What happens when septuagenarian couples go to modern day music festival?

Watch this video of a couple of septuagenarian couples who attend a huge music festival in America.

Have you ever been to a modern music festival? Would you attend a modern music festival with a bunch of younger kids? What would you expect to see there? What sort of music would it have to be for you to go to such a festival? What was the biggest rock concert or festival you've ever been to? 


Want to go to a good Music Festival ??

Come to Womadelaide, something for every member of the family from young to old.  Lots of different stages, you just pick what you wish to go and see.  All set in the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide.

Heaps of shade under years old trees, wonderful days and nights for families.

Went this year, had picnics under the trees or you could buy food and drinks. We went in a party of 20, aged from 4 upwards to 73. Sydney friends and one American couple, one from China (who came especially for Womadelaide).

We bought a programme and everyone picked what they wanted to see and came back to our spot under the tree to rest and relax and enjoy each other's company as well.

Would love to visit womadelaide – it's on the bucket list for sure!

My favourite would have to be Classical Music like Wagner and Mozart..... but have been known to enoy Country and Western.

Outdoor Operas and Festivals are absolutely brilliant in Europe.. and should be compulsory for all to attend :)

Modern Music festivals leave me cold ... just pleased I am not in a neighbourhood of such an event.

Abby you would love Womadelaide.  It's for everyone not just like the music festivals that is all noise.  There truly is something for every age.

Police Patrol the park and I never even saw anyone drunk or any fights.

It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere.  Just everyone enjoying themselves.

Bob and I were given tickets and I was dreading going but thoroughly enjoyed it.

You won't be sorry. It's a fabulous 3 days. You can buy a daily ticket or one for all of it.

The stages are all over in the park, and the entertainment runs at different times so you can get to see most of it.

It's a wonderful setting, all lit up at night. 

It all sounds great, Adelaide can always put something good on, for everyone.

And such a beautiful city too.

Pity about the water, unless it has finally improved, use to taste as if everyone had washed in it, and that is being nice.

It has improved Seth.  All filtered etc etc


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