Walking through the mall yesterday there was a big set up of Easter Eggs and Baskets and in th middle was a HUGE very cute Rabbit.
I said "hello Rabbit arn't you cute" knowing it was a stuffed Rabbit. but was it? NO it was a real person inside that white rabbit suit.
I hurried away after I screamed loud enough to wake the dead when that rabbit grabbed my hand lol.
Oh well stranger things have happened to me in my life and it gave many people a laugh so not to worry.
Still have not bought another car but maybe today will be the day. Not going to spend around $5,000 on our car as it only has the one Drivers airbag and that is 19 years old so we both believe we deserve at least two air bags and in fact we will buy a car with side bags also.(it's still a nightmare).
Have a lovely Wednesday folks.


Phyl, you already have a car that will withstand most of the impacts of other "plastic" cars, If you are only going to drive the few k, why bother with another person's reject? I know that i was in impact with a car that had all the goodieds. My 1986 Ford Meteor suffered minimal damge, but the 1 year old car was a write off! Rather drive a car that can withstand, rather than depend on air bags.


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