What do you think of this Perth Airport initiative?

Perth Airport has become the first major airport in Australia to reflect the rich indigenous cultural heritage of the country by acknowledging traditional custodians of destinations across Australia.

Boarding gates will now show both the commonly used name of the destination, along with the name of the traditional custodians of that place.

Displayed on the screens at each boarding gate, the initiative has been rolled out across Terminal 1 Domestic, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.

The screens will rotate between the commonly used place name and the name of the traditional custodians.

A flight to Adelaide will be displayed as Adelaide/Kaurna Country and flights to Newman will be Newman/Nyiyaparli Country.

Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown said that acknowledging country and traditional custodians is an important part of the reconciliation process.

“Acknowledging country demonstrates respect for Aboriginal traditional cultural practices and promotes greater appreciation and respect,” Mr Brown said.

“This is a small but meaningful step in our efforts to create a better understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture and traditions.

“Reconciliation is about connections and beginning to acknowledge country is a way to connect with the First Nations peoples of Australia in genuine and meaningful ways.

“Perth Airport sits on the traditional lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation which once formed part of their traditional travelling networks.

“Today, we are a part of a modern travelling network – one that takes Western Australians to all corners of the globe and, also welcomes people from around the world to our home.

“We also know that international travellers in particular are fascinated by Aboriginal culture and want to understand and experience it first-hand.”

What do you think of this Perth Airport initiative?


Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

Nexus complete

Image: Perth Airport.com

I think this is a great idea and hope it will be copied elsewhere in Australia.

Our First Peoples should have all recognition.

On a slightly different tack.  I believe that it be mandatory for every school to teach about  the history and culture of their local indigenous people and also the language if possible.

just what we don't need, more bloody confusion!

Perhaps you should see your doctor about your "confusion."


Innitiative ???

Did not know the Perh Airport was open ???

Yet another political distraction ???


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