What's your take on the Barnaby Joyce saga?


Is it in the Australian public's best interest to learn more about Barnaby Joyce's private life, or is it just interesting for the Australian public?



There is really only one circumstance for the public knowledge of a politician's sex life. That is if their lover is a Chinese or Russian spy, I see no value in shaking a moral finger at Barnaby or anyone else regarding so called poor judgement in loving someone.
What if Barnaby's lover was a male?
Would we all be shouting 'its ok because love is love'
Why attempt to make a person ashamed of who they love? That is the behaviour of a very immature mind.

Initially, I believed that BJ situation was private and nothing to do with the general public. 

However, after some research, I find Joyce emerges as a hypocrite of the worst kind.

Extollimg the virtues and "sanctity" of heterosexual marriage, he  fought against same sex marriage.

In a debate about a breakthrough cervical cancer vaccine that protected against 70% cervical cancers  ... a terrible, terrible disease, Joyce argued against making this vaccine available because of social implications ... permissive sex. 

He has used his political weight to make a "moral" condemnation of a medical breakthrough that would save many, many lives, and a "moral" imperative against same sex marriage

Because of these facts, I feel that his private life is now open to public scrutiny and judgement.

Initially, I believed that BJ situation was private and nothing to do with the general public. 

However, after some research, I find Joyce emerges as a hypocrite of the worst kind.

Extollimg the virtues and "sanctity" of heterosexual marriage, he  fought against same sex marriage.

In a debate about a breakthrough cervical cancer vaccine that protected against 70% cervical cancers  ... a terrible, terrible disease, Joyce argued against making this vaccine available because of social implications ... permissive sex. 

He has used his political weight to make a "moral" condemnation of a medical breakthrough that would save many, many lives, and a "moral" imperative against same sex marriage

Because of these facts, I feel that his private life is now open to public scrutiny and judgement.

The French and Italians must be wondering what all the fuss is about.

So provincal.



I think that the French and Italians would see the rank hypocracy of this man.

Some of the things that BJ has or wants to do is bring in imported prawns -- now we have white spot -- now he wants to put herpes virus into rivers how would that go if it took off --  he is all for the downright cruelty of live export -- he bought up crap land just to sell it again for franking -- thats just SOME of his   "wonderful"   work.

Why is he getting FREE accommodation,  what is he giving in return --

Do we need a beer-swilling low life representing us -- yes I know Hawk was a beer lover but he gave it up while in Parliament, and love him or hate him he had some brains and did some good one of which was saving the Franklin. River.

He ought to give up wearing the hat too and stop PRETENDING to be a man of the country --- he is a goddam accountant!

More baseless allegations 

C'mon PlanB, dont come the raw prawn?!

Where do you think the prawns in the supermakets are sourced?

Truth is, Barnaby is the best thing that ever happened for farmers. And he wears that hat to keep the sun off his head. 

"Where do you think the prawns in the supermakets are sourced?"

Where do you think they are sourced? As far as I am aware they are imported  from Thailand..China..Vietnam and Malaysia..and I don't buy them..

I am fortunate to have prawns caught in WA...

We are importing crap from places that have NO safety rules -- and what makes me mad is we are not allowed to take ANYTHING into the likes of Tasmania -- and we have to dispose of all fruit etc driving into Victoria -- yet they bring in all this deceased crap from all over the world and then our Farmers lose all their crops because of the diseases -- it is so WRONG -- and that Frank is just what happened to OUR prawn industry -- ours caught White spot from the prawns that were imported!


It is only a matter of time before Barnaby Joyce is ousted..and..those who defend him are showing  complete idiotic behaviour...

It amazes me how far some people on either side of politics will go to defend an incompetent and embarrassing politician...

In my opinion the buck should stop with Barnaby...set a precedent and then perhaps we shall have some semblance of a good government..

For anyone interested.. the Prime Minister and his wife are being interviewed on 60 minutes tonight..

The topic: "his marriage"..hope Barnaby watches it..he may learn something... 

Just like Shorten you speak out of both sides of your mouth at once Micha . Your view is worthless .

To a "worthless" person everything is worthless...

Well, they wont get rid of Barnaby because if he is ousted he will come back stronger as an indipendent. He has done such a good job for New England that people couldnt give a toss what happens at the pub when you've got a couple of beers under yer belt.

Yes Frank it is drunken idiots like BJ drinks with that thinks he is just great because they have no brains just like him and because he drinks with them and feed them loads of BS they vote for him -- no thinking person would -- and of course another thing he is such a good Catholic 

What has Barnaby Joyce done for New England Frank?

