Where did the Coronavirus 19 Originate from? and anything relative to the virus.


Where did the Coronavirus 19 originate from? and anything relative to the virus.


Coronavirus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans': Top vaccine scientist says it could only have come from an animal through a 'freak of nature' - and the possibility it leaked from Wuhan lab MUST be investigated 


Scientists have produced evidence that the pandemic virus is 'uniquely adapted to infect humans', raising fresh questions over whether its origins were natural or could have occurred in a laboratory.


 Cartoon Cute Coronavirus, COVID-19, Doctor And Vaccine Vector ...






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Personally, totally sick of COVID anti-jabbers ...

I have the feeling many of them would have happily had other vaccinations required for overseas travel in the past plus all those who get tattoos, botox and other cosmetic without a second thought.

Utterly agree with you, RnR.

Then ... there are also the conspiracy theorists!!!

I get so sick and tired of the ads on tv telling us we should all go and have a jab!

Then I get barred from having mine.

I think everyone that wants and needs the jab should be allowed to have it and those that don't want it fine let them sort themselves out.

How right you are RnR. 

Australia COVID-19 update 30 August 2021.

Australia wide — 1,375 new locally acquired cases, 5 new OS acquired cases, 4 deaths.

• 1,293 new from 157,221 tests, 1,290 locally acquired, 3 OS travellers in hotel quarantine, 4 deaths.
• Over 17,200 active cases, 840 in hospital, 137 in ICU, 48 ventilated.
• A man in 50s died at Dubbo Hospital (Australia’s first Indigenous death), a woman in 60s died at Westmead Hospital (infected at Cumberland Hospital), man 70s died at Westmead Hospital and a man in 70s died at Concord Hospital (infected at Meredith House Aged Care facility).
• There have been 20,061 locally acquired cases reported since 16 June 2021 and 93 deaths.
• NSW no longer reporting daily linked cases or number infectious in the community.
• New cases by Local Health Districts are 449 Western Sydney, 434 SW Sydney, 126 Sydney, 70 SE Sydney, 83 Nepean Blue Mountains, 51 Western NSW, 38 Northern Sydney, 9 Far West NSW, 6 Central Coast, 5 Illawarra Shoalhaven, 3 Hunter New England, 3 Mental Health Network, 13 yet to be assigned an LHD.
• Ongoing sewage surveillance has detected virus fragments in Trangie and Byron Bay.
• 10% of Wilcannia's population of about 600 people have contracted the virus, +7 new today. The town's chronically overcrowded housing means people are trying to isolate in tents down by the river. More.
• Several major NSW prisons are in lockdown amid concerns inmates transferred from Sydney may have been exposed to the virus after outbreaks at the Parklea and Silverwater facilities. In addition, 6 correctional officers at Bathurst Jail have tested positive since Thursday.
• Two mental health units, at Nepean and Cumberland hospitals, have had internal virus outbreaks, with 38 mental health patients testing positive. Two patients are fighting for their lives in ICU. 
List of exposure sites.

• 73 from 41,395 tests, all locally acquired.
• 805 active cases, 49 in hospital, 15 in ICU, 11 ventilated.
• Of the 73 locally acquired cases, 52 are linked to existing cases and outbreaks, 21 under investigation.
• New cases breakdown includes: 9 Shepparton outbreak, 5 MyChildcare in Broadmeadows, 5 AlTaqwa college, 3 Hobsons Bay outbreak, 2 Glenroy West primary school, 2 household contacts Sunshine Hospital ER, 2 Chemist Warehouse Hoppers Crossing, 1 Royal Melbourne Hospital, 1 East St Kilda outbreak, 1 Barkly Square, 1 CS Square at Caroline Springs, 20 linked to existing cases of unknown source, 20+ unlinked. 
• CHO Professor Brett Sutton said, "Of the state's 805 active cases, three quarters of them are in people aged under 40 ... 170 of our cases are aged zero to nine, 124 are aged 10 to 19, 167 are aged 20 to 29, and 150 are aged 30 to 39. So more than three quarters under the age of 40" ... "That is the effect of vaccination".
List of exposure sites.

• 12 new from 2,108 tests, all locally acquired.
• 236 active cases, 12 in hospital, 3 in ICU.
• 6 new cases linked to other known cases or exposure sites, 4 under investigation, 2 no known links.
• Only 2 of the 12 new cases were in quarantine during whole infectious period. Of the 10 remaining, 6 were infectious in community for part of their infectious period.
List of exposure sites.

