We Never Use Direct Debit and Water Bill.

I realise many people love it but once again so many people are lots of money out of pocket.
The Gym. place on tele. this eve. shows after many months of people leaving the gym. on medical grounds, the Gym. has still been taking money from their former clients bank accounts.
We do use a card now and again but just when either of us personally sign for the amount and item w buy and never let the card out of our sight.
Water Bill over $220 for just 3 months and we save every drop we can - It really is too expensive. I am of the opinion People should pay who overuse but the incentive to save water is diminishing for us to be honest.
Isn't Autumn wonderful - cool nights and nice sunny days.
Have a lovely evening as we really are lucky people here in Aus. and next Tuesday will be fantastic for many :)

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You do get used to it. Never quite the same as your friends, but, I do have a roof over my head, I have food in my belly, clean water to drink.

What more do you really need?

Everything else - is stuff you just want.

Maybe my want is not greater than anybody else's need?

I'm happy enough - I have my rather dastardly dog.

Would you believe that I took her in for a nail trim - the next day she chewed the corner off my sheet?

She uses "payback" to great effect!

Bloody dog!

But you love her _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________this much.

How blessed you are to have her Bev. and she you.

We eally do not need heaps to keep us happy either. We have just been watching a couple of hours of Andre Rieu and Peter and I have been dancing all around the room with our two cats. Great fun. A good tele. a good bed, good food, and a high fence with a locked gate and a good husband are all I need. lol oh and our two georgeous furries.

Those dam ads. again. :( :(

LOL at the dog--what sort is it--but I bet you love it to bits

Yes and you are right there --the secret is not to let the wants out weigh the needs

Gee whats happened to the page here has got all BIG and strange with an ad in the middle of it---never happened b4

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