How has your Christmas Been this Season?

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I'd like to see everybody issued with a year's supply of condoms for Xmas to stop the world being overpopulated.

                               Condom Aids Prevention Venereal - Free image on Pixabay 

Wish you'd try to be a bit ladylike Suze

Head in hands on Make a GIF

Strange the most outspoken person on the site it embarrassed about that Suze!

It's ok Cat, I am recovering. I think Suze graduated from St Trinians.

The more people mix with each other the quicker Omnicrom will blend into our society and we shall all have the same Christmas locked up again!


After reading this I don't think I will be getting Gift Vouchers!

Australia's supply chain at risk of collapse next month as urea shortage stops diesel trucks | Daily Mail Online

 Australia's supply chain is at risk of COLLAPSE next month because of China with HALF of all trucks unable to move - and it's going to smash you at the supermarket this summer

A shortage of additive urea could ground half of Australia's diesel truck fleetNational Road Transport Association warning of a summer supply chain collapseChina suspended exports of urea also used as a fertiliser to tackle food pricesIt supplies 80 per cent of the Asia-Pacific's urea with only one Australian makerAustralia's best selling car the Ford Ranger ute is only available with a diesel Australian Strategic Policy Institute warning of inflation, need for new supplies 


PUBLISHED: 12:18 AEDT, 3 December 2021 | UPDATED: 15:45 AEDT, 3 December 2021

 Australia's supply chain is at risk of collapsing next month as a shortage of a Chinese-made chemical stops diesel trucks from even starting.

Half of Australia's long-haul truck fleet has a diesel engine and without sufficient supplies of the environmental additive urea, essential transport is likely to be grounded.

A transport crisis could spark a new round of panic buying reminiscent of the run on toilet paper seen during the early days of the pandemic in 2020. 


A traditional Christmas story I created and drew for my students back when I was teaching ...

The Stained Glass Window Christmas Story

Oh RnR - What a lovely stained glass Christmas Story you put up for the children in your Class. It's really lovely.  

Thank you for sharing. 

Many thanks Hola.

Congrats on your artistic talent RnR

So lovely RnR.  Your students were very lucky to have a teacher as yourself.

Hi RnR

Lovely to see this, I wonder if teachers are allowed to do this these days?

I remember when we were transferred to the UK, people were complaining that Christmas as we know it was being banned in various forms. People were complaining that they were having trouble finding true Christmas Cards and this is back in 2002.

It is always nice to see these drawings of Christmas.


Very beautiful RnR....a pleasure to see such work on the forum for a change :))

You are so talented RnR

Thanks everyone, have a lovely Christmas.

Christmas Cakes and how to decorate them with Royal Icing photos - Bing

This brings back memories of my late mother decorating the Christmas Cake with Royal Icing as it is told!

I wonder if it is used these days?

My late mother would come up with a cake like this one in the photo I guess many mums in the 50s did.


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I was looking through the various photos of Australian Churches and what they are showing over Christmas for their decorations so I thought they are appropriate for this week coming up to the Calibration of Christs Birth.


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See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Wishing you all a lovely peaceful blessed Christmas and a safe and healthy new year in 2022 from Hubby and I.









Wishing you all a lovely peaceful blessed Christmas and a safe and healthy new year in 2022 from Hubby and I.

And to you too Celia, I warmly wish you both all the best for Xmas and the New Year.

Thanks ladies for sharing your Christmas Wishes and photos. It reminds me of when my boys went to Primary School and the local Priest built a Christmas scene in the garage in the playground. It was absolutely lovely. There were moving parts with a little steam train moving around the village and in the middle was the Nativity scene with lights twinkling and Angels hovering over the baby Jesus. The animals were all nodding their heads and Christmas Carols were playing in the background., even snow was falling.  People came from everywhere to witness this lovely scene.  Happy Christmas everybody. Wishing you  quiet moments with family and friends this holiday Season and Peace and Joy for the the coming year. 

There is a Poll asking if NSW should go back into Lock down.

This is the reply


NSW Covid cases: Brad Hazzard says 25,000 cases by January, Kerry Chant's Christmas warning | Daily Mail Online



Should New South Wales go back into lockdown as Covid cases surge?

Yes     38%      28     votesNo     63%

NSW Covid cases: Brad Hazzard says 25,000 cases by January, Kerry Chant's Christmas warning | Daily Mail Online

My recovery took a dive yesterday and my blood pressure went through the roof, since then I gone backwards reading and I dnotice when I have been trying to make a comment today I have to delete and go away.  It is very frustrating.

So sorry to hear that Celia, hope you recover ASAP.

Thanks RnR. 


Our Christmas personally has been quiet for Christmas Day peaceful too, Boxing Day was more family gathering, but we still had to wear our face masks.  Not sure if or when that will stop now.   

The weather was boiling hot outside and the garden looks a bit dry to say the least.

Grandson loved his truck with rocks in!   LOL

I have not seen the trucks in the sand pit as yet but his mother says he misses his rocks as he left them here with us by mistake!    They are coming to morrow for a roast pork and picking up his rocks!  LOL

I hope to take more photos too. For the first time ever I didn't put any Christmas Decorations up, it didn't feel like Christmas to us this year.

But it begs the question, when do you take them down if you do put them up?

Hope you had a lovely Christmas??See the source image 


:) Love the story of your grandson and his rocks Celia.

I didn't do any Christmas decorations this year either.

I've taken down my Christmas decorations  now. The cards are still sitting on the Buffet table and will eventually take them down soon, I just like to go through them one more time and read all the lovely wishes. 

Just took ours down yesterday Hola!

I keep mine for the following year so I know which ones to reply to! 


I had a great christmas, invited all my friends and we're still celibrating!

Christmas Dinner Dogs GIF - Christmas Dinner Dogs Xmas Fixins - Discover &  Share GIFs


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