Where did the Coronavirus 19 Originate from? and anything relative to the virus.


Where did the Coronavirus 19 originate from? and anything relative to the virus.


Coronavirus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans': Top vaccine scientist says it could only have come from an animal through a 'freak of nature' - and the possibility it leaked from Wuhan lab MUST be investigated 


Scientists have produced evidence that the pandemic virus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans', raising fresh questions over whether its origins were natural or could have occurred in a laboratory.


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There is more than just a little element of truth in this comment.
Ok, let me see if I understand this correctly.

Person A feels that they need the vaccine to be protected, so they get vaccinated. However, Person A doesn't feel protected unless Person B also gets the vaccine. And if Person B refuses to get the vaccine, Person A shames them until they do.

Let's take this a step further. Person A, who is vaccinated, can still catch and transmit the virus, but is not subjected to restrictions – gyms, pubs, restaurants, travel. Person B, who is not vaccinated, and who can catch and transmit the virus, IS subjected to restrictions – gyms, pubs, restaurants, travel. Why does Person A not have restrictions if they can still catch and transmit the virus?

And to go even further than that: Person A is vaccinated and, even though they can catch and transmit the virus, they can work in a place where they will only allow the vaccinated to work. Person B is not vaccinated and, even though they may test negative for the virus, are not allowed to work in a place where they will only allow the vaccinated to work.

Now to piece this together? It simply boils down to segregation and discrimination with no real basis for doing so.

1. Person A is vaccinated.

2. Person B is not vaccinated.

3. Both Person A and Person B can catch and transmit the virus.

4. Person A can go wherever they want, but Person B cannot.

5. Person A is allowed to work and live their life, while Person B cannot.

6. Person A perpetuates the shaming of Person B by stating that Person B needs to be vaccinated for Person A to be protected.

If your shot works, why do I need one? If your shot doesn't work, why should I get one?

I see you're still getting inside people's heads and making a racket beamo

Homer Brain GIFs | Tenor

To Loser from Beamo, the last sentence is all it needs - "If your shot works, why do I need one? If your shot doesn't work, why should I get one?" This fundamental contradiction is so obvious that even the brainwashed and vaccinated can see it, but because you've already succumbed to the meme cannot even admit to it to yourself, and then perhaps even regret that you got vaxed. What was it for after all? To get back the things that were stolen from you? 

The upheaval has begun - some obvious like the Melbourne protesters over Daniels. Watch how all of a sudden he is the ONLY one being blamed - cop Morrison and him sitting beside one another and one with a long face! Why? because he's just been told by Scomo he is going to be the scapegoat to protect everyone else, but don't worry we will take care of your wife and kids, we make sure they will want for nothing.
Unfortunately Daniels has no guts to stand up for morals and tell all about all the involvement in every corner of the Government.
Then there is a lot going behind the scenes that hasn't yet reached most of the public, but its coming.
More to come and life is now getting really interesting, takes the boredom out of lock downs or quarantine.

Australia COVID-19 update 13 November 2021

Australia wide — 1482 new locally acquired cases, 7 new OS acquired cases, 4 deaths.

• 1,221 new from 60,818 tests, all locally acquired, 4 deaths.
• 16,671 active cases, 405 in hospital, 77 in ICU (93% not fully vaccinated), 51 ventilated.
• The deaths yesterday included people aged in their 60s, 70s and 90s.
• The 10 LGAs with the highest number of new cases are Casey, Wyndham, Greater Dandenong, Hume, Brimbank, Melton, Melbourne, Port Phillip, Glen Eira and Whittlesea.
List of exposure sites.

• 256 new from 58,915 tests, 250 locally acquired, 6 travellers in hotel quarantine, 0 deaths.
• 2964 active cases, 228 in hospital, 32 in ICU, 16 ventilated.
• Deaths: The first day since August 14 that no deaths have been reported.
• New cases by Local Health Districts are 54 SW Sydney, 42 Western Sydney, 39 Hunter New England, 32 Murrumbidgee, 24 Sydney, 22 SE Sydney, 7 Mid North Coast, 7 Northern Sydney, 5 Illawarra Shoalhaven, 5 Nepean Blue Mountains, 5 Southern NSW, 3 Far West NSW, 2 Central Coast, 1 Northern NSW, 1 Western NSW, 1 yet to be assigned an LHD.
• Sewage virus fragments detected where there are no known cases in West Wyalong, Tomakin, Uralla and Grenfell.
• From Monday 15 November, NSW Health will no longer provide a breakdown of locally acquired and overseas acquired cases in its daily updates due to quarantine requirement changes.
List of exposure sites.

• 11 new with 1,988 negative tests, all locally acquired.
• 162 active cases, 0 in hospital, 0 in ICU.
List of exposure sites.

• 1 new from 4,750 tests, a returned OS traveller quarantined in a medi-hotel.
• 1 active case, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from 9,212 tests
• 19 active cases, 15 in hospital, 0 in ICU.
• Authorities still concerned over no clear source of the two mystery COVID cases on the Gold Coast. 
List of exposure sites.

• 0 new from 1,428 tests.
• 6 active cases, 0 in hospital.
List of exposure sites.

• 0 new from N/A tests.
• 0 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from N/A tests.
• 0 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 177 new from 29,688 tests, 175 locally acquired, 2 returned OS travellers in managed isolation.
• 3406 active cases, 93 in hospital, 9 in ICU.
• 159 new cases are in Auckland, 8 in Waikato, 2 in Northland, 5 in Taranaki, 1 in Taupo.
• 78 of today’s cases are epidemiologically linked with 97 under investigation.
• 65 of the cases reported yesterday were infectious in the community.
List of exposure sites.

• Infections again sweeping across parts of Western Europe, a region with relatively high vaccination rates and good healthcare systems. Coronavirus deaths rose by 10% in Europe in the past week.
• Austria is seeing one of the most serious outbreaks in Western Europe, along with Germany, which has reported a string of record-high infections in recent days.
• Dutch government orders three-week partial lockdown amid COVID surge.