We have been assessed now need advice

Hi everybody - we are in our eighties and believed that we would sell our home and move into a retirement village but we have rethought our position and would like to stay in our own home.

We were assessed but now very confused about a "manager" for the plan.

I have done heaps of research and it seems that "managers" consume a good deal of the funds granted which reduces the funds available for services required.

We understand that one can appoint a "manager" but select the people needed to provide the service who are paid by the "Manager".

Is anybody able to suggest a manager who allows self-management and is reasonable in their charges which seem to range from 13 to 50 per cent of the granted funds.


Why not start with the non means tested Commonwealth Home Care Support Program?  Once you are assessed through My Aged Care (free) you are given access to a number of support programs at minimal cost to you.  We have 4 hours per week home support, as well as access to up to 7 weeks respite care in a local Aged care facility, costing about $52 per day.  Its only when you move to a Package that you require an external Manager and then the costs begin  .... depending on your level of assets as per the Age Pension Assets Test.  We are entitled to a package - Level 4 - but overall are better off as we are, given our financial circumstances.

I agree with the previous comment that you are better off starting with the Commonwealth funded services through My Aged Care first.  You can choose different providers in order to get the different services you require.  Be aware though that they all have their own rules and charges.  It also depends on availability.

I have been on the Commonwealth program (CHCS) for several years and recently was finally offered a Home Care Package.  I have investigated charges etc and found they can range up to 66% of your funding!  I have been dealing with Let's Get Care who have been very informative and charge a flat 13% so you can self-manage.  However, in the end, I have refused the package as I was only going to get about half the care and hours I currently have.  Fortunately I was warned about this by one of my carers earlier this year. 

You can defer the Home Care Package if it is not going to give you what you need and still get the CHCS services, expecially if you need a higher package.  I was told they can offer Home Care Packages two levels below what you may really need.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

Couldn't agree more Happy Cruiser, stick with the CHCS.  We have also been offered a package but have deferred and are now on the inactive list.  We are using Calvary as our CHCS service provider and they continue to offer an excellent service.  We pay them about $38 per week for 4 hours of personal care.  Prior to this my wife went to Calvary for day respite care, transport included, for about $20 per day including lunch, but as her problems increased we switched over to the 4 hours home care per week.  We could probably get at least another 2 hours per week from Calvary if needed, but that seems to be about the limit on the CHCS.

Well I was assessed and Oked for home care and that was over 12 months ago -- and I have not seen a soul -- they keep saying they are sorry and looking into it but still nothing --  same as this poor soul a lot worse than I am -- it is a bloody disgrace




Read that article PlanB and saw a report about it on the ABC ... absoloutely disgraceful.

All my best Peterseaford ... hope you manage to get what suits you and doesn't make a fortune for others.

So, can anyone tell me if there is a garden maintenance and home cleaning service with CHCS? This is all I need, at least unless I live another 12 or more years! My Council allows me 2 hours of gardening every 3 months - just not enough. For house cleaning, I just need to have someone occasionally to do stuff I can't do myself. Being alone in the house is so different from having a partner...


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