Wear your mask correctly...please!

Masks are useless if you 

a) keep touching the front of it (hate to tell you, that's where the germs are). Remove it by the elastics.

b)wear it under your nose/chin...surely this needs no explanation?

c) keep it in your pocket, pulling it on when you need to (where do you think those micro organisms are going when you shove the thing in your pocket?)   Get a fresh one every time. You cannot keep using the same filthy cloth mask over and over again.

d) wear a mask so large that every time you speak, you need to yank it up your face (see journos at the eleven am press reports every day for good examples).

We will never get out of lockdown if you

Walk slowly around the supermarket, chatting to everyone you meet and arguing with your husband over every item. If you are too frail physically to get in and out quickly, please shop online.

Think COVID won't happen to you because your immune system is fantastic due to a plant based diet. Sorry to tell you I had a friend in the UK who thought this way. She is dead now. No other medical conditions, just COVID.



You also have to watch the yuppie idiots and the "entitled Generation" who think it is their right to run an ride bikes fast on the shared walking tracks around the area where honest people are walking for exercise legally, these idiots ride so fast that if anybody, old person or young child, happens to wander a bit as can happen while walking, and most are not using a warning bell when approaching people, they also have sweat blowing off them because they are only wearing the sleeveless tops to show off muscles etc. also not wearing masks and puffing and panting.

There have been instances of collisions and injuries when they collide, When people are walking.

Message to all powered skate boards and bikes and runners, ride and pass people at walking pace when others are walking. Use a bell as well.

There is also news that china has recorded no new cases of Covid, what a bunch of liars they are. Selective reporting at it's best. Do not believe anything they say, they started this pandemic and its to their advantage for the rest of the world to suffer with this introduced germ warfare.

Get vaccinated now, so we can all have a normal life.

Well said!

Agree Oxleigh.

I got sworn at by a maskless runner today.  I had no where to go so stood close to the fence and turned my face to the fence to try and minimise any of his germs getting close to me.  He obviously knew what message I was sending, and thanked me with a torrent of abuse.

I am tired of having to walk on the road to keep away from the pretend coffee drinkers etc, who won't wear their mask and hogging the footpath.  They can see me with my walking stick, yet won't put their mask on or move out of my way.

While I was in Woolies last Friday, there was a pack of 6 young males wandering round the store with no mask, and no social distancing.  I'll bet they never checked in either.  No staff member is going to challenge them.  Then on Sunday, a mob of 8 unsavoury looking males in the street hugging and shaking hands etc, again with no masks.  

We are never going to get out of this mess with this mass stupidity going on.  They'd all be in gaol if I was the Premier.


With you all the way!

So disappointing johninmelb.

Take care.

Yes Australia must be one of the most ageist cultures in the world

Masks have NEVER been proven to prevent you from getting anything. If you are so worried stay home. Breathing in fibres and toxic chemicals from the disposable masks and re-breathing carbon dioxide coming out of your breath both are not healthy and more likely to lower your immune system.

There's a lot of misinformation coming out of your mouth that is not healthy!!

I am saying we should not rely on masks to protect anyone. How is that not healthy? Heath care workers in full PPE gear are still getting covid.

Prove to me that masks work, we have been through this before, still no proof, Covid is 5 times smaller than the holes in almost all masks!!


Last year we had hardly any seasonal flu in Australia.  That was no fluke.  Most of us were wearing masks and washing our hands.  Yes, masks won't stop everything, it has never been claimed they would.  But the flu example we have real world evidence that masks can be effective in stopping the spread of viruses.  People just don't care about coughing and sneezing over each other.  I used to be constantly sick travelling to work every day by train due to these inconsiderate people.  Once I retired, I've had no more problems.  Australia could save billions of dollars in lost productivity by mandating masks during the winter cold and flu season.




So nothing to do with lockdowns and social distancing then John? People working from home, businesses closed, schools closed, list goes on. Flu is another coronavirus, they just labelled it covid. They don't test for flu do they? And people do not rush off to doctors for them to report the flu, I know for a fact my next door neighbour had the flu not long ago (she shouted out to me over the fence mind you) and I asked if she had a covid test and she said no. So we really do not know in reality how many people had or did not have the flu.



I've never met anyone so afraid of life, maybe you have no life?

"Think COVID won't happen to you because your immune system is fantastic due to a plant based diet. Sorry to tell you I had a friend in the UK who thought this way. She is dead now. No other medical conditions, just COVID." (Holly)

Absolutely spot on. 

Just because they had not had any previously diagnosed medical conditions does not mean she was healthy, people can have cancer and heart disease and not know it until something major happens.


Holly stated the facts.  You can't make assumptions. Where would it end?

I have an answer for the unintelligent low life protesters, get some fire engines in the mix and hose them down continually until they are al soaked and freezing, the pressure does not need to be high as to knock them down, this will only serve as a reason to sue the government, wet as all hell and freezing, they soon will disband, a little colored food dye in the water will help to identify them for the next 3 weeks as well.

The best color is yellow to match their spines. Anyone in such a protest carrying an Australian flag needs to be gaoled for 6 months also.


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