What the h3ll?

Well I am not surprised at all. Knew he was a complete idiot, arrogant, obstinate and power hungry.

I was out of bed at 3.00am and was welcomed by a heap of emails, all were way too hot to add here. Basically the bottom line was

"I am not voting for that dirty beep" in the next election. "Scomo is a murderer, he's going to kill off my future generations". "What a self-opinionated A-hole". "Power hungry ass who in essence is not unlike a Hitler the dictator". "If I was ever unsure how much he was a fossil fuel lover, I certainly am not now".

These are a few of the calmer comments.

This was a Climate Summit, not a grand stand podium to present the benefits of coal and/or gas.

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I think these next 2 posts are relevent


PlanB - That is priceless. LOL.

How true. Too many countries are rattling their sabres. Marvellous how they have money for warfare whilst others have to practically beg for donations. 

Morrison gets worse as time goes on


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