What are you having for lunch today?

I just took some fish fingers out of the freezer and will put them into our little toaster oven (very economical to run and even cooks a small roast beautifully) We will just have some (out of the freezer again) dinner rolls with the fish fingers on and a bit of tartare sauce. The Toaster Oven has to be one of the best things we have bought cheap to run and easier than lighting up the big oven as I even cook a cake often in it and everything comes out perfect. Just remember to buy the bit bigger one as the little one would not take a higher dish.
The very new ones even have a hot plate on top. Will buy that one when this one dies >:
I know some people enjoy using the big heavy glass turbo sits on the bench cooker. I bought one and tried it once and took it back as was not all that impressed as having to lift it into the sink often makes for easy cracking the glass against the tap and it is heavy and awkward I found but whatever suits an individual (or keeps your husband happy) is the go hey? lol.

Just watching old re-runs of "On The Buses and Are You Being Served" just love the old English Comedies. I enjoy Captain Peacock in "Last Of The Summer Wine" and as he is over 80 years of age now and this show is up to date I think he is great.
Enjoy today 10th. June 2009 as we will not be given another chance as at midnight tonight it will all be gone.

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HI Phyl, welcome back. It's great to be positive, BUT, as my doctor pointed out to me, the services are there to help you, so use them, it's their job. Your poor Peter will probably end up having a stroke worrying about you - is that really fair? Like me, I thiink you are probably thinking along the lines that you will either stay on this earth or leave it, but there is another scenario far less appealing, and that is a debilitating stroke. Horrendous for you and all those around you. So please go for help when you need it. My family would laugh if they were to read this, because I am actually quoting them. Until recently I have been guilty of the same attitude as you.

Thank you Peter. I am prepared for a pacemaker in time.

I have (like Lisa Curry kenny) had this heart missing beats and going haywire for many years but it is much worse for some reason this year and as I said my Heart Specialist was amazed I am not blacking out as it beats fast enough to have run a 50k marathon. The doom and gloom drug injected to regulate the heart when it gets to this is beyond terrible but does not last more than seconds but deep depression is unlike any other for those few seconds.


I know what you are saying Pommy. The problem is if we go to the hospital whenever we have something they might get really sick of us and take no notice if we are at deaths door. It is very difficult to know when heart pain is reflux and when with a heart like mine Arrythmia when like the click of the fingers will be back to 60 clicks a minute and I am at the hospital and them saying "Your heart is perfect"

My blood pressure is very good and each ECG fine so it is very difficult. the last time just a few weeks ago I had a Halter 24 hour Monitor and my heart did the right thing and went beserk. so they do know now. :) I had a seond halter two weeks later and it was all perfect. Ecco Cardio. on Wednesday and a Stress test coming up but boy oh boy am I sick of it. :) I have a special machine to monitor the irregularities which is a help but I would rather ignore the darn thing. I cannot of course but still never sure when it is life threatening or will settle in a minute.

Thanks folks


My daughter in law had a pacemaker installed when she was 24 because she kept blacking out - since then, she's had to have it replaced with a newer, more up to date model, but apart from a small bump, just below here collar bone, she's fine. No more problems at all.

Thanks for that info. Bev. sounds like hers got up to over 200 beats a minute and more and she blacked out. It is so very annoying as it can happen for no obvious reason. I might be heading faster than I think to a pacemaker and will be quite accepting of it. Glad your daughter in law is doing well. How is the little boy in your family with the leukemia going Bev.?

The little fella is doing OK - he went through the major chemo quite well, a bit of nausea and so on, and now he's on the maintenance chemo - once a month I believe. He has a stent thing implanted in his abdomen so they deliver it direct. It will be about a year on the maintenance, then he has to wait five years to see if it re-appears, or is gone. We're hoping it will be gone forever.

Had honey in microwave for two minutes then added chopped walnuts and two teaspoons of cinnamon and microwaved for just a few seconds more, and waited until cool and ate it with a spoon oh heaven............lol

Well honey and walnuts and cinnamon are all health foods yes? Good me hey? (that's my theory anyway) lol

Today, I'm having roast chicken. Managed to get marylands, (thigh and leg), for only $2.98 per kilo. One of them does me for two meals. First the roast meat and vegies, then the sandwich the next day. Really good value.

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