Are you suggesting that we judge a politician on what pork barrelling they achieve for their electorate . 

Last year due to government policy like business tax cuts and industrial relations measures there were 1,100 jobs created every day – the strongest calendar year of jobs growth ever recorded

. Everyone who wants a job seems to be getting one:  even Sam Dastyari seems to have found one.



“The gross value of farm production was more than $63 billion in 2016-17, reflecting record production,” Dr Hatfield-Dodds said in a press statement.

Frank said “He has done such a good job for New England”. I would like to know what he has done.

New England being part of Australia has done magnificently by this Govt see above . So Barnaby has done very well by the people if New England .

The benefits of having a National as Deputy are widespread. It certainly has done no harm to have a straight shooter with a sound knowledge of farmer's needs as 2ic by raising the profile of farmers. God knows they cop a belting from the left.

The trade deals put together by this government were pushed along by Barnaby. This sort of thing has been the main catalyst for turning around unemployment in Tasmania and South Australia. 

I heard Jay Wetherall claiming to have single handedly created 22,000 jobs in the last 2 years. What a load of BS. The only jobs created by a Labor government are in the PS. It was the Coalition Government which revived the ship building and farm exports for SA. Shake the moral finger at Barnaby if you want to. But it does nothing to raise your morality. It only serves to lower your humanity. And that goes for Malcolm Turnbull and his Treasurer. 

When the media wants a conservative politician out, then you know he is a worry to the left!

Hope the news Corp haters remember who broke this story , Hint it wasn’t the hopeless ABC 

Well it was Ms Markson from The Telegraph a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's stable of newspapers  as far as I know....

True Crime News Weekly. The DT jumped on it afterwards as did the rest of the main stream.

Your quite right Raddie 

Oh dear …

if Barnaby is causing a few problems for the Nats, George is adding to the fray … with his Facebook posts shortly after the Florida school shootings in the US, which claimed the lives of 14 students and three teachers.

Nationals MP George Christensen has been reported to police over a social media post in which he uploaded an image of himself holding a gun, accompanied by a caption appearing to threaten "greenie punks".

Another fine figure of a Nat man/MP.

Barrel of  lard.

Thank you for your intelligent input Micha your normal gutter remarks .

Christensen is the last person who should be in control of a weapon judging by those photos he has no idea.

Agree Ray and Frank.

I don't know why posters are assuming that Barnaby Joyce is in a love affair. 

He has strayed with another woman before.

I think that this is but the result of weak and irresistable desire.  Affairs so often are.

Surely, if this was a genuine love afffair it would have resulted in a legal separation from his wife pending divorce.  Some serious thought given to the relationship and its future, especially ... very especially as there is a coming child involved.

He said in November that his marriage was over . But why the voyeurism.

It is not voyeurism, Brocky.

BJ has publicly used his position as a politician to make certain stands .. his "moral" judgements.  Very, very stidently ... no compromising.  "Moral" judgements against a cervical cancer vaccine which would save many, many lives ... and against same sex marriage.

One can't distance such moralistic posturing from his private life.  If he hadn't done so, no-one would care..  One can't have one set of morals for the public and another set for oneself.

If a person took a strong moralistic position, in public, against stealing, whilst in his/her private life stole, then ...

BJ has brought condemnation upon himself.

That is convulsed logic . Your saying because he disagrees with homosexual marriage he himself has to stay for all we know in a loveless marriage and can’t seek his own happiness . 

If he was going to engage in a homosexual marriage himself you might have a point .


He argued against the cervical cancer vaccine on the "moralistic" reason that it would result in permissive sex.  This is absolutely outrageous.

Quite willing to condemn young women to a hideous disease and possible death ...

Where did he consider that it was not his business what women did.  He took up the position of judge and jury on a life saving vaccine.

And now ... 

If he hadn't been so "moralistic" about others, then no-one should care what he does.  But it is one set of morals in public and one set in private.  That is the problem. 


BJ's argument against same sex marriage was based on what he called the "sanctity" of  heterosexual marriage.

"Sanctity" has a very specific meaning.  Very ... !!

Again, a moral principal for public, and a different one privately.

The same leftie PC busybodies that are invading Barnbys private life were telling us a few weeks ago in the homosexual marriage debate that we had no rights in other people’s bedrooms .

:) Whilst Barnaby campaigned strongly against SSM on a platform of family values when conducting a family 'affair' of his own.

Do your dividing the population once again in to those who didn’t agree with homosexual marriage into a camp of forever righteousness and those who did agree to live the life they choose . 