• 2 new from 10,363 tests, both OS travellers in hotel quarantine.
• 27 active cases, 23 in hospital, 0 in ICU.

• 0 new from 10,657 tests (over 72 hours).
• 24 active cases, 0 in hospital.
List of exposure sites.

• 0 new from 4,049 tests.
• 3 active cases, 1 in hospital.
List of exposure sites.

• 0 new from 2,055 tests.
• 3 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from 2,783 tests (over 72 hours).
• 0 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 54 new from 16,370 tests, 53 locally acquired, 1 OS traveller in managed isolation.
• 603 active cases, 37 in hospital, 5 in ICU.
• All new cases are in Auckland. Current outbreak now totals 547 in Auckland and 15 in Wellington.
• All regions south of Auckland will have an easing of restrictions from 11:59pm tomorrow. 
List of exposure sites.

• As of Saturday, more than 56 per cent of Australians aged 16 and above had had one jab, while nearly 34 per cent had had two doses.

In my opinion it is no longer safe at present time to go to a hospital in NSW.

For those who might be interested, a report on the development of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Is it true? We're COVID-19 Vaccines developed too quickly to be safe?      health.gov.au

Apologies for the spelling mistake ????!!

Should have read

Were COVID-19 Vaccines developed too quickly ...

YES Axel is dead right -- it takes years to get a vaccination right



This article by the Australian Health Dept. explains the process by which the  Covid -19 vaccines were developed and is very interesting. Well worth the reading.



Bill to stop lying politicians. Bring it on asap, way, way overdue.


In Australia? This is suspect if the Government has its talking head in this. They are full of BS.


NASA invented and found this spray works on 99.96% of the virus and within 3 minutes. Bring it on asap.


Only by word of mouth I have heard this, it's supposed to be on its way to Australia, but have not located a link for it. Also said was it is used in the White House, if that's the case bring it here too.


Re your last link Beemee about ActivePure Technology... apparently it's already available in Australia ...

See Google search here.

A big thanks RnR, did hear it was but failed to locate anything on the Web. But I think I have my PC locked down a little too hard, LOL. But at least I feel safer.

Australia COVID-19 update 31 August 2021.

Australia wide — 1,253 new locally acquired cases, 4 new OS acquired cases, 3 deaths.

• 1,168 new from 130,027 tests, 1,164 locally acquired, 4 OS travellers in hotel quarantine, 3 deaths.
• Over 18,200 active cases, 871 in hospital, 143 in ICU, 58 ventilated.
• A woman in 50s died at Campbelltown Hospital, a man in his 80s died at St Vincent’s Hospital, aman in 90s died at Campbelltown Hospital.
• There have been 21,208 locally acquired cases reported since 16 June 2021 and 96 deaths.
• NSW no longer reporting daily linked cases or number infectious in the community.
• New cases by Local Health Districts are 417 Western Sydney, 379 SW Sydney, 116 Sydney, 73 SE Sydney, 54 Western NSW, 45 Nepean Blue Mountains, 15 Northern Sydney, 5 Illawarra Shoalhaven, 4 Far West NSW, 4 Central Coast, 2 Hunter New England, 1 Southern NSW, 6 yet to be assigned to an LHD.
• Dubbo remains the epicentre of the Western NSW outbreak, with 32 of the new cases. Bourke has another 8 cases as the virus is seeding in other centres with 5 cases each in Bathurst and Wellington, and 1 each in Narromine, Brewarrina, Parkes and Mudgee.
List of exposure sites.

• 76 from 50,848 tests, all locally acquired.
• 841 active cases, 52 in hospital, 16 in ICU, 15 ventilated.
• Median age of virus patients in hospital is 49, and the median age of those in ICU is 48.
• Of the 76 locally acquired cases, 45 have been linked to known cases and outbreaks, leaving 31 "mystery cases".
• New cases linked cases breakdown includes: 17 MyCentre childcare, 9 Shepparton outbreak (all in isolation), 3 Miller’s Junction shopping centre Altona North, 1 each Spotswood Learning Sanctuary, St Kilda East cluster, a Melbourne legal office, Al-Taqwa College, Fisherman’s Bend retail warehouse.
List of exposure sites.

• 13 new from 3,061 tests, all locally acquired.
• 242 active cases, 13 in hospital, 3 in ICU.
• 7 new cases linked to a known case or cluster, 6 currently unlinked and under investigation.
• Only 4 of the 13 new cases were in quarantine during whole infectious period, at least 8 were in the community while infectious. 
• Canberra lockdown extended for two weeks with a few eased rules.
List of exposure sites.

