We love them to bits....

Woke up this morning to people chatting inside our house. Peter and I looked at each other and I was a bit scared to be honest.
Down to our tele. room we go and there are our two cats one on each of our recliner chairs sitting up like Jackys, watching the tele. Little terrors stood on the remote so maybe had the tele. on all night as we have a long house and you cannot hear or see the light from the tele. way up the front from the tele. room.
Oh yes they are the most lovable cute cats anyone ever was allowed to be parents to. :)
Proud Mum Phyl!!! oh yes the cat's Mother.


lol they may get to like it lol

My dog is a bit of a smart a** too. If she thought I was on the phone too long, she'd slap at the phone until she'd hung up. I've foiled her now though, got a cordless. She's speechless with dismay.


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