Trouble with lefties forever segmenting the population .

He has a problem dealing with his personal relationships. Is that any reason to burn him?

I don’t think he has had a problem dealing with his personal relations at all . I wish him happiness with his new young family . 

It’s everyone else who is doing the moralising ..




I don't know whether you are referring to me when you speak of leftie busybodies and PC.

I am very apolitical ... believing we should have a meritocracy.

And I have never been PC in my life. 

In fact, one could say that it is PC to ignore the "elephant charging round the room" .. 

BJ is a public figure.  He can't promulgate one set of moral principals for the public (even if that lead to disease and death, ie vaccine), while having different ones for himself.

With me, it just doesn't wash.  But perhaps I expect more from people.

I am not moralising ... but BJ did ... and in a way that could resulted in disease and death.  That is unforgiveable.

No you are mixing up different subjects because I have a view on one thing you presume my view on all . 

I being generic .


One can't separate BJ's actions from his public pronouncements ... Not when his public pronouncements were so uncompromising.

Personally, I couldn't care what another's choices in life are ... none of us walk in the shoes of another and thus should never judge 

But in BJ's case ... A public figure with such a split moral centre ...

I disagree . He is entitled to his view on any subject . You disagree with his “ Moral centre” fine your right .


I have said much, possibly too much rabbitting on.  I am sure most posters will think so.  I am leaving it to others, who are much wiser than myself, to contribute.

And us? ... we will have to agree to disagree.  Pace. :-)

Peace Baby 


What a lot of crap. As much as Barney should be hauled over the coals, what has one thing got to do with another??

When a politician is called upon to put forward a view on any topic, it has nothing to do with his own personal life. His marriage had nothing to do with his view on SSM. Similarly, the cervical cancer vaccine, reminiscent of when condoms were first introduced in vending machines, has nothing to do  with his private life. Half the population thought they would encourage rampant sex.

Get a handle people. 

The vulture comes to pick on the body of an adult conversation with his childlike  remarks .

Go eat some more radioactive seaweed, maybe you will grow a brain.

Oh dear the playground comes to a Seniors site ...

Go have your cup of sustagen, an early night and a plumped up cushion and be ready for tomorrow.

 Hydra ... Micha,

There is no similarity between condoms in vending machines and a necessary cervical cancer vaccine, the latter on which BJ imposed some sort of moralising.

A cervical cancer vaccine, which saves lives, has nothing to do with promotion of sexual permissiveness.  If you believe this, then you are a sicker individual than we already know.

If only Micha’s dad wore a condom over his head , we wouldn’t have to put up with his shit 

Hydra .. Micha,

Brocky is highly intelligent with logical thought processes ... Something you are unable to apprehend.  He also has life experiences that make your life seem but  a trivial episode of existence.

Every time you appear online, you demonstate that your brain is as a pea rattling round in a pumpkin.

You are incapable of contributing any thoughtful comments to any discussion.  Anyone of dimmest mentality can make snide remarks as you do .... convulsively 

Undoubtedly your alter egos will rush in with your defence ... Insults will fly.  Insults which, as always, further cement the evidence of your limitations ...

Also ... insults extremely sexist and derogatory revealing just how very threatened you feel by women ... and how truly inadequate you are.  

Hydra ... Micha,

If your avatar represents Lawrence of Arabia, it is so very apt ... so very, very apt!!!  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-O

Micha is Florence of Arabia 

Poor olence He was used for a higher strategic goal.

Toy boy for the Bedouin’s ?

Turks actualy ,. Do you know he was replaced as agent to Transjordan by StJohn Philiby or Philby of Arabia who was Kim Philbys Father..

No idea 

have to read up on that 

The history of Saudi Aramco and prior to that the Kiwi who won concessions from the Arab tribal leaders is fascinating 


I see the two cockroaches hydra twila and ratbag raphael are at it again. Picking fights is like having sex to them. Gives them an adrenalin rush. You gotta laugh at these cretins. They always seem to do the most damage at night, just like roaches they come alive after midnight to look for food and to mate





No one is picking fights, Micha.  Just stating the obvious truth.

A fight assumes that there are two sides to a statement. 

In comments here regarding yourself, there are not.

You may not like this, but in time and self-reflection it will become even obvious to yourself.

Ah ... that avatar ... so well expressed ...

Image result for jewish saying what the mother did

Poor old Pete thinks he is many people but we know better don't we.

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Someone at YLC must have put this up for fun, surely LOL.

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