What lucky country

Ron and I have just been on a blog with Robin Riley from the herald-Sun and many of those with PNH their families friends and supporters .It is heartbreaking to hear the desperation from young people who are sufferers and need this drug to stay alive as well as from their parents and family who if the government doesn't help are looking at selling up in order to keep their children alive. Unbiievable that 30 other countries including countries like Brazil will subsidize the drug but "the lucky country" won't. Definately not the lucky country for these young people I once again beg please look at and my posting yesterday HELP NEEDED FROM THE GOVERNMENT and consider signing the petition.


Roxon and Krudd wouldn't give money to keep our young Australians alive, they want to spend that money saying how good Krudd is, and fighting the mining companies and spending endless money on the back door invaders,not Australians


Yep reckon jessej got it in one - sad.

Ken Henry in his report allegedly wants to take Seniors and Stay at home mums down to the dole rate for pension - mind you didnt know mums got it - but maybe he means unmarried mums - because these are - wait for it - he is a Ruddite by his report stance.

[b] Unproductive units[/b] - meaning not working family units.

Well sadly maybe this means anyone who cant work because of illness is also unproductive.

I will go sign up - good luck.

OK signed.

Don't mean to rain on your parade get enough Aussies on board and they will have to answer to people power.

I just get so mad at the cost of these boat people when Aussies need help and no money for them excuse but still find it for these ilegal queue jumpers.


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