himself, we  should get rid of all the  caaaaaaaaaaaarp, LOL



Ray, have  to agree  with you when you  said:



1 week ago

Better save some of that brew  for Barnaby guys, I don't think he'll last out the night. McCormack is rearing  to  take  his place.


Yep, move over Barney, McCormack is going to be your replacement.

Yes Reagan, watch this space on Monday night!

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