We Never Use Direct Debit and Water Bill.

I realise many people love it but once again so many people are lots of money out of pocket.
The Gym. place on tele. this eve. shows after many months of people leaving the gym. on medical grounds, the Gym. has still been taking money from their former clients bank accounts.
We do use a card now and again but just when either of us personally sign for the amount and item w buy and never let the card out of our sight.
Water Bill over $220 for just 3 months and we save every drop we can - It really is too expensive. I am of the opinion People should pay who overuse but the incentive to save water is diminishing for us to be honest.
Isn't Autumn wonderful - cool nights and nice sunny days.
Have a lovely evening as we really are lucky people here in Aus. and next Tuesday will be fantastic for many :)

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I would never ever direct debt--I have know a few that have been caught and it has taken then many months to recover the money and much trouble. I either pay by card -- IF they are not going to charge me for doing that--many do these days--like the local council for rates----- or i direct credit--or pay cash--

We were stung also Jane many years ago and like you think Direct Debit gives carte blanche for some and how easy is it for a Company to take just one extra payment of maybe $100 on a big item and give the excuse it was a mistake. I would hate to think how many pay too much.

We never pay Interest as of course we pay it within the 50 or whatever it is time frame and it makes for a receipt. We are thinking of letting the cards go though as Simple Savings LOL makes for why pay the bank whatever the yearly payment is. I will go check and if it is $60 I think we will chop our card up but if $30 probably makes for good receipts.

My Bank Account is one thing which to me is mine and I will never say "take whatever you want out whenever you want" which is what people do if they do not sign for the exact price or amount of payments taken out and who has the bank account? anyone they want to have it.

I know Direct Debit is convenient but that is the problem now adays everything has to be easy instead of careful I suppose. I miss out on buying some things because I will not use it.

I tried to buy one of those flat platform Massaging/Vibrating machines which gives the whole body exercise (supposedly) advertised with delivery for just $310 whereas it is usually well over $500 but they will not take a Money Order. I feel sure if we pushed it they would have to but I am thinking along with many other machines I have and er household cooking things it might just be a gimmik.

Wonderful Saturday stertching ahead.

Hope something lovely happens for you all today..

You can set up online banking to have the payments of bills etc taken out--that YOU alone set up --can not be taken out unless you approve--just set it to be taken out on a special date--good if you are going to be away--and you are able to change it if you wish---very handy--I have a credit card but NEVER NEVER owe money--it is also a rewards card so I get more than enough--in a cash reward to pay the yearly fee

Water bill at over $200! Was that for three months, or a year? I freak out if my bill goes over 1.5 kl per week over a quarter! Water is charged at $1.98 per kl. Use water very carefully.

My last water bill for the quarter was $113.37 that includes Water service/Sewer /

water usage/ ($44.45) and a pension rebate of $58.33--so without the pension rebate the whole bill would have been


Water is expensive in Vic. Just 3 months every 3 months. But it is the base rate not that we use all that much. We had tanks at Loch Sport and wish we did not have to be connected to the mains water/sewerage as the septic and tanks was fantastic no bills. Have to comply with the rules of the place we live though so no choice but to pay.

Yes once they are available you have to pay

I guess that I am lucky, in that I don't have to pay for the standing charges, I only have to pay for the water I have used. Maybe that is one good thing about DOH NSW. By the way, I am still waiting, 5 weeks later to have my carpet laid down, the wardrobe doors still to be put in place. I phone them on a weekly basis. I'm not holding my breath - the Minister of Housing NSW sent me a flyer - the repairs in NSW government housing will be addressed by 2013. Oh well, I guess 4 years isn't too long, in a lifetime!

OMG 2013 time to go to ACA I think

I suppose we win on the hurdy girdy and miss out on the roundabout or some saying I kinda remember my dear old Dad saying lol

But another 4 years to wait for your repairs is crazy Bev. Would be good if some of these whingers wanting a Pension in their 30's 40's and 50's and before 65 got of their bums and learnt to do repairs and get a job as they do get what we never got or would ask for a "Newstart payment' How great is this I ask? But many want a Widow;s Pension because they cannot be bothered to learn anything. I am sure there would be men out there keep them?

Everyone can do something and there is always work always. They cannot ever get enough hands to pick fruit year 'round.

Your water was a reasonable price Jane.

I wonder is there anyone from Victoria would comment? We are in Latrobe Valley. We paid $200 last three months and this time more but we have watered the garden a bit (not over the top though) and anyway not allowed to. and just the roses and plants never the lawn as we put stones down

I think I said before, that "that" was the last resort. I've lived in a DOH premise, that has flooded before, 1996. Some of the damage has still not been repaired. We pay our rent, we take our chances. I've been on the phone several times during the past 5 weeks. The answer? You'll get a response within 5 working days. Hasn't happened yet - nor do I expect it to be. Either sit down, shut up, and pay your rent. Or pay for what you have - a second class rental, at a second price maintenace. You can't have it both ways. I just accept it now.

Isn't our Sewerage Rate Exspensive. $168 This is terrible.

We only used $56 worth of water

plus the other costs. The bill is actually $260.000 I thought it was less than this but it is crazy. I believe. We also get some sort of rebate.

Every 3 months to boot..............

Fair enough Bev

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