• 0 new from 11,257 tests.
• 23 active cases, 17 in hospital, 0 in ICU.

• 0 new from 5,204 tests.
• 19 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from 5,294 tests.
• 3 active cases, 1 in hospital.
List of exposure sites. Two new added for another NSW truck driver.

• 0 new from 1,936 tests.
• 3 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from 789 tests.
• 0 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 50 new from 16,755 tests, 49 locally acquired in Auckland, 1 OS traveller in managed isolation.
• 651 active cases, 33 in hospital, 8 in ICU.
• The total number of community cases in Auckland is now 597 with Wellington still at 15 in total. 
List of exposure sites.

• Australia to receive 500,000 extra Pfizer doses in a 'vaccine swap' with Singapore.

Yeah that's questionable? They spout that yet do not say what is the swap?


The deal will see half a million Pfizer doses that were originally allocated to Singapore now diverted to Australia. In response, Australia will provide Singapore with 500,000 doses in December.

Singapore’s ministry of foreign affairs has issued its own statement about the arrangement with Australia, saying it “will enable both countries to support each other in optimising our respective schedules for vaccinating our populations against Covid-19”.

The statement says:

As Singapore has made good progress in our national vaccination programme and possesses sufficient supplies to meet our immediate needs, we will provide around 500,000 doses of our existing stocks of Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA-based vaccine for Covid-19 to Australia. This will help Australia accelerate its vaccination programme amidst its current increase in cases caused by the Delta variant.

In exchange, Australia will provide the same quantity of vaccines back to Singapore at a later date, after we have drawn down on our existing supplies vaccinating the rest of our population, including new incoming long-term pass holders as we open up our society and economy.

These returned doses would come in more useful for Singapore then, potentially as booster doses for specific segments of our population that could benefit from such boosting.

Okay got it, its their Pfizer to swap for our later arrival of Pfizer.



But the Pfizer needs to be transported with a very low, I think 70 below and the said it is close to the use by date when I was listening to it on the tv yesterday.

This in a very interesting read and quite alarming for those who have had the vaccine.


Very interesting BeeMee but the voice was very hard to understand as it echoed but it was also very true as to what she said about     The Tuskegee Study 


Yes it was hard to understand her, but I am thinking the USA people all must have once had their profession as Randwick Race Callers. By gosh they talk fast. Breathing through their ears I think.

I doubt the Bill will pass but there is one in Government at the moment that is supposedly to stop Politicians from lying. Reckon that will get passed? Doubt it as Scomo has too many bum buddies in the wings and Senate.

News - overseas and local. All this jab, jab, jab has nothing to do with the virus but rather as a replacement Australia Card. Once all who want the jab do so, there will be restrictions placed against all who didn't. Then you get a Gold Card (friggin whoopie, new name but it's still the Australia Card) and with producing that card to do all your business, they will know exactly every single move you make - now tell me this isn't the sign of the beast? Are you are criminal? They will know exactly where you are when buying food, fuel, ammunition, guns, a car etc. Then when they do the double whammy - bringing in the credit card and no cash - now they know even more about what you are doing. Cash can not be followed but a card can.

Already established by a PhD that the vax only covers the Alpha strain, not the variants. Its all crud, to get control of the populous. Do you doubt it? Why then if this jab is so important to save us that politicians do NOT have to have the jab even if it was mandatory? Australians and the world have all been taken for a ride, the Government will get what they want as control of the people, but as far as the actual virus is concerned, they don't give a rats ass.

Not a fan of Pauline Hanson but she told her party faithful at a meeting that all Politicians DO NOT have to get the jab even if it was mandatory. Saw our so called PM go through the motions of getting the vax, but did he? Nurses who saw the video say it was not AZ (the only one at that time available). I reckon they would have a clue more so than us street people.


Beemee ...

"All this jab, jab, jab has nothing to do with the virus but rather as a replacement Australia Card."

Seriously, you have to be kidding, based on what evidence?

Keep your options open, watch what is happening and what is coming. It may take a little while but I will always have those who will not believe that it can happen here.

The revolt is already happening as I said it would, it took time but it has happened. This is only the start.


Yes, BeeMee I am very aware of what you stated -- not saying that this IS this covid related BUT by hell 911 changed the whole bloody world and I would NOT be surprised,  as 911 fell right into their hands to get control of the world as everything has changed since then, also how many times did we hear                NEW WORLD ORDER  spoken of and also the Agenda 21/30  there sure is a hell of a lot happening that is very strange.



"Prime Minister Scott Morrison are among the first people in Australia to receive the COVID-19 jab in a surprise early start to the nation's vaccine rollout this morning.

An upbeat Mr Morrison donned an Australian flag-themed face mask as he rolled up his sleeve for the injection just before 11.30am today.

He is one of a small number of people to receive the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a medical clinic in Castle Hill in Sydney's north-west, before the large-scale rollout across Australia commences tomorrow." 

Nine News 

By Lara Pearce • Senior Producer

7:15pm Feb 21, 2021


I think by memory Morrison got the Pfizer  vaccination -- as he was under 60 --he is 52 --

PlanB, never gave consideration to 9/11 but you are right. Gone drastically downhill since then.

And here's one for the naysayers - https://tinyurl.com/y6u3zbua

You don't have to join, just unmute and away you go. All info is based on credible doctors.


I suspect that information about people is pretty much available via their mobile phone usage and  their computers.

Australia COVID-19 update 1 September 2021.

Australia wide — 1,259 new locally acquired cases, 3 new OS acquired cases, 6 deaths.

• 1,118 new from 173,913 tests, 1,116 locally acquired, 2 OS travellers in hotel quarantine, 4 deaths.
• Over 19,200 active cases, 917 in hospital, 150 in ICU, 66 ventilated.
• The four new deaths were all unvaccinated women. One in her 50s, one in 60s, one in 70s and one in her 80s.
• There have been 22,308 locally acquired cases reported since 16 June 2021 and 100 deaths.
• NSW no longer reporting daily linked cases or number infectious in the community.
• New cases by Local Health Districts are 408 Western Sydney, 372 SW Sydney, 132 Sydney, 68 Nepean Blue Mountains, 52 SE Sydney, 29 Western NSW, 22 Northern Sydney, 8 Illawarra Shoalhaven, 6 Hunter New England, 3 Far West NSW, 2 Central Coast, 4 in a correctional centre and 10 cases yet to be assigned an LHD.
• Concerns about wastewater detections in Thredbo, Merimbula, Port Macquarie, Dunbogan, Bonnie Hills, Warren, Molong, Tamworth and Gunnedah.
• Alerts issued for 13 new exposure sites across regional NSW at Whitebridge, Dubbo, Hay, Moree, Mudgee, Raymond Terrace, Tooleybuc, West Wyalong and Wyoming.
• NSW to halve its number of international arrivals until at least October.
List of exposure sites.

• 120 from 56,501 tests, all locally acquired, 2 deaths.
• 900 active cases, 58 in hospital, 21 in ICU, 14 ventilated.
• Two infected women died at home. One woman, in her 40s, from the Darebin council area and another woman, in her 60s, from Hume.
• Of the 120 locally acquired cases, 64 linked to known cases and outbreaks, with 56 "mystery cases" still under investigation. Only 20 people were in isolation for their entire infectious period.
• New cases breakdown includes: 54 cases in western suburbs with 16 Altona North, 3 Newport and 7 Hoppers Crossing; 53 cases in northern suburbs clusters; 6 around Richmond, Hawthorn and Alphington; 5 Shepparton, 1 workplace North Melbourne, 1 household contact Geelong. 
• Some minor easing of restrictions but schools will not return in Term 3.
List of exposure sites.

• 23 new from 2,120 tests, all locally acquired.
• 256 active cases, 13 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
• 14 new cases linked to another known case or cluster, 9 currently unlinked.
• 11 were in in the community for at least part of their infectious period. 
• Canberra lockdown continues with some restrictions eased.
• ACT Chief Minister says one-third of businesses visited yesterday were not following COVID requirements.
• All eligible Canberrans over age 16 can now book a Pfizer appointment.
List of exposure sites.

• 1 new from 11,315 tests, a returned OS traveller in hotel quarantine.
• 23 active cases, 17 in hospital, 0 in ICU.
• Queensland residents can begin returning from interstate hotspots into hotel quarantine on Saturday after the outrage caused by allowing NRL and Indian cricket families into Queensland while all other arrivals, including residents, had been paused.
• Queensland issues urgent alerts for new exposure sites at BP service stations in Archerfield and Goondiwindi as NSW truck driver tests positive. He was infectious in the Queensland community for one day on Thursday last week.

• 0 new from 5,043 tests.
• 18 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from 7,349 tests.
• 3 active cases, 1 in hospital.
• SA revokes order requiring truck drivers from NSW, ACT & Victoria to have at least one vaccination before coming across the border.
• This afternoon, authorities revealed that five positive truck drivers have travelled through the state in the past six days including two notified to authorities during the day. There is no evidence of transmission, but dozens of contacts of each driver have been ordered into isolation.
• Wastewater testing results have revealed traces of the virus in the Adelaide suburbs of Salisbury and Lonsdale.
List of exposure sites. New sites added for latest truck stops.

• 0 new from 1394, tests.
• 3 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 0 new from 1,284 tests.
• 0 active cases, 0 in hospital.

• 76 new from 22,158 tests, 75 locally acquired, 1 OS traveller in managed isolation.
• 724 active cases, 33 in hospital, 8 in ICU, 2 ventilated.
• Of the new local cases, 74 were in Auckland and 1 in Wellington. Total now Auckland 671, Wellington 16,
• 25 of 75 new cases have a known link, 50 are still under investigation.
List of exposure sites.

WA seems to be getting all the active cases care of the vessels that come into Fremantle.

I just home the Football Final doesn't cause an issue with the virus.

Why the likes of football and other such are even allowed to take place at this time puzzles me!

Lots of new late night alerts for regional NSW.

Details at


I said awhile ago that when our kids start falling off the perch, only then will people really start to listen.


At our age we have little family left as they have all moved on to another realm.

So on that basis here's a ratio you might be more interested in. The people I have left in my group of friends and family are - 4 in Qld, 2 in NSW, 2 in Vic, 2 in SA, 2 in WA, 1 in Tas.

Of these 13 there are 7 who have had the jab ( some 1st one & a couple with 2nd). Out of all of these so far 3 in Qld who have had the first vax not too long ago have had bad reactions. One whose arm that was injected has doubled in size and going black. The doctor stated it was tendonitis - BS I have had RSI on both shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers, and none of them swelled to double size or went black. Another can no longer walk and is as weak as a kitten. Another is paralysed from the waist down. Not a bad ratio 3 out of 7, and not good odds as far as I am concerned.

The remaining 6 have yet to contact so have no idea how well they are doing.


The sources you have cited are those of David Icke, a conspiracy theorist and completely dotty.  I think you will agree after reading the following.


The source it came from is reliable even if this Icke bloke isn't. But for it to be added, there must be some elements within that are true.


There is a hell of a lot that David Ike came up with that has been proved to be true,  he has been around for many decades, some things MAY sound a little off but believe me there is a LOT that he has been spot on with


David Icke ... Mmmmm !! Totally agree Axel.

Far out whacko IMO from what I've read.

An English conspiracy theorist and a former footballer and sports broadcaster.

In 1990, he visited a psychic who told him he was on Earth for a purpose and would receive messages from the spirit world. This led him to state in 1991 he was a "Son of the Godhead" and that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes, predictions he repeated on the BBC show Wogan. His appearance led to public ridicule. Books Icke wrote over the next 11 years developed his world view of New Age conspiracism. His endorsement of an antisemitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in The Robots' Rebellion (1994) and And the Truth Shall Set You Free (1995) led his publisher to stop handling his books, which were then self-published.

Icke believes the universe to consist of "vibrational" energy and infinite dimensions sharing the same space. He claims an inter-dimensional race of reptilian beings, the Archons or Anunnaki, have hijacked the Earth and a genetically modified human–Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians – the Babylonian Brotherhood, Illuminati or "elite" – manipulate events to keep humans in fear, so that the Archons can feed off the resulting "negative energy". He claims many public figures belong to the Babylonian Brotherhood and propel humanity towards a global fascist state or New World Order, a post-truth era ending freedom of speech. 

Information about the development of the Covid vaccines for those who feel it was developed too quickly to be safe.


Now this I do back. They did do it too fast to be guaranteed.

Got some crap from a dental place I went to, woman and her hubby own the business and she said because they threw so much money into finding the fix, it is guaranteed. So I said I could not careless how much money is put in, it still will never take away from the fact it takes time to search for the key within the virus to wipe out the whole lot in one hit, not nit pick bits out of it. She now doesn't like me, but she won't tell me not to return as I have only paid half of the $3000 for my dentures. Got her number!




Due to the intense collaboration of scientists et al, experiments and tests running side by side and not consecutively, and important data being available from previous corona viruses such as SARS dating back to 2002, and MERS to 2012, I feel that the scientists have done an excellent job in producing the necessary COVID vaccines